Chapter 304 – Debut at the Guild

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1098 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

“Oh, Nicole, you came? Welcome.”

A voluptuous woman filled with youthfulness addressed me with those words. Needless to say, it was Maria.

She was sitting on the bench next to the training area, holding Fina in her arms and surrounded by the female staff of the Guild and other Adventurers.

Her smile directed towards me still lacked her usual vigor. Seeing how slow she was recovering made me realize how laborious giving birth really was.

Fina was darting her eyes unsettlingly at the unusual scene and the unfamiliar crowd around her. Not crying under all those gazes, she was quite a gutsy girl, this little sister of mine.

The females surrounding them were squirming in delight at the sight of Fina, but I could fully relate with them in that regard.

That said, no one tried to touch her directly. She would probably start crying in the end if everyone around started touching her, so Maria kept them in check.

I pushed my way through the crowd and sat next to Maria. Then I wordlessly reached out and took Fina from her.

Seeing her settling quietly into my arms, I was overcome with an indescribable sense of calmness. Fina also seemed to trust me after seeing my face so many times, so she let me hold herself without a fuss.

She stared up at me for some time, and then started nibbling at my chest.


I came here for training purposes, so I was wearing a thin, easy-to-move shirt. It had high water absorbency and was sturdy, but it was not thick at all.

I didn’t wear my jacket either now, because it would restrict my movements.

“Ah, no, wh- ouch!? Mom, don’t just look, help!”

Fina’s mouth was quite strong, and dead accurate too. She bit my chest tip with pinpoint accuracy and started sucking on it. A baby’s suction turned out to be unexpectedly strong, and too stimulating for the current me.

I could have just shaken her off, but I worried I might injure her mouth in the process, so I refrained.

Thus, I was being dominated by her with no way of escape. Seeing me in that state, Maria held a hand to her mouth and endured a laugh.

“Hurry up!”
“Okay, okay. As much as it amuses me to see you squirm like that, feeding her needs to be prioritized now.”
“If you understand that, then hurry!”

Maria quickly took her off my hands at my demand, and her mouth separated from my breast along with it. That didn’t seem to injure her as I feared, so I felt relieved.

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“Wah, waaah!”

Fina reached her hands towards me, seemingly reluctant to part. I wanted to respond to her wish just as much, but squirming around in the presence of all these people was too much for me.

“N-Nicole’s breastfeeding play… That was something.”
“It made me excited even if we are of the same sex.”
“Nicole, me too! I want to suck on it too!”
“Calm down. Collect yourself, Miss receptionist.”

Why were so many hopeless people in this Guild, I wonder. While I was despairing over that fact, a clear laugh reached my ears.

That familiar voice was enough to know who it was without even needing to look.

“Hahaha. Fina, Nicole’s breasts aren’t big enough to suck them, okay?”

As usual, he made a statement without reading the room. Whether this could be considered an innocent trait or not was up to individual discretion.

Naturally, I took those flippant words as a war declaration.

“But they are actually small, right? Fina must’ve had a tough time sucking on it.”
“No such thing. They started growing as of late!”
“Oh, will you show them to me?”
“Hey, don’t show them so thoughtlessly. You’ve already grown up, Nicole, so be more careful.”

Maria bonked me on the head from behind. She used to refrain from these physical punishments, but they increased as of late.

Perhaps she was reserved due to my previously weak constitution. As such, now that she stopped caring about it was proof that I had grown. That actually made me happy.

“Mgh… But I’m already an adult.”

I already had my first menstruation. Maria was also aware of it, but the people around us were stiffened after they heard it. That feeling of tension spread through the crowd in the blink of an eye.

“A-Adult…She said…”

“Then, our angel Nicole has been ‘tainted’ by someone?”

“Someone… Who?”

“You don’t even need to ask. There’s only one guy near her, Clo—”

“N-No, there’s also that Elliot guy, isn’t there!?”

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“He has already returned to the north. There was also this Donovan kid, but he seems to have enrolled in a high-class academy in his hometown after graduating from here.”

After Donovan graduated from the elementary grade of the Magic Academy, he enrolled into the high-class academy specifically for nobles located in the Stolla domain.

This was probably done in consideration of the fact that it wouldn’t be good if he, who had basically inherited the peerage, to be separated from his domain for too long.

His personality had grown better after the previous incident, so Maxwell was quite disappointed that he had to go back to his hometown.

After all, with his haughty attitude gone, he really had turned into an honor student in both name and reality.

“Then, it was definitely that guy?”

“Yeah, no doubt.”

“Okay, I’ll definitely kill him the next time he shows up.”

“Wait, I can’t hand that role over to you guys. That’s my job.”

Releasing a thundering pressure… Lyell declared.

I mean, I did acquire experience with the opposite sex the other day, but not with a guy. Someone stop him. Maria, please.

Thinking that, I looked towards where Maria used to sit, but she seemed to have already left the grounds to breastfeed Fina. And then, someone showed up with the worst timing possible.

“Hello! I heard master Lyell was coming over today?”

He was quite something, not missing a timing like this. His bad luck with timing was one thing he held in common with my previous self.

“Huh, what’s going on?”

“Now, Cloud… I have something to ask you. Only answer with a yes or yeah. Or maybe yup.”

Lyell, those are all affirmations. In other words, Cloud had no option to deny it.

I wasn’t brave enough to butt into this surging bloodthirst.

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Thus, I turned back and followed after Maria to the outside, Cloud’s expected screams reverberating behind me.


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