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Chapter 282 – The Frontier Town

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 952 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The place where we arrived through Maxwell’s Portal Gate was a small town nearby.

It was a town we had visited back when we were set out to exterminate the Evil Dragon.

It was a town that miraculously avoided destruction despite being near the Scion mountain range, and it was known as the “Town of Miracles” back in the day.

Back then, we decided to use this town as a refuge in case we had to flee, so we explored every nook and cranny of it. By doing that, Maxwell could link Portal Gate anywhere through it.

Naturally, that also meant that the residents knew the faces of the Six Heroes very well. If they realized that Maxwell came here, it would definitely cause a clamor.

For that reason, Maxwell chose a back alley with no one around.

“Hmm, no one seems to be here. That is good.”
“But if we hand them over to the guards, they’ll see your face regardless.”
“You do not have to worry about that. You are not the only one who can use illusion magic.”

Saying that, he quickly formed a magic circle and activated it.


The moment he uttered those words, he transformed into an unfamiliar man… Or rather, a very familiar man.

It was the face of the male teacher at our academy who trained our stamina, who was also very, how to say… sultry?

“That was very rude!”
“I mean, it fits you physically but… No, nevermind, it doesn’t fit.”

The teacher in question was both wide and tall, so when Maxwell’s face changed to his, it felt like the teacher had suddenly slimmed down.

However, he still had the same big rectangular head, so it felt really off. That’s what made me feel really repulsed. It was definitely not that I had a problem with the teacher himself.

Rather, that teacher was somewhat unpopular with the girls since he was putting excessive emphasis on drilling the basics, but I didn’t particularly dislike him.

The other girls who didn’t want muscles and I who was striving towards just that were somewhat conflicting in that aspect.

Seeing me like that, the others thought I was being an honor student who put the effort into physical training and was broad-hearted enough to treat that sultry teacher with equal respect… But that was a very big misunderstanding.

“I mean, I don’t hate the guy.”
“Could it be… I thought you were only into girls, but did your mind get corroded to that point already?”
“You know I didn’t mean it like that!”

As expected, I had no interest in that stuff.

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I knew that Maxwell was just poking fun at me, but I still ended up overreacting.

“Good grief… Let’s just go and get this over with.”
“Ah yes, you are right. I am worried about the children so we have to return soon.”

We walked towards the main street while I dragged the two men along. As expected, a beauty dragging two men, and a man carrying five children with a board was conspicuous even during the night.

If the guards spotted us first, they would definitely have detained us with no questions asked.

It was still not a late night, so while there were less people outside, some guys were still heading to bars to get drunk.

Seeing us, those people got startled and opened the way.

Well, we were carrying two men, one without pants, and another with traces of a big wound, along with five children. I could understand that they found us suspicious. If that wasn’t enough, carrying them was a lovely girl and a sultry man. That probably made us doubly suspicious.

Fortunately, we arrived at the guard station without anyone disturbing us, and then, I clapped on my cheeks to motivate myself.

“Okay… Lady switch – on.”
“Do not say it aloud. That ruins it.”
“If I don’t say it, I can’t switch my mind to it.”

After resolving myself, we approached the station. Carrying two floating, tied-up men, clearly made us look suspicious. So naturally, we got detained before managing to go inside.

“Hold it, who are you people!”
“My apologies for disturbing you so late at night. We have apprehended suspicious men so we wished to hand them over.”
“Suspicious men?”
“They were conducting a Devil summoning ritual in the Scion mountain range. These children here were about to be sacrificed, but we managed to save them.”
“What did you say!? P-Please wait for a bit, I will go report this to my superior. For now, head inside and wait there.”

The situation was related to Devil summoning, and in the Scion mountain range on top of it, so it was beyond something an average guard could resolve.

We were guided inside the station and were made to wait for some time. As the children had been administered Living Doll, they were shown to the local healer just in case.

The poison itself was gone since Maxwell casted Antidote on them, but there might have been other complications.

They managed to summon a Devil like Zellkarn, so nothing could be scratched out.

As I remained gracefully seated on the chair, they offered tea and treats to me. This was probably thanks to my appearance. If I was in my child form, they wouldn’t have gone that far.

Some guards tried to get to know me better, but as that could disturb my illusion, Maxwell stopped them before that happened. Since Maxwell, who still had his original body, stood in the way, I managed to avoid getting busted.

Like that, about one hour passed. Then finally, the town’s guard leader showed up.

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