Chapter 281 – Perfect Control

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1165 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Based on the information that I managed to get out of the man, there seemed to exist an anti-establishment group centered around Half-Demons.

They raised objections towards every other nation, and tried to repress other races under the pretext of the betterment of their environment who were being discriminated against.

Naturally, there were very few who sympathized with their ideals, but they made up for that numerical disadvantage by summoning the otherworldly divine beings… In other words Devils.

It was an extremely troublesome situation, but if their plans were to succeed—Or rather, if their actions lead to sacrifices every time they tried to summon, the situation would be quite grim.

Moreover, it seemed that they had slave traders dispatched in every country and gathered sacrifices through them.

This guy didn’t know where their stronghold was exactly, but at least we learned that such an organization existed. Honestly speaking, something on this scale was beyond my capabilities.

“So yeah, I think I’m gonna leave the rest to you, Maxwell.”
“With such a major incident, kingdoms themselves have to move… But Reid, you are forgetting something important.”
“This is the Northern Alliance’s territory. In other words, my authority would not have much effect.”
“Ah… Right.”

Maxwell coming here was closer to him traveling incognito. If they learned that someone who came uninvited to their territory was the one that apprehended a criminal who was trying to summon a Devil, that would both put a stain on Elliot’s reputation and also cause a major uproar.

For Elliot, whose foothold was unsteady due to the assassination attempts, this would not be a very welcomed development.

That said, we could not leave this man be either.

While we were racking our brains on what to do, we suddenly heard someone’s voice.

“Hey, did something happen there?”

It was an unfamiliar voice of a man. It should have belonged to the guy that was standing guard outside.

He heard the uproar inside and came to check what was going on. I couldn’t help but comment that his reaction was a bit too delayed, but they were summoning a Devil here. There was no knowing how noisy it could get.

The man had a different Devil with him, so it could be that he was expecting a battle to break out from the start.

The man’s jaw dropped from astonishment after he saw the situation.

The fainted summoner with his lower half exposed and bleeding from his crotch, and Maxwell who was “clad in a robe” and looked physically similar to the Devil.

And there was also I, standing next to the fainted man and the kids, while having a flushed expression due to the previous battle.

And to make matters worse, the violent battle caused certain inconveniences to my crotch and it started to bleed. I was wearing the usual short skirt, so the stain was visible from the outside.

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“Could it be… Did this dumbass lay his hands on the sacrifice!”

I reflexively attacked the man who came to the totally wrong conclusion with a thread. He apparently never imagined that a child like me would attack him, so he took the slash head on.

It landed diagonally on his shoulder, scattering blood everywhere as he collapsed. The sharpness behind the Mythril thread was able to neutralize the man with one attack.

“Ah, s̲h̲i̲t̲. I attacked without thinking. I wonder if he’s still alive?”
“You dealt a severe wound, but he is still clinging to his life.”

Maxwell went to check the situation and quickly cast emergency Heal on him. That naturally wasn’t enough to fully heal him, but there was no longer a danger to his life.

“That was close. We’d need as many of them alive as possible.”
“You have quite some dangerous way of retorting there.”
“Shut up. It was this guy’s fault for sexually harassing a sensitive beauty.”
“You only call yourself that when it is convenient, huh?”
“Setting that aside. What shall we do about them?”

As Maxwell couldn’t openly hand them over to the authorities himself, there was a need to prepare a substitute.

The only candidates for that were I, who knew the situation, and Mateus’s group. However, Mateus’s group didn’t know what happened here, so if they were questioned about the particulars, they could find flaws in it.

That only left me…

“I have no persuasiveness with this childish body, huh?”
“Not just that, it would be a problem of its own if they learn that you defeated them. You should use the Illusion Ring and transform.”
“Guess that’s the only way.”

I cast Cure Light on the man to stop his bleeding. He was half-scorched, but at least he wasn’t bleeding any more.

Still, carrying two men on my own would be hard.

“How should I carry these two? Can you help me carry them to the nearby station?”
“Right. How about I give you a magic lesson?”
“Hey now, this is no place for…”
“Now now, do not be hasty. It is a spell that would aid you in carrying them.”

What he presented to me with those words was a spell called Levitate.

This spell allowed you to make the targets levitate a few centimeters above the ground. Moreover, it could regulate its own altitude, so it wouldn’t fall into pitfalls and such, and there would be no sound of footsteps, either.

If there were any inconveniences, it would be the fact that your mobility would fall a lot since you were basically walking in the air.

If I cast this on the two, I could move while dragging them along. If there was no friction with the ground, it would only need the mass to drag it, so it would greatly alleviate the labor needed.

Naturally, it could be resisted and disabled, but fainted people couldn’t do that.

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I constructed the technique according to Maxwell’s instructions and carefully invoked it. I didn’t care in the slightest even if they got hurt, so after several trials and errors, I managed to succeed in it.

I tied my threads to them and pulled on them to test it out.

“Okay, I can pull them easier than I imagined.”
“Then, let us carry them as well.”

With that, Maxwell created a board with Earth Wall, and put the children on it. In addition, he cast Levitate on that board.

The board floated up along with the children, which Maxwell pushed and carried along. He then created a Portal Gate in front of it, connecting it to the nearby town.

He cast high-ranked spells while maintaining two spells. The fact that he did all that without batting an eye was proof of how amazing he was.

“Now, go on first. The gate will disappear if I do it first.”
“Okay, here I go then.”

I used my Illusion Ring to change into my fake identity—the woman by the name of Haumea, and passed through the gate.


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