Chapter 254 – Sisterly Present

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1265 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

It sounded lively, but at the same time, it felt like it was coming from the depths, making it uncertain whether it was good or bad. Their presence didn’t get caught by either Maxwell’s detection magic or my own presence detection, yet they managed to approach close enough to talk. Someone who could manage that… There was only one.

“Oracle, you fancy an Oracle…?”

Maxwell’s living room faced the garden, and had a glass sliding door on that side. It also had a veranda from where you could overlook the garden as you relaxed. Someone was currently half-peeking their small white head from that veranda.

“Goddess, what the heck are you doing?”
“Geh, you aren’t surprised? I was planning to take you by surprise.”

She waved her hand with those words. With just that one motion, Mateus turned into stone.

She probably used a spell called Stone Curse. It should’ve been quite a high-ranked Earth magic. She did that in an instant… Though I suppose it was pointless to be surprised about it at this point.

Looking at the silent statue of Mateus, the two of us broke into a cold sweat as we received the God of Destruction. Rather, we were busy being astonished at how mercilessly she turned him into stone.

“You don’t need to be so considerate. Just show up normally for once, normally.”
“But where is the fun in that? Leaving that aside, I am here to bring you an oracle.”

She ignored my opinion and brought up her own topic. She looked like a harmless and charming person from the side, but she was a slightly suspicious character that was on the verge of being recognized as an Evil God. I didn’t want anyone to see her.

Given that I wanted to avoid attention, I wanted her to get over her business fast and go away.

“A great Goddess is about to speak so listen carefully.”
“You totally ruined that impression with that entrance.”
“Indeed, even I would much rather you showed yourself normally.”
“Oh, are you bad with startling pranks, old man?”
“It startled me so much I thought I would die.”
“Now that sounds serious. I should prepare Resurrection just in case.”
“So I cannot even die easily…”

Maxwell sighed depressingly as the God of Destruction declared with a puffed chest. The World Tree Religion banned the use of the resurrection magic, but that apparently didn’t concern the goddess.

Even if it ended up scaring him to death, she could easily bring him back to life, so she could prank to her heart’s content.

“Now then, since I got your agreement about Resurrection, let’s go with that next time. Now as I was saying…”
“Wait, what is that about an agreement?”
“As I was saying! It would result in something crazy if you go and visit that person now, you know? Ever since he got his hands on the Evil Dragon’s materials, his urge to create things has been itching hard.”
“Aste huh… I totally can see that happening.”

No way that workaholic can remain calm with all those rare materials before his eyes. Still, I was a little curious why the goddess’ expression changed when she heard Aste’s name.

“If you approach him to make something for you now, he might make Mythril baby clothes fortified with the Evil Dragon’s membrane. Or a talisman that could withstand a Fire Giant’s punch without a scratch. Or a stroller that wouldn’t get dented even if it was stepped on by a Behemoth.”
“That would already be on the level of a Divine Treasure, would it not? Even if it is Sir Aste, That would be too much…”
“Actually, he already has past records of doing exactly that, so it would most certainly happen.”
“He already has!?”

Maxwell objected while breaking into a cold sweat, but the God of Destruction provided a counter argument while raising her index finger.

Wait, so that means he had obtained materials that could rival the Evil Dragon’s before, and made baby clothes with it? At any rate, something that risky is surely… surely…

“Well, yea, the safety of your family comes first.”
“We have a crazy person here too!?”

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Seeing me decide to make Divine equipment for my new family member, the Goddess of Destruction held her head in pain.

But wait, making just one set might have a measurement error.

Also, newborns had an exceedingly high mortality rate. If I can lower that risk even slightly, I don’t regret using Evil Dragon materials at all.

“Hold it, hold it, Reid! That would be far too reckless.”

Unexpectedly, Maxwell was the one to put the brakes on my pondering. Given how much he thinks of his allies, I thought he would agree with me on this, but it looks like he had a different opinion.

“What. Is there a problem somewhere?”
“It is full of problems! In the first place, Evil Dragon materials are unique in this world. Only we, the Six Heroes that subjugated it, possess them. The moment you bring out the baby clothes made from those materials would be the moment your identity gets busted.”
“Then can’t we just say it is from you?”
“True, if I give it as my share, we might deceive them, but that would be a present from me, not you.”

This was a present from me to my new family member. It would be unwelcome if the old man ended up taking credit for my feelings.

On the off chance that the same kept happening, it would look like Maxwell was the one spoiling them with presents while I, the sister, did nothing. I wanted to avoid that at all costs. I had to prevent it.

“That’s no good. I want to avoid anything that’d diminish my existence. My goal is to be a big sister that is looked up to.”
“Oh, you wanna be a “big sister” eh?”
“Ghh… The way I am, I can’t be a “big brother” so it can’t be helped. Besides, if I tried that, it’d get my identity busted.”

To become a big brother, I had to first learn Polymorph. If I showed up with Reid’s appearance and told them to call me a big brother, Maria and others would start to suspect something. Rather, they would definitely catch on to it.

“Hmm, what to do…”
“And that’s where my oracle comes into play. First, if you wish to keep them healthy post birth, you would need the charm to protect them against illnesses.”
“That’s true. But I don’t know what materials it would need.”
“Well, the easiest and fastest approach would be to use the Carbuncle’s dragon orb…”

Kabby was already a member of my family. I couldn’t go pulling out the jewel on its forehead. Besides, I won’t know whether it is a boy or a girl, but just imagining how they would play with Kabby…

The baby swinging its tiny arms around and running with tottering steps. And Kabby worrying about them but also maintaining enough distance to not get caught. Then finally, the baby crying itself to sleep while holding Kabby to their chest. And I would be there to witness it all.

“Oh s̲h̲i̲t̲, this is incredible. This is too much.”

I started squirming around while holding my nose. It really felt like I’d get a nosebleed.

“I don’t know what you just imagined, but your answer is within my expectations. Let’s go and obtain a replacement material then.”

The God of Destruction flashed me a charming smile.


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