Chapter 253 – Present

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1419 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

That day, we managed to hunt a monster species called Spurt Leghorn.

As the name suggested, it was a chicken but a size bigger that could dash with crazy force, but due to its high mobility, it was impossible to contain it inside the fences so it was not being bred. It could use its signature charge to break the fences or fly over them.

That said, its attack power was not high, so the assigned danger level was relatively low.

Even the patrolling Adventurers tended to overlook monsters on this level.

When the battle started, it was strangely only charging at Cloud, so seeing him covered in feathers was an amusing sight.

While covered in feathers, Cloud took on the attacker role while I made use of the opening to cut its feet to stop it from moving, then delivered the finishing blow.

Normally, Michelle would be the one to deal the finisher, but she was busy laughing her heart out seeing Cloud engaged in a match with a chicken. Needless to say, so was Letina.

We also collected herbs used in potions as well as fruits suitable for desserts, then returned to the Guild. Seeing Cloud in feathers, even the receptionist lady almost burst into a laugh, making me pity him a bit.

But if I covered him here, that would just fuel the Adventures’ jealousy towards him. It was tough, but he had to suck up his tears and deal with it.

Thus, we cut the bird into four parts and took our shares home. The portion was a little small for Cloud’s situation, but they could make up for the quantity by making a soup or stew with it.

Later, after I was done with dinner, I decided to visit Maxwell’s mansion. I had business with him today.

“Ah, welcome, Nicole. What brings you here this late at night? Did you finally decide to accept my marriage proposal?”
“Shut up, you lolicon. Stop b̲u̲l̲l̲s̲h̲i̲t̲t̲i̲n̲g. Say that after you beat Lyell.”

The one welcoming me was Mateus dressed as a housekeeper. He was like a live-in employee, but you could say that was for Maxwell to monitor him.

It seemed pitiable that dirty work was being pushed on him at a glance, but considering how he kept meddling with me like this, I didn’t really feel any pity for him whatsoever.

“That’ll just get me killed, so no way? You have a business with the old man?”
“Yeah. Is he around?”
“Yes, I’ll go call him so wait in the living room?”

His usual way of ending sentences with a questioning tone was getting on my nerves, but I was thankful that at least he was being obedient now. In particular, Maxwell’s house tended to get packed with junk if you left him to his own devices, so someone like Mateus who knew our circumstances was a big help.

Though, while I said ‘knew our circumstances’, he still didn’t know my identity.

It was the usual living room, but compared to before Mateus came here, it was definitely cleaned up. Still, it was cleaned by a man, so the corners and such still had some dust remaining.

“Well, Mateus isn’t an expert in this, so it can’t be helped I guess.”

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I went to get the cleaning tools from the closet in the corner and proceeded to gather dust. I roughly finished the cleaning, gathering all the dust I could see, and threw it into the garbage can.

Being from the orphanage, I was used to doing these things. It was the same as how Cloud used to tidy up his own room better than Michelle or Letina.

“Wait, why is a guest cleaning the room?”
“Hm? I just went with the flow.”

I used to come here more often than Cortina. You could even say this was my second home. Actually, no, my second home was Cortina’s home, so this would be the third, huh?

Mateus returned together with Maxwell while holding a tea tray in his hands.

“Have your night visits not increased in frequency as of late? I cannot say I can commend a child wasting her sleeping hours.”
“Too late to say that. I’m your direct disciple, so it shouldn’t be a problem to even stay here.”

Since Mateus was around I was a little conscious of my choice of words. Well, he already knew how I usually talked, so it was more of a feeling thing.

My business today wasn’t so important, so I didn’t ask him to leave us alone.

“What is your business today?”
“Right, Maxwell. Take me to the Sword Kingdom of Alecmarle.”
“What? What for?”

It was related to my sibling that would be born soon. It was around two months before Maria realized she was pregnant. After that, six more months have passed. So she would give birth in about two months, so I wanted to prepare a present. For that, I wanted to visit Aste who lived in Alecmarle.

“I’m thinking of a present to give my soon-to-be-born brother or sister.”
“Why are you not that considerate towards Cortina and Finia?”
“The last time when I congratulated her 40th birthday, she got actually angry instead.”
“Well of course she would.”

Cortina was 19 when we subjugated the Evil Dragon. She was the youngest among us, being famed as a genius since she turned 15.

Still, that was an old story. It has already been 21 years since my death, so going and congratulating on her 40th birthday really angered her.

She was still young for her race, but I was still met with unreasonableness.

“And, what do you plan to ask from Sir Aste?”
“Well I don’t even know the gender yet, so I was thinking of just ordering some clothes.”
“I do not understand, why do you have to ask that person for something like that?”
“I’m planning to have him put a Protection spell on it so the baby wouldn’t get hurt.”
“Are you an idiot!? If Sir Aste bestows it himself, it would turn into an item with incredible defensive ability!”
“Isn’t that great then!”

If it’s Aste, I’m sure he can make baby clothes that can withstand an attack of a knight. I didn’t mind providing the Evil Dragon materials too if needed. It would be worth every penny if they could be protected from unlikely events.

“Right, if we use the wing membrane, it could defend from swords and spears, and even resist magic.”
“Regain your sanity. I have never heard of baby clothes as nonsensical as this.”
“You fool, the world is filled with dangers! I wasn’t even doing anything but couldn’t take a breather.”
“Do not judge everyone with your own standards!”

Maxwell rejected my opinion while Mateus observed us with an amazed expression. He was looking at me in surprise, perhaps due to my rough tone.

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“Your language turns quite rough when you get emotional eh?”
“This is my true self.”
“That’s not quite praiseworthy for a lady?”
“I have no plans of being one so no problems there.”

I brought up the topic of materials but didn’t specifically mention that they were Evil Dragon materials, so I should be safe. As for my speech, I did it back when we first fought too, so it wasn’t too strange.

“So, is this Aste person the one who made your weapons?”
“Yeah, an exclusive one.”

I was currently the only Adventurer contracted with him. As such, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that he was my exclusive blacksmith.

“Oh? I’d like him to forge me a blade too?”
“His swords are quite pricey. Do you even have funds to spare?”
“I do have quite a bit of savings from my active days, but…”
“Also, he’s unsociable so I’m not sure if he’ll actually accept it.”
“Hmm… So it would be impossible if I randomly approached him.”

When it came to talented blacksmiths and bestowers, they often refused to accept the jobs unless you had some connections. In the case of Aste, his ability was exceedingly high, so he was especially selective of his clients.

“Well, even if baby clothes are out of the question, something like a talisman should be fine. And well, even I can make that. Setting that aside, we haven’t been there in some time, so it would be nice to show our faces.”

Maxwell suggested while rubbing his long beard.

Following that, a cheerful voice, overshadowing him, resounded in the room.


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