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Chapter 131 – A Joke Item

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1173 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

That day, it wasn’t just Lyell and Maria like usual, but even Gadius visited Cortina’s house. Perhaps she was going to report about my sightings to them.

Gadius was also one of the people that felt responsible for my death. For that reason, he was just as pleased to hear about my reincarnation. He was apparently busy looking for me all this time, gathering information in the northern kingdom.

Cortina who was the one reporting did so with a bright expression, given the pleasant contents of the report. Since the conversation was proceeding calmly, even Finia who was in charge of cooking was feeling at ease today.

“Still, who’d think he’d reincarnate in the elven village.”

Gadius said as he raised his mug and downed the alcohol with a rarely-seen flushed expression. The news about my safety seemed to have him in high spirits. Lyell followed up by downing his own cup.

Even Maria, who was helping Finia with dishes, couldn’t wipe the smile from her face.

“Good grief, what does he mean by ‘I can’t meet you now!’ Acting all secretive with me!”

“Well, you don’t seem all that displeased about it considering that big grin you have on your face.”

“Khh, that’s because we are partying, you hear, partying! I know how to read the mood.”

Maria looked at Cortina like she was her adorable little sister as she tried to play it off. Maria, who cast the Reincarnation on me was glad to see the proof of its success.

Due to such a harmonious mood going, I had let my guard down.

“Nicoleeee! Daddy missed you sooo muuuuch!”


I observed the smiling faces of Maria and Cortina as I sipped on my fruit juice, failing to notice Lyell creeping on me from behind until it was too late. As a result, I was squeezed by his tight embrace and had his unshaved chin rubbed on my head.

Due to the influence of alcohol, his show of love lost all restraints. Now that he had become like this, I had no way to escape his grasp so I abandoned all hope and accepted my fate.

This was a normal Lyell. But seeing him like that brought a different reaction out of a certain someone.


A certain old b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲ spewed out his drink and collapsed on the table, barely containing his laughter. Well, now that he knew that I was Reid, I could imagine how funny it was to see me in this state.

The rest of them just had the usual “there he goes again” written on their faces, but he alone found this situation unbearable.

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“Lyell, Re—I mean, Nicole seems to hate it so leave it at that.”

“And what are you spewing alcohol around for?”

“Oh, I just choked on it a bit. Old age is getting to me.”

Maxwell answered Gadius’ question while breaking into a cold sweat. It was a lame excuse, but at this rate, his gut would be receiving serious damage… From laughing too much, that is.

Even so, Lyell’s rampage accelerated further instead.

“Whaaa, Maxwell, are you by chance aiming for Nicole? I’m not handing ‘er over, ya hear! I shall not!”

“No, I am already well aware of her promising future, but you can keep her.”

“Are you implying that my daughter isn’t cute, huuuh!?”

“How do you want me to answer then!”

Just as I thought the situation was going out of hand, Cortina raised her voice. She clapped her hands to gather attention and took out a small bottle from her pocket.

“Right, I wanted to let you drink this!”

It was the (supposedly) life-prolonging potion that the White God gifted us. Looking closely, Lyell’s hair was partly white already and quite thinned out. Maria appeared young, but on closer inspection, she also had a fine wrinkle or two here and there.

It’s been seven years since my reincarnation. But there was a blank ten years before that. It was natural for them to have grown so old.

“And this is?”

“It’s a medicine that I obtained through particular connections. It can apparently extend one’s lifespan.”


Maria hesitated to speak. She could certainly feel herself growing older, so that medicine probably looked extremely attractive. But still, that would go against the World Tree religion that dictated that all life had to die a natural death and return back to the cycle of death and rebirth.

Given her beliefs, that proposal wasn’t one she could openly accept.

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“Well, I understand what you want to say, but it’s not like this would overturn death or something.”

“Well, that’s one way to look at it…”

By taking a small part of a Dragon’s power, you could extend your life. It did not overturn death, so it did not go against her doctrines. Or so Cortina claimed, but Maria couldn’t help but take those words as sophistry. There, Cortina added yet another sophism.

“Besides, just think about it. Nicole is only seven years old. It’s going to take another ten years before she turns into an adult. But would you be able to remain active all the way until then?”


“We all have enough fortune to last us until we die, but would your health keep up with it is another question.”


“A child’s growth requires both of their parents to be healthy. Besides, Michelle would be troubled if she loses your backing too.”

“…Well, you have a point.”

Since she held the Gift of Marksmanship, Michelle was constantly targeted by influential people. The fact that she could enjoy her school life now was due to Lyell and Marie’s backing.

“Michelle’s existence is indispensable for protecting Nicole’s lifestyle. And for that, you need to remain in active duty.”

Not the heroes that lost their power to fight, but the heroes that could fight on the frontlines at any moment. That’s what Cortina needed them to be.

Her point was by no means mistaken. That’s why, Lyell silently reached out to the bottle.

“Should I just down this bottle?”

“Only a third seems to be enough. And I was simply told that it has that effect.”

“…Maxwell, how is it?”

“I have already used Identify magic on it. Would you really want to hear the result, though?”

If they heard the result of Maxwell’s appraisal, then they could only drink that potion with the intention of prolonging their lives. For that reason, Maxwell intentionally dodged the answer.

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Right now, they could just pass it off as a medicine that simply had such rumors, and drink it as a joke under the alcohol’s influence. That was Maxwell’s point.

“No, it’s fine. Maria?”

“Yes, I shall drink it as well. I don’t hate such jokes.”

Understanding Maxwell’s intention, Maria decided to get on board with it. Seeing the two drink it, Cortina shed tears of happiness. After all, she would now be able to stay with her friends for a while more.

That fact made me just as happy.


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