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Chapter 130 – The Adult Form

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1160 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Maria, Cortina and Finia were faultless beauties. Even that White Goddess, while young, possessed a beauty that exceeded theirs.

However, the girl standing before my eyes now… transcended even that.

Some of my features like my heterochromatic eyes and bluish-silver hair remained intact, but my other, well-arranged features brought about a settled, adult-like atmosphere.

Despite all that, my small frame had traces of youth yet also contained bewitching charm. My body was that of a young girl, yet it had all the right womanly curves. My chest and waist were neither too big nor too small; it perfectly matched my long and slender limbs.

The clothes that I wasn’t sure about were also remade according to Maxwell’s request. They didn’t expose a lot of skin yet remained erotic.

Their workmanship was a sight for the eyes too. I wore a tube top with high exposure and a sleeveless jacket on top of it fastened under my chest. My exposed slim waist emphasized the most prominent lines of a woman’s body.

On my lower body, I wasn’t wearing a skirt or shorts, but instead a cloth closer to a swimsuit in shape. Although my hip line was exposed, the surrounding ornaments managed to somehow deceive the eyes.

The only exposed parts of the design were around the shoulder tops, around the belly button and the thigh region, yet it gave off a sense of spiciness.

My slender legs were covered by boorish greaves that reached up to my thighs, drawing a contrast with them.

My arms were also clad in gauntlets with a matching design, invoking an immoral feel as if my limbs were being restrained.

“Well now…”

It was unmistakably based on my original appearance. This was simply the result of growing my body as Maxwell requested.

As I stood there dumbfounded, Maxwell tapped on my exposed shoulder from behind. Of course, as my current form was simply an illusion it slipped through and landed on my actual shoulder.

“Lucky for you, Reid. You are guaranteed to become a beauty with no equal.”

“Lucky my a̲s̲s̲! Rather, wouldn’t this make me stand out like crazy!?”

I ended up this way because I followed his instructions to simply tinker with my current appearance. Certainly, no one would link this late-teen appearance for my child one.

“Were I a hundred years younger, I would have pushed you down and made you my wife.”

“Seriously, just stop…”

Where did I go wrong for my old comrade to want to push me down? Simply imagining that scene made me tremble in disgust and I instinctively hugged my twitching body.

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“Your actions are quite on point too. Seems like you have become a proper woman.”

“Shut the f̲u̲c̲k̲ up already you perverted old fart!”

Seeing me utterly disgusted by his remarks made him grin ear to ear, but he decided to change the topic. Perhaps he realized that we would go nowhere if he continued teasing me.

“So then, what do you think of that appearance?”

“Well, people would probably be too enchanted by my beauty to realize who I am but…”

“So you call yourself a beauty, huh?”

“I mean, you were of the same opinion!”

I’ve grown by about 30-40% in height. I was only a bit over one meter tall, but now I was close to a meter and a half, so the impression difference was quite drastic. The originally cylindrical shape of a child’s body now had all the right curves, so this further influenced the given impression.

“I guess it would be nice if I end up this way when I grow up.”

“I believe that would bring with it its fair share of troubles.”

“Save me from any more troubles please…”

After muttering those words I readied my spear in front of the full-length mirror. The spear’s position appeared a bit low, but that too added to the characteristic impression. I was convinced that this was a perfect disguise.

“Oh, I just remembered. Wait for me a little.”

“Uh, what’s wrong?”

Maxwell chanted something and disappeared with those words. But the next moment, he returned back to his former position. In his hands were the demi-gaunts that I was so familiar with.

“Those are…”

“Indeed, your gauntlets.”

They were my favorite gauntlets of old, equipped with multiple Mythril threads, their length easily exceeding a hundred meters. They were my prided articles that I adjusted over and over until they took the most optimal form for my ability.

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“So they were in your care, after all.”

“Yes, but I have not been maintaining them. A unique weapon like this was beyond my skill.”

“I’m extremely grateful as-is for holding on to it.”

I didn’t think that they would sell them, but that still left the possibility of them getting buried with my body. Since they didn’t, I had nothing to complain about.

I put the gauntlets that were meant to cover the hands up to the elbows. Though, their length didn’t match my upper arms, so they amusingly reached all the way to the elbow tip. My arms were of different length now, so I had to close my eyes on this much.

Then I tried adding the gauntlet design to the produced illusion. The arm ornaments got covered by my trusty gauntlets, taking on the nostalgic appearance.

“Hold it, if you display those gauntlets like that, everyone would realize it is you.”

“Ah, right… then, lemme change it a bit like this.”

As Maxwell said, these were one of a kind items that would be instantly recognized if one of our comrades saw them. If I put them on display like that, I would be practically screaming that I’m Reid. My shame wouldn’t take it if they thought I reincarnated into this beauty.

“Hmm, that should do it. Now if you just hide one of your eyes, no one would realize it is you.”

“My eye, huh… Should I cover my right eye again?”

This form was based on my actual appearance so my eye colors were still present. My right eye was of deep crimson that I inherited from Maria. It was a color that was rarely seen in these lands, so as long as I covered it, I should come off as just a silver-haired beauty.

Actually, since it’s an illusion, I should just change the color instead of covering it with my hair. I changed my right eye color into a blue to match my left, restoring the equilibrium.

“You should dispel the illusion already. Those bare legs are starting to tickle even my old bones.”

“Oh shove off!”

My thighs were exposed down to near my knees, so I was more than a little embarrassed. Maxwell was the one that suggested these clothes, though. According to him, this was the traditional national attire of the Elves or something. Though looking at his reaction, I was starting to doubt even that.


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