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Chapter 617 – Into the Labyrinth Once Again

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1065 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

After we teleported to Berith, chaos beyond our imagination spread before our eyes.

People held their household belongings and were running self-first from the city.

Their actions were natural— The World Tree in the center of the city, currently had a snake-like Dragon and a black Dragon that looked just like the Evil Dragon clinging to it and desperately trying to support it.

Yes… support it— The World Tree had been corroded so much it seemed like it would topple over any moment now.

A third of its trunk was dyed in black and was giving off creaking sounds as its splinters rained down on the city. It looked like it would collapse a moment later.

“No way… If the World Tree falls…”

Cortina muttered pale-faced as she saw the spectacle.

I see, so this was the trap he mentioned that would make Berith disappear. This was the result of it. If the World Tree fell, Berith that spread at its foot would get crushed into smithereens by it.

The World Tree Religion that was based there would naturally be ruined, but even the residents of it would have no way of surviving. Furthermore, the monsters dwelling inside the World Tree would be freed into the world and the world would fall into chaos.

If that wasn’t enough, the mineral dust that would go up after its fall would most likely cover the world for days, blocking the sunlight.

“…That b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲ Kufar, what kind of power did he gain to be able to do this to the World Tree?”
“The World Tree’s inside is the world’s biggest mystical place, after all. Perhaps there are things that can do that.”
“We have to stop it! Lord Reid, where should we go?”
“Kufar said he laid the trap on the six hundredth floor. We have to go all the way there.”
“Six hundred… That’s just impossible!”

It wasn’t known exactly how big the floors there were, but judging from the average floor size, the current World Tree was estimated to be about 700 floors.

It was big enough that it would take months to climb up to the 600th floor from below.

That said, if you just flew up to the 700th floor to go down from there, you’d just be met with strong monsters that loitered there.

Cortina and I weren’t strong enough to descend a hundred floors from there.

“But I’ve actually been to the six hundredth floor before.”

Yes, back then I headed there with Aste…God Hastur to gather materials for my gauntlets.

The place where I fought a strong monster called Juggernaut for the exterior materials was on the 600th floor. We didn’t use them in the end though.

“It’s really a coincidence. But yeah, I can teleport inside.”
“But wasn’t it impossible to teleport inside the World Tree?”
“Oh, well, Has—Aste’s teleportation can still get you there.”
“But he’s not here!”
“I’ve memorized it. I can use magic too, after all.”

Maxwell was very interested in Aste’s teleportation magic, so I ended up learning it too.

If I use it, I should be able to teleport to the 600th floor. I can just reuse the one Aste left there as the destination magic circle.

“Anyway, we have to suppress the chaos in this city as fast as we can. And for that, we have to reverse the World Tree’s abnormality.”
“Yeah, there’s no knowing when people start getting violent at this rate.”
“This city is already holding ill feelings as is, so we have to settle this before it gets directed to the half-demons.”
“Finia, you’ve turned into quite a brave girl huh.”

Cortina spoke in surprise at Finia’s calm analysis.

If it was still the same Finia that Cortina used to live with, she would’ve just stood confused now without offering her opinion. The fact that she could assertively offer her opinion was proof that she had gained a lot of experience.

“The World tree’s floor sizes are basically like its trunk. The higher you go the smaller they become, so the six-hundredth floor isn’t that big. But the enemies are on another level so you two—”
“You’re not gonna tell us to wait here, are you?”
“Ugh…I-I’m not telling you to run yet.”
“That excuse won’t work. Just shut up and take us with you.”
“Hey, why are you putting words in Finia’s mouth? Maybe she doesn’t—.”
“Huh? No, I’ll be coming too of course.”

Still, Finia was right. People were running away to save themselves for now, but there was no knowing when the half-demons would become the outlet of their stress.

Ashella should be doing something, but it was better to handle our matter quickly too. I heaved a sigh, took their hands, and activated the teleportation spell.

The inside of the labyrinth was wrapped in darkness as always. Cortina immediately used magic as we got there.

“Lady Cortina, leave the magic to—”
“Finia, you’re more versatile than me when it comes to magic. I’m leaving Nicole…Reid’s support to you when necessary.”
“Huh, oh, okay.”

Cortina was also an above-average magician, but her level wasn’t as high as Finia’s. If she kept the light spell going instead, it would allow Finia to freely use her magic. Cortina judged to put Finia, who had been in my team nowadays, in the support position.

Also, it seems that she finally relaxed after coming here since she almost called me Nicole earlier.

“It’s…quiet, huh?”
“Yeah, though the last time I came here the Juggernaut attacked me right away.”
“Juggernaut? You mean that Undead that’s modeled after the mythical hero?”
“Yeah. Maxwell was with me back then too.”
“That old man! He was having fun with you without telling me…”
“Don’t blame him so much. I got him rolled up into this.”
“I know that much.”

Cortina puffed her cheeks while walking with clacking steps. She really looked like a girl in her twenties, no, teens even. I felt like hugging her for a moment, but it really wasn’t the time now. Berith’s chaos wouldn’t be over unless we dispel Kufar’s trap.

“Still, it’s really sile—”
“Agh! It regenerated again!”
“—nope it’s not. There, huh?”

I heard a high-pitched voice that disrupted the silence.

I knew that voice. It belonged to the White God—God of Destruction Yuuri whom I knew very well.


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