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Chapter 594 – To the Frontline

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1167 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The place I teleported to was Stollar’s Adventurer’s Guild.

The reason I chose this place was that I could gather most information here. Gadius’ inn could also be a good place to gather it, but this place was still better.

But there were barely any Adventurers in the Guild, and the remaining staff was also moving about in confusion.

“It’s me, Nicole. I just returned from Raum! I saw a cloud of dust, what happened?”

I grabbed one of the staff members and asked about the situation.

Having been grabbed by the collar, the female staff member uttered a “Gweh!” in surprise, she was relieved to see me.

“Miss Nicole, you’re back! Thank god. The northern gate is currently facing a raid and all the Adventurers have gone there.”
“Someone is attacking this city? Just what could they gain from that…”
“Gains and profits are probably irrelevant to them. After all, the attacker is a Devil.”
“A Devil?!”
“Yes. They are foreign invaders who come here from a different world. They do not act with the interests of this world.”

Devils invaded this world through summoning magic and minor rifts between the worlds.

They came in a great many varieties, but one common trait was that they had a big effect on this world.

Those extreme beings were deemed to be rampaging against mankind.

“I hope it’s not a dangerous Devil at least…”

As there were many kinds, their strength also differed greatly. There were some that one Adventurer could defeat, and some that could kill the past me.

And according to one theory, even that Evil Dragon Colchis was one of the summoned Devils.

“It’s certain that it is not a weak Devil. It’s over three meters tall and has two giant swords.”
“What did you say?!”
“The branch head is missing in this situation so we don’t know what to do!”

I was already convinced with that much.

There was no doubt—the enemy was the Twin-bladed Devil. It appeared back then and led to my death. Then two more in Berith.

And yet, they even appeared in this city. Meeting the same type of Devil so many times was just some kind of destiny at this point.

But that was the least of my worries.

If it attacked this place, then the ones dealing with it would be the local Adventurers.

Frankly, Adventurers here weren’t that strong.

There was really no one who could take on that Devil here.

The second-most skilled Adventurers in this city were Mark, John, and Tony, but even they couldn’t possibly handle it.

“Lord Gadius had gone to deal with it, but there are far too few people here. Information reached us earlier that the outer wall was destroyed, so the situation must be quite chaotic there.”
“I can imagine… but why is the branch head missing?”
“That person always disappears somewhere, so I’m not sure… agh, he’s never around when we need him!”
“Then I will take command here!”

Eligore spoke up with vigor after listening to our conversation. I brought her along exactly for that reason, so I was glad that she was feeling motivated.

“Okay, follow me!”
“L-Lady Nicole, that Devil…”
“Finia, you should probably stay here.”

That Devil had given her enough fear to call it a trauma.

If she rushed to the scene and saw it, she could fall into confusion and do something unpredictable.

But Finia stubbornly refused to stay behind.

“If you’re going, Lady Nicole, then I am coming too. And I came here to heal people, after all.”
“Yeah, but…”

That said, it had already been twenty-five years since then. It was possible that she had already conquered that trauma.

If her will was this strong, maybe I didn’t need to meddle in, I quickly reconsidered.

“Okay. But it’s a dangerous enemy, so do exactly as I say, okay?”
“You too, Ellie.”
“Of course.”

She would be the one giving most commands on the scene, so she had a lot of work to do behind the scenes.

As such, we had to hurry to the north gate.

I rushed out of the Adventurers Guild towards it.

The situation near the gate was terrible enough that it made me want to turn away.

The outer wall protecting the city had crumbled, and the gate was pulverized along with it.

Wounded people were spread around raising groans. There were some who were already dead too.

“This… Finia!”

Finia was as dumbfounded as me, but my yell made her come to her senses, and she immediately rushed to heal the injured people.

“Who’s the leader here?!”
“He’s already long dead!”

The Adventurer that usually joked around yelled at me with a harsh voice.

That was just how grave the situation was.

“What about Gadius?”
“Lord Gadius is keeping the Devil in check over there. But that’s the most he can do. Thanks to that, the Devil can’t enter any further into the city…”
“S̲h̲i̲t̲, if someone could command us, there could’ve been something we could do.”
“Got it, Ellie!”

Ellie quickly climbed atop the nearby rubble, and then yelled from there loudly.

“Everyone, I am Eligore III! I have just arrived in this city. There is no commander here, so from this moment, I shall take over the role of the commander!”

Her voice lacked the usual casual vibe, but was loud enough to spread through the place.

Her voice made even the Adventurers fighting the Devil stop for a moment.

That could’ve led to a fatal outcome if something went wrong, but Gadius, who was holding off the enemy at the forefront made up for it.

“First, Lord Gadius, please hold off the enemy’s attacks like that! Adventurers on the right side, attack while focusing on its swords! Adventurers to the left, continue spreading horizontally and attack it from behind!”

Princess Eligore’s unexpectedly sound commands raised the morale of the Adventurers.

“I shall step to the frontline as well! Please match up with me!”
“Please dooon’t!!!”

Her following line was met with shrieks from the Adventurers.

If something happened to the princess, that crime would fall on the entire Stollar.

“Please, just don’t come to the frontline! You’re too clumsy, your highness!”
“W-What did you say?!”
“If you get carelessly injured, we’d be the ones in trouble!”
“S̲h̲i̲t̲, let’s take care of this before her highness really comes here!”
“Looks like the morale has risen without me doing anything about it.”

Gadius, who was blocking the Devils attacks muttered to himself.

He was the only person here who could stop the Devil’s attacks. But the situation only started to worsen.

Two more Devils appeared from beyond the crumbled wall.

“It has reinforcements?!”
“And two of them too… there’s three now.”

Gadius and the Adventurers raised desperate voices.

I felt quite desperate myself. However, I wasn’t the old me anymore. And Gadius was here too.

This was not a place to cower in fear.


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