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Chapter 589 – True Character of the Princess

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 982 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

After that, we continued our journey to Stollar as we overcame distress over distress.

One time, a huge serpent coiled around Princess Eligore while she was relieving herself, another time, she got entangled with a river octopus while bathing, and yet another time she almost got kidnapped by Goblins during the battle, and each time Cloud had to bend forward, which was followed by Michelle pinching his buttocks… There were too many events to count.

And that princess was getting attacked when I wasn’t looking as if she was waiting for it. I couldn’t help but call this some kind of talent.

“Nicole, Nicole, Elly wants to go to the toilet.”
“M-Michelle, please be more ambiguous about it…”
“Huh, it’s all girls here anyway, so isn’t it fine?”
“Why aren’t you counting me?!”

I felt a headache at Cloud’s reasonable claim.

Michelle and this princess that got into lewd troubles had a good affinity, so she was together with Michelle more than with me.

Each time, she was dragged around by Michelle’s unhinged nature.

And then princess Eligore was dragging me around in turn. We were stuck in this vicious cycle.

“Okay, Finia… no, I will go with her, so keep Cloud in check.”
“I won’t peek!”
“I know.”
“Goddammit, you keep messing with me!”

Cloud’s standing in this party that unintendedly became like a harem was actually low. I knew it since I was formerly a man too, but when men were at a numerical disadvantage, they tended to get overpowered by the women.

But his reactions were always great, so I couldn’t help but join the teasing side.

Cloud also knew we were just teasing him as a joke, so he was intentionally responding with overreactions. In other words, he was composed enough to do that.

“Hmph, he’s pretty cheeky despite being just Cloud.”
“Really? Is being friendly not a good thing?”

Princess Eligore objected to my mutter as I made my way through the rustling grasses.

She seemed to be quite fond of Cloud too. And that only made Michelle’s mood worsen.

I didn’t respond to her words and instead started treading down on the grass to make a place for doing business, having judged that we had come far enough.

I just had to rattle the grass around to hide the sound.

“Thinking about it, on the inside I’m also a… oh well.”

I was in reality in the same position as Cloud, but I started to think from the woman’s perspective.

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Could it be that even my thinking has started to turn feminine?

“Is anything the matter?”

While rustling the grasses, I remained vigilant of the surroundings. This princess tended to attract danger during these situations.

As expected, I heard a grazing sound in the grass and reached for my katana.

“We have an enemy. Are you done?”
“Huh, oh, yes! I’m done. I let out a lot!”
“I don’t need the details.”

While I heard her finish up behind me, I proceeded into the night forest.

We were already inside the forest, but our camp was still in the open space, so I decided to refer to it as a forest.

There, I saw two Keratoses eating grass.

Keratos was an omnivore monster, so they ate both grass and meat. Since they were eating grass there was a chance that they were hungry.

If they saw us, it would unquestionably turn into a battle.

“Still, I was being alert so how did they manage getting so close.”

I grumbled in a small voice to not be overheard by the Keratoses. It seemed that they approached while I was being led around by princess Eligore, but I was losing my confidence for overlooking them just because of that.

My presence detection ability was even able to sense vultures high in the sky…

“Nicole, what is the matter?”

But then Princess Eligore called out without a care. I guess it was my fault for not telling her about the enemy, but it was still pretty bad.

The Keratoses reacted to her voice and raised their heads up.

I immediately used my stealth Gift and hid in the tree shade, but that only ended up highlighting Princess Eligore’s presence.


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With one cry, the two Keratoses rushed at her.

Seeing that, I stopped hiding. It was too pointless to do that now.

“Michelle, Finia! We have enemies, two Keratoses!”

I called out to my comrades who should’ve been near enough to hear it, and then proceeded to cut at the Keratoses from the side.

In short, this princess was both a trouble-magnet and clumsy, yet she was also charming, readily cooperated, and had no malice, so it made her extremely bothersome yet hard to dislike.

Would it really be fine for her to be the next queen?

“God dammit!”

A sudden slash at its flank made the leading Keratos scream in shock.

The other one also stopped moving and stood alert towards me who suddenly appeared.

But gaining time was exactly what I was aiming for.


Along with the carnivore’s (Michelle’s) war cry, a silver light pierced through the darkness.

That flash pierced through the left eye of the Keratos that was facing me.

It raised a cry and shook its head, attempting to flee, but this time I attacked its feet.

I cut at its heel and severed the tendon that was necessary for running.

Next instant, two arrows had already pierced both eyes of the other Keratos. Keratoses were no longer an enemy for Michelle.

The two monsters whose vision and mobility had been robbed had no means of resisting us, so it didn’t take long for them to draw their last breaths.

After that, I saw Michelle happily butchering them, and became a little worried.

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Would we really reach Stollar safely with this trouble-magnet princess with us?


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