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Chapter 552 – The First Night Camping

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 993 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Unlike the daytime, the nighttime was dangerous not just because of the beasts but people as well. Since we were in the middle of nowhere, other travelers could approach us with bad motives. It was all the more dangerous when we were all beauties.

Thus, we decided to camp a little away from the highway. There was no need for that in the trio’s case, but it was still something fundamental.

“Anyway, first we need a bonfire.”

Cloud quickly issued instructions to them. Looks like he could talk to them normally, with all of them being the boys and all.

Animals fearing fire… was actually a folk belief. Some animals even approached it out of curiosity. But without light, we couldn’t see our surroundings either.

There’s nothing as scary as being suddenly attacked in total darkness. I knew that full well due to my profession. More than the damage you receive, the chaos that follows it is more frightening.

“First, we should plug the grass around and make space for the bonfire so the flame doesn’t spread.”

The three listened obediently when it came to simple work like this. They were rebellious at first, but they became docile towards those who they accepted.

They had no one to make them yield in their rural village, so they were allowed to continue their high-handedness.

Michelle, who defeated them overwhelmingly, Finia, who was skilled as a magician, and Cloud who had unexpectedly big combat experience, were all targets of respect for them.

Of course, I who was leading them was also given similar respect. However, there were some doubts mixed in their gazes, but that was expected. Unlike Cloud, my body was small and dainty. It was rather unreasonable to make them accept that I was strong with words alone.

They started getting ready for a meal while instructing the three on camping. I had nothing to offer in this regard, so Finia took the stage. That said, it wasn’t like they’d learn it immediately even if taught.

“So when it’s just the three of you, you can eat bread and cheese and a soup with rehydrated dried vegetables, and it will give you sufficient nutrients.”
“Okay, but it sounds like a pain so maybe just a jerky will—”
“That has a lot of salt so I would advise against it… it will make you thirsty.”

She was answering their questions while nimbly making the food. It seemed that she could speak without losing her nerve in her area of expertise. I would be happy if her shyness gets abated with this.

Our party had one strong merit that other parties didn’t. That was Finia’s cooking. I could only make crude food, while Michelle was in charge of just eating, so we couldn’t make delicious meals. Cloud could apparently do it more or less, but he was not anywhere near Finia’s level.

“Holy! This is delicious, big sis Finia!”
“Who’re you calling a big sis? Finia is mine.”

As the three were shedding tears of gratitude at Finia’s pro-level cooking, I used the smacking pole I made earlier to rebuke them.

Michelle couldn’t help but laugh seeing that.

“But it can’t be helped. Finia’s cooking is delicious.”
“It can’t even be compared to the stuff I had to eat at the orphanage.”
“I’d get fat if I ate nothing but this food.”
“Lady Nicole isn’t gaining any weight, however.”
“Well in my case, all the fat is going to my breasts.”
“Nicole, is that supposed to be a snide remark?”
“You’re the last person who should be saying that Michelle!”

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What was she complaining about when she was far more packed than me?

Speaking of which, we had to keep watch after this, so we needed to think about the pairing.

“We have to keep watch after this, so what do we do about the pairs?”

Usually, it would be me giving directions, but we were doing this for others to train. They would only grow if they themselves decided on things and gave instructions.

Besides, I was also curious about what kind of pairings they would decide on.

“Right, it’s better for the three of you to divide.”
“Then three shifts it is. We’d get less tired that way, so sounds good.”
“There’s four of us, so if we go with pairs, it would be just right. The remaining person will just sleep without keeping watch.”
“Then that would be Nicole.”
“Huh, me?”

Michelle suggested that I would be removed from the night watch. I looked at her surprised, not understanding her intention.

But Michelle explained it as if it was natural.

“I mean, you have the weakest constitution among us, right? So you have to rest properly.”
“But I’d feel bad if only I were to sleep.”
“You are making up for it by scouting during the day. You’re prone to fainting so just rest when you can.”
“That’s right. You’re our trump card, so you should put on some more airs, Lady Nicole.”

I glanced at the trio. But they seem to have no objections about their decision. Maybe they have reconfirmed that they had a lot to learn after their daytime failures and sermons, and Finia’s cooking on top.

If so, I suppose I shouldn’t be stubborn here either.

In the first place, my sleep is pretty light. Even if whoever is on the night watch overlooks the enemy’s approach, I will be able to notice it before they attack us. And if that happened, that failure would also serve as a good lesson for them. Convincing myself, I decided to accept Michelle’s proposal.

With that settled, all that was left was to finish up the meal before my eyes. Eating Finia’s cooking without properly tasting it would be too much of a waste. Thus, I carried Finia’s vegetable soup to my mouth with enthusiasm… only to burn my tongue and writhe in pain.


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