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Chapter 551 – Problems of the Newbie Adventurers

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1102 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

It was something I was always told over and over. From my work comrades and from Lyell and the rest, I was always told that “I tended to have a weirdly bad endgame.”

When it came to battles, I always dealt with them thoroughly. But anything other than that, I tended to make weird slip-ups. I overcame most of the troubles through brute force, but it was now made very clear just how bad my case was.

“Hihaaa! Enemy!”
“Kill it, kill iiit!”
“You’ll become meat today!”

This is what happened when they saw a horned rabbit jumping in front of them. Sebastian and the other two rushed at it as he pulled out his sword.

In the first place, the horned rabbit hadn’t even noticed us. So I was ignoring it, but it carelessly jumped before us. It was surprising to see us and stiffened in place, but Sebastian charged recklessly at it amidst his shock.

It was called a horned rabbit, but it didn’t have that big a horn, and the most it could do was wound a child. Honestly, it was the kind of enemy that I wouldn’t mind if it escape. And if it didn’t, you could take it down with a single blow.

Yet, here we are. He went and rushed at it like a madman… and without even waiting for my instructions.

“Hold stiiiiiillll!”

The horned rabbit raised a shriek(?) and fled into the forest. The three chased after it like bloodthirsty beasts.

“W-Wait. Aagh dammit! Cloud?”
“Okay, fine. I just have to bring them back, right?”
“Yeah, sorry. We’re still supervisors here.”

He chased after them, guessing what I wanted to say. It was good that we had this responsive understanding. Rather than it being the result of my education, it was more like Cloud was good at reading the atmosphere.

At any rate, seeing those bunch I realized just how blessed I was with my students.

Michelle, Cloud, and Letina all had different personalities, but they all listened to my words sincerely. But Sebastian and the other two were too hot-blooded to listen to what I was saying.

I mean, they accepted it obediently if I scolded them, but they forgot it every time something happened. Thanks to that, this was their second time going on a rampage since we entered the forest. As expected, just telling them wouldn’t be enough.

About ten minutes after that, Cloud brought the three back.

“You utter fools!”

I smacked their heads with a pole I made with branches while waiting for them to return. I put cotton between the two branches to cushion the shock, so it just dealt pain without damage.

“What did you do that for!”
“We just wanted to take down the—”
“And we’re saying that was not needed! It had no hostility, so you should’ve just moved on.”

The three raised objections while holding their heads, while Cloud lectured them in my stead. Even Michelle was frowning because of this.

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These guys were really something to have a gentle girl like her make that face.

“Good grief. We have no time to fight every pointless battle.”
“It was a harmless target, so why not let it go?”
“Finia, people like them need to be told more forcefully.”

Michelle was properly coaching the three, but Finia was still somewhat reserved. So Cloud was lecturing Finia in turn now, turning it into a weird lecturing loop.

It was like, a really weird situation.

“Our goal is harvesting, so there’s no need to fight what doesn’t attack us.”
“But aren’t harmful beasts better to subjugate?”
“Horned rabbits can’t even wound you if you wear thick clothes. Not even travelers consider them a threat.”
“I-Is that so?”
“Yes, it is. More importantly, It was a bad move to run into the forest like that. There could’ve been something more dangerous than a horned rabbit waiting for you there.”
“For example…?”
“Well, they saw Keratos near Raum. Or maybe a Moul.”
“Isn’t Keratos that freakishly huge lizard?!”

Keratos was an edible monster, but it was surprisingly dangerous. Even these three seem to have heard of its name. They were in dismay, apparently never even considering that could’ve happened to them.

Then Cloud further backed them into a corner.

“Even I once stumbled on a slave merchant once when I strayed to the side road, and ended up getting my arm lopped off by his swordsman guard.”
“Your hand? Seriously?!”
“Fortunately, thanks to Nicole, Lady Maria healed me and put it back on.”
“By the way, which arm was it?”
“The right one.”

He said and swung the sword around with his right hand.

He wasn’t that skilled with the sword, but having used it for many years he was used to it enough to use it like an extension of his arm. There were no signs of clumsiness in his movements.

The three of them looked at his arm as if seeing something strange.

“So yeah, there’s no knowing what you may encounter if you rush into a place you can’t fully see. So you have to move more carefully.”

This time’s commission wasn’t for me but for Michelle and rest to strengthen their leading skills, so I was trying to keep my mouth shut as much as possible.

Michelle and Cloud understood that and were more proactive in instructing the three. Finia on the other hand was hindered by her natural shyness, so she was interacting with them a little reservedly.

“Hmm, Finia, you should be more forceful here.”
“That’s… um, I know but when I see their faces, I just…”
“Their faces? I mean, I guess they look scary.”

Having a Mohawk hairstyle was too much so I had all of them turn into skinheads. Even the clients would back off with their heads like that. Also, the face tattoos turned out to be just painted, so I had them remove that too. As a result, they turned into a group of hairless and browless skinheads, but even that was better than what they used to be.

However, it was better but being overly free spirits, they were still too hard for Finia to deal with. Well, that was part of what I wanted her to work on and grow.

Michelle and Cloud’s sermon lasted for another thirty minutes. But if they kept it on for too long we’d get delayed, so I had them stop at that.

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Like that, as the sun started to set, we started preparing to camp out with the three.


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