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Chapter 539 – New Duke

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1048 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

That day, I was returning home to the northern village. It was an important day. Lyell aside, I could meet Fina, and lately, even Cortina. Cortina was still forbidden from meeting Reid, so I couldn’t show up in front of her with my previous form, but I was still excited that I could meet her.

This was a day when I could heal my mind and body after continuously exposing them to danger. And yet…

“What are you doing here?”
“You’re being rude from the get-go huh! You agree too, right, Fina? Right?”
“Mgggh, no fighting!”
“Ah, okay. Nicole and I are besties, you know?”

God of Destruction Yuuri snapped back at my provocation, but she raised her hands in defeat once Fina rebuked her. As expected of Fina. Even gods dance on top of her palm.

Lyell, Maria, and Cortina were relaxing in the living room, while God of Destruction and the Carbuncle were looking after Fina. Those were the first words that left my mouth when I saw that scene.

There was one more person, though…

“And, what are you doing here?”
“So rude. I came to renew my friendship with my old comrades.”

I directed a questioning gaze at Maxwell, who was sitting on a rocking chair while having one foot in the dream world. He opened his eyes in reaction to my question and objected back.

Still, dozing off while looking over a child from the rocking chair made me feel like he’s been rapidly aging as of late. Was Letina doing alright with him in that state?

“You got yourself a young wife, so go pay attention to her.”
“She’s been working hard on her adventures lately. Mateus and Sullivan are with her, so there are no problems.”
“Wouldn’t you normally worry if your fiancee goes out with other men?”
“Ohoho, this is where I have to show the open-mindedness of an adult. Not to mention, clinging to each other all the time is not an expression of love.”
“You sure can say that.”

Cortina retorted to his claim. But I suppose men and women had different ideas about such things. The two started a lively verbal quarrel, and Maxwell’s old act from before disappeared without a trace.

“Could you leave it at that already? I have started to grow weary as of late.”
“Weary? Oh, you mean the Methuselah domain matter…”
“Not only that, but also about the Lamech duke household. With big nobles disappearing, people aiming for their seats increased too.”
“That sounds tough. Ah, right. Why not appoint Letina as one later?”
“Hmm? Letina?”
“Hey, Maxwell! You’re still a royalty descendant, so you should have qualifications to become a duke, right?”
“Well, I am a former duke.”

Before he joined us, Maxwell was the head of a duke household since he was a royalty descendant. Not just that, he had even succeeded the throne at one point. However, with the world in danger, he had to give up on his household to challenge the Evil Dragon.

Though he returned to Raum after the adventure, he couldn’t come back as a duke, having given up on it once, but his bloodline was still evident to anyone. Now that Maxwell was marrying, a child between him and Letina would have qualifications to succeed the duke peerage.

It wouldn’t be a bad move to appoint the previous generation, that is, Letina, as a duke now to forge the path ahead for that.

Instead of a sudden new duke household appearing, it would cause fewer objections if it was created through the fusion of Marquis Yowi household and Maxwell’s bloodline through marriage.

It would substantially become an elevation of the Yowi household.

“Certainly, the Yowi household was proactive during the goblin raid, so if we use that contribution there should be few objections, wouldn’t there?”
“Right? Plus Marquis Yowi has no problems with his personality.”
“He even sent spies to Methuselah when he was worried for his daughter, so even his ability isn’t bad.”

Maria also joined in to approve of it after Cortina. Thanks to the fact that Marquis Yowi acted to protect the people during that incident, criticism towards the nobles was reduced quite a bit.

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Hearing of that suggestion, Maxwell rubbed his beard and pondered.

“Hmm… that doesn’t sound so bad…”

He squeezed out a small mutter. Hearing our talks, a high-pitched voice butted in.

“That’s a no-no. Fina, you shouldn’t get involved in that kind of fishy society.”
“What do you mean fishy? In the first place, I still haven’t heard why you’re here.”
“I am Fina’s home tutor. Give me due respect.
“It’s not that I don’t respect you, but don’t teach her bad—”
“Why is everyone so distrustful of me?!”

Despite how she looked, she was still the God of Destruction, one of the ancestors of magic, so she was actually very knowledgeable. And I actually owed quite a lot to her.

I did respect her in some aspects when it came to her skill. The problem was her unprecedented personality that blew all my respect away. I shouldn’t be blamed for doubting her.

“Look, Fina has Pharmacy Gift now right?”
“Well, yeah.”
“And you people have no one specializing in pharmacy among your connections. So I am the one teaching her.”
“Well thanks for that, but…”

Maxwell and Cortina were very knowledgeable, but they were no alchemy specialists. If she had the knowledge of a specialist, I should be the one to ask her to do it. But this goddess’s personality was… As I was contemplating it, the person in question stood up.

She glared at the empty space with an unusual stern look, then turned towards me and apologized.

“I’m sorry, something urgent came up so I’m heading back.”
“Huuh?! Did we hurt your feelings or something?”
“No, no, miss Maria. It’s nothing like that. This is really an emergency. I’m sorry, but I have to put Fina’s education on hold for now.”
“Huh, okay.”

The moment she said it, she disappeared from the place. I didn’t know what she sensed, but she was in a hurry. I felt some doubts, but it was normal for her to come and go without a warning, so I decided not to mind it.


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