Chapter 489 – Infiltration Exposed

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 978 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus


When Cain returned to his room, he felt something was off.

Naturally, he wasn’t the only one entering and exiting this room. People like his secretary and cook that he trusted were allowed to enter it. But the feeling that something was amiss this time was different from that.

“…What’s going on?”

To ascertain the nature of that feeling, he overlooked his room. But the room was dark and he couldn’t make out the details.

Then he looked at the ceiling and activated the Light spell that was built into the chandelier. Magic couldn’t be used inside the academy grounds due to the jamming installation, but magic items like these fell outside of its effect, and were thus usable.

He overlooked the room that was illuminated as brightly as it would be under the sun, but he still couldn’t find the source of his feelings.

“Did I imagine it… no, I didn’t. The room temperature is high. And there’s also a slight flower aroma…?”

The rooms without people were surprisingly cold. He hasn’t ordered the cleanup for this day, so no one should have entered it. And yet, it was faintly warm, as if someone had been here until just recently. There was also a slight flower aroma wafting in the room.

“The room couldn’t be this warm when it’s almost autumn already. Was there someone here?”

First, he imagined it was theft. But then, he recalled Letina Winne Yowi’s face. She was a hindrance who felt suspicious of his behavior and even brought a Hero’s daughter like Nicole into this, as well as his future wife.

“Did that woman plot something?”

It could have been an assassination attempt. Fearing the danger of that, Cain once again inspected the room.

But he couldn’t find even the slightest signs of the room being ravaged.

“Hmm… The window is open?”

Then, he noticed that the window was slightly open.

Naturally, being involved in shady things, he would never forget something as basic as locking it. He remembered properly locking it this day too just before he headed to the classes.

Convinced that there was an intruder, he opened the window to locate them. The room still retained their warmth, so they should have been here until just recently. He quickly pushed the window open and glared down at the backyard.

If the intruder was a dangerous person, they could attack them the moment he looked out, but the dorm walls had no places to hold on to and they were tough, so it was next to impossible for someone to be amusing him there.

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That still left the probability of being shot, but he had the confidence of dodging it if it came from far enough.

“…They aren’t there, huh. Or did they fly away?”

Since spells for flying or slowing down your fall existed, they could run away without sufficient defenses in place.

But this was still a magic academy’s senior branch. The security also considered the possibility of such spells, so they laid out the invocation jamming defense system. As such, Cain realized what an absurd thing he just said.

“I should stop, my paranoia is getting to me. Still, what is this flower smell here?”

Muttering that, he properly locked the window this time.

Since the defenses to jam the magic activation were in place, this was already a good enough security.

Once he overlooked the room one more time for abnormalities, he extinguished the chandelier light and left the room.



I was right above the window. I tried to wipe my sweat while sticking to the wall, but stopped myself.

Just before Cain entered the room, I leaped outside of the window and jumped up on the wall right above the window, and clung to it using the hooks on my gauntlets. I thanked God Hastur, who added these claws to the gauntlets, with all my heart.

When Cain actually looked out the window, I was actually thinking I had no other choice but to kill him, but fortunately, he didn’t notice me. Sweat was trickling down my face, but I was clinging to the wall with both my hands and had no means of wiping it off.

Before long, I heard the sound of a door being shut, and then locked. Hearing it, I crawled down the wall and peeked in to confirm that he had left. I couldn’t find him in the room that had its lights extinguished. The window was also locked.

I could easily unlock it again with a thread, but…

“Looking at the way he acted, there’s probably nothing important here.”

Cain sensed the intruder when he entered the room. People with shady backgrounds would’ve first checked the location of their belongings. But he simply overlooked the room and didn’t check any particular place.

“Which means, there should be no proof left in his own room. I mean, it would be a poor idea to hide risky stuff in your own room.”

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But since he was vigilant of the intruder to an excessive extent, that itself was proof that he was up to something bad. A normal person would be vigilant of an intruder, but he was too over sensitive to notice it by the faint difference in the room temperature.

“At any rate, a youngster like that detected my intrusion… My skills really have dulled.”

Since I was working as a proper Adventurer along with Michelle and the rest, I haven’t done things like this in a long time.

Due to that, my intrusion had a clearly bad performance.

In the first place, I wanted to yell at my incompetence for forgetting to erase my body odor. Being reborn as a woman, I carried potpourri and such without questioning it, but I really had to be more careful about it from now on.


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