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Chapter 488 – Searching The Room For Secrets

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1043 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

Leaving Letina in the doctor’s office, I rushed to the dorm with all my strength. The Senior classes had three lessons in the morning and noon respectively. Also, the dorm was joined with the school building.

Once the classes were over and it was lunch break, Cain might return to check his room.

Seeing my kick up the hem of my uniform as I dashed would’ve been a strange sight if there were people to witness it. However, I was using the Stealth Gift so no one noticed me. Besides, I chose a people-free route too.

In addition, I strengthened my body with coiled threads, so few could even follow my movements now.

I recalled my gauntlets on the way and equipped them on both hands. This was because, inside the academy institutions, magic activation was jammed outside of special classrooms and locations for practical skills.

I felt like having gauntlets on a school uniform looked quite unbalanced, but it wasn’t like anyone was looking, so it shouldn’t matter.

Like this, I returned to the dorms, but avoided the entrance and went round to its backyard. I judged I’d get spotted even with the Sealth Gift if I got in through the entrance.

“Now, his room should be in the southern corner.”

His room was well-exposed to the sun. But the position of it still seemed a little weird considering he was the son of a top-class noble like a duke.

Still, everything should become clear once I inspect the inside. It was rather good for me since it was easy to remember its position this way.

I then sent a thread towards the window frame and climbed up on the wall, then put a hand on the window.


However, it didn’t open. It seemed to have been locked from the inside.

Cain’s room was on the fourth floor. Honestly, unless he was wary of people like me, there would be no need to lock the window… then again, since there were many magicians here this height was still within the scope of vigilance.

“But well, it doesn’t matter either way for me.”

These situations were where my Gift could show its true worth.

I slipped a thread through the window gap and coiled it around the grip of the small barred lock, and opened it.

I took off my shoes, wrapped them in my ribbon, and tied them on my skirt’s belt. This was so I wouldn’t leave any footprints.

Since I was supporting my body with a thread it was really hard to keep my balance. The outer walls of this dorm had almost no good footholds on them.

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I somehow managed to sneak in and take a look around. Unlike ordinary students like us, the rooms on the top floor had high ceilings and many extravagant decorations. They even had small chandeliers for illumination. It probably illuminates the room much brighter than a lamp.

“Well, that’s fine and all. Now, where is the treasure.”

I first roughly checked the desk, making sure there was no information on the drugs there. I thought there could be some documents about the stock since they were circulated, underground or not, but I couldn’t find anything of the sort.

“Thinking about it, he wouldn’t leave such conclusive proof in his room, huh?”

Even if he did, he would at least put them in a safe or something. Which means, the safe is what was the most suspicious.

“Fortunately, this dorm basically includes safes.”

Every room had a safe to store alchemy catalysts and such. My room had it too, so this one would naturally have it as well.

My Thread Manipulation Gift had good compatibility with barred or combination locks, but it was incompatible with the dial locks like these.

That didn’t mean I couldn’t open them though.

I kept assassinating the villains since my past life, and broke through their safes to expose their evil deeds to the officers’ eyes, so I could open the mass-produced dial locks like these in minutes.

I put my ear on the safe’s wall and carefully rotate the dial several times, then I heard a clink and the lock opened… it seemed.

I grabbed the safe’s grip and pulled it open.

“Let’s see… huh, there’s really nothing but catalysts in it.”

The safe only had medicine and stones filled with magic power that were used as catalysts. Just in case, I checked the back and the floorboard of the safe, but there were no hidden shelves anywhere.

“The vial contents also seem to be what the labels say, so I guess this was a miss?”

I quickly returned everything to its former state and shut the door.

Next, I checked the closet, under the bed, and even above the ceiling, but I couldn’t find anything suspicious.

“Huh, is he actually innocent? No, that can’t be the case given the way he acted…”

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His arrogant and proud behavior. The baseless confidence in himself. Those were all the characteristics of a scoundrel. Donovan was also like that when we met first, but that’s beside the point now. I couldn’t imagine a guy like that not being up to something in a place like this where he could wield his authority as he pleased.

“At the very least, it feels like he’d be cheating on exams and stuff… hmm?”

I heard the faint tapping sound of footsteps. It probably came from the stone paving of the corridor.

Someone was approaching this room. Realizing that I started to fluster. There weren’t many places to hide in this place. At most, it would be inside the closet, but that also meant it was the easiest to find.

I could jump out of the window, but in that case, I’d have no time to close the window lock. Leaving it open would just lead to more suspicion.

Above all, there was no scaffold on the wall outside, so if he looked down I would have no place to hide myself.

“What should I do…?”

As I asked myself the footsteps reached the door. The door opened right away. At the same time, I made my decision. I dashed towards the window and threw myself outside.


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