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Chapter 486 – Start of the Classes

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1198 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The class resumed once the classroom regained its calm.

The first class was the previously mentioned alchemical pharmacy. A class to make things like potions.

“Alright, let’s continue from where we previously left off. First, what is the type of plant that is used as a medicinal herb… Mr. Maximilliano, answer.”

“Yes, uhh… we make it by mixing powdered Millud leaves with the Amur cork tree’s sap for disinfection, right?”
“Millud powder is for anti-inflammatory use. You forgot the ingredient that heals that essential injury. Miss Yowi, please.”

It seems that the previous boy referred to as Sullivan was called Maximilliano. He stood up and gave an imperfect answer in confusion.

The teacher then asked Letina to supplement his answer.

Letina pulled her chair without making a sound and stood up gracefully. She was a beauty in a different sense compared to Finia and Michelle. Her chest remained almost as meager as before, however.

“We submerge bulrush pollen in a supplementary drug, then take it out and mix it with the aforementioned two drugs, pour magic power to raise the prompt efficiency and it will be complete.”
“Yes, correct. Mr. Maximilliano, review the material better next time.”
“We can also mix in jujube which has pain-relieving and fortifying effects. However, mixing that in is quite difficult, you should first do it as the textbook says.”

Following that, the teacher taught general salve and antidote formulas to the students. I noted them down in my notebook while whispering to Letina.

“I wanna inspect Cain’s room during the classes. Is there any way I can slip out?”
“Huh, that would be difficult. As it is the teachers’ job to make the students study, they are very strict at monitoring them.”
“There must be a way. It would be hard to have Finia or Michelle do covert operations.”
“A careless girl like Michelle or Cloud would certainly be unfit for it. But Finia is no good as well?”
“Well, she is originally a maid. It would be hard for her to slip into a locked room.”
“There is the Unlock spell though?”
“That’s from the interference system. She can’t use it.”

Finia specialized in the four elements by borrowing the spirits’ strength, but she couldn’t use the interference system spells, being quite the opposite of me.

Her magic was quite versatile, but using just magic to infiltrate would be too unreasonable. I was the specialist in such skills. And I would be worried if I let her investigate the room, so I had to be the one to go.

“You will certainly be able to do both the infiltration and investigation easily, Nicole… Hmm.”

Letina started thinking once she heard my point.

If you were a student, you had to attend the classes. That went for the senior students just the same, so Cain should be in the class too now. And my extracurricular period also matched with Cain’s. In other words, when he was not present, I was also restricted.

“If you do the fainting that you are so skilled at, you should have an excuse to head to the infirmary.”
“Fainting is not something to take pride in, you know?”
“I know that, but you are the only one who can do it frequently enough to warrant that evaluation.”
“I think that is a very biased perception.”

I did faint frequently during my school days, but my constitution improved, and after continuous training, the present me no longer fainted so easily.

Letina’s perception just remained as it was in the past.

“I’ve been training myself as an Adventurer three years after that, so that no longer happens.”
“Really? I don’t think one’s constitution is something that can change.”

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While we were engaged in that conversation, the first class came to an end.

It was a break before the next class now. Normally the students would have flocked to the new transfer like me, but the next class was about the actual compounding dosages.

We had to do it in a well-ventilated place, or the medical contents that evaporated in the air could poison us.

I was also guided by Letina to the compounding room. Then we prepared to create the previously-mentioned potion for wounds.

With potions, you had to condense and extract the medical effects with magic. For that, we had to prepare Magic Crystals too. The rest of the students had no time to pay me attention as well.

They all took their seats and prepared dry leaves and Magic Crystals for the lesson. Letina and I also did the same. Then the bell for the next class finally rang. The teacher also entered at the same time. He stopped at the teacher’s desk, then checked if everyone was attending, and quickly commenced the compounding lesson.

“We created Millud powder the last time, so today we will work on extracting the medical efficacy from bulrush pollen and soaking it in the supplementary drug.”

The teacher in charge of this class was a timid-looking male teacher. He explained the compounding process in a businesslike manner and got to work.

“Amur cork tree is in the medical warehouse. I will have people who extracted the bulrush’s medical efficacy to compound the injury potion. Miss Nicole was not with us the last time, so have Miss Yowi share some of her Millud powder.”
“Understood. Letina, do you have some to spare?”
“I’m glad I made a larger amount. I have about three flasks of it.”

I took the spare powder from Letina and started extracting the efficacy from bulrush. I chipped off the pollen of the cylindrical bulrush that looked like candy on a small plate.

The powder drifted into the air which in turn got sucked out through the ventilation hole.

“Cough! It does drift up surprisingly a lot.”
“It seems like even my uniform might catch the smell.”

We put the pollen that we chipped off with the spatula in the supplementary liquid and filled it with magic power. Doing so caused the medical efficacy to seep into the supplementary liquid which would become the basis of a potion.

But as I was pouring magic power into it, I felt light dizziness.

“W-What the…?”

My magic power amount was far larger than an average person. This much consumption shouldn’t even be noticeable. But my vision blurred and my feet became unsteady. Then I finally noticed.

I gathered the pollen and put it in the supplementary liquid as is. During that moment, the pollen that drifted up reacted to my magic power. And I ended up inhaling a lot of that pollen.

I inhaled pollen that was filled with magic power and fully released its medical efficacy, poisoning me in the process. Having said that, I couldn’t just stop breathing, but pressing a hand on my mouth did nothing much.

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Noticing my state, Letina came to support my body. But now that I have grown, my body wasn’t so light that her arms could support me. Thus we got entangled and fell down.

Like this, we luckily managed to slip away from our lessons. I was knocked out in the process, however…


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