Chapter 485 – Transfer Student Cliche Event

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2579 characters
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1004 words
Editor(s): Deximus_Maximus

The next day, it was time to finally attend the classes properly.

There was alchemy credit too this time, and I decided to take it after Letina’s insistent recommendation.

Since we decided that Letina would act conspicuously while I investigated behind the scenes, it wasn’t bad to be in the same class.

And above all, if I took the alchemy credit, it would make it easier to seek information from the person in charge of the chemicals.

I first decided to show my face in the staff room and greet the homeroom teacher.

The male teacher in question seemed to have fallen for me instantly, but then he went to explain the important point about the transfer, after which we headed to the classroom.

This time I had my eyepatch on, so my charm should not have activated in theory…

The morning assembly commenced, and the teacher entered first. I was made to wait outside for a little while and then he called me from the inside.

Responding to it, I entered the classroom acting as refined as I could.

I turned on the lady mode switch that Maxwell drove into me, and went to stand at the teacher’s desk with a slightly tensed expression.

“This is Nicole. She will be studying with you from today. I believe you already know this, but she is the daughter of Lord Lyell and Lady Maria of the Six Heroes, as well as Berith’s hero of her own. There are many things to learn from her, so do get along.”
“T-Teacher, please leave it at that…”

I shouldn’t be the one to speak, but being made to listen to all this made me feel unbelievably embarrassed.

I waved my hands in a fluster and interrupted his speech. I felt like I was being made into a spectacle and couldn’t calm down.

Still, the class’ reaction seemed favorable, as I could hear “amazing,” “cute,” “so big,” and so on from here and there.

The last guy, where were you looking when you said that, answer me honestly.

Also, Letina seemed quite smug about this for some reason.

“E-Err… I’m Nicole. Let’s get along from today on.”

I forcefully bowed my head, hoping to end this mortifying act already.

“Then, Miss Nicole’s seat would be… next to Miss Yowi. I hear you were childhood friends?”
“Yes, that will be reassuring.”

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It seems that the teacher knew that the two of us were acquaintances too.

There weren’t many students from Raum, the capital, here in the first place. Raum’s magic academy also had the senior grade, after all, so there was no point to move all the way here.

However, Letina still transferred to investigate Cain. That stood out a lot. It was for that reason that she proposed the idea to act as a decoy.

“Best regards, Nicole.”
“Yeah, likewise, Letina.”

The two of us did a showy handshake to pretend like this was our reunion. The teacher left the classroom once he finished reporting the news of the transfer. As if waiting for that, the students flocked to me.

“Miss Nicole, please tell me more about the Berith incident!”
“You have such lovely hair. How do you care for it?”
“Is your eye hurt since you wear that eyepatch? What a shame, your visible eye looks so beautiful.”
“You have big *****, can I feel them up?”

It wasn’t just males but even females.

I had my charm-restricting eyepatch, but since I exposed it during the previous day at the dormitory, and due to the earlier introduction from the teacher, I couldn’t escape drawing attention. There was no point in this suppressing magic item at this point.

Also, that last guy, don’t you dare come close to me.

“Leave it at that now, you are confusing her. We still have classes too so return to your seats.”
“Uhh, I’m not doing anything special to my hair… and my eye is just weak to light.”
“Also, Sullivan, I have to punish you behind the school later.”
“Thank you very much!”

Looks like there was one idiot here that was like Raum’s Adventurers, but let’s leave him be. Letina apparently would give him his due punishment later.

More importantly, classes were beginning now. That meant this was the time I could use to investigate Cain’s room to my heart’s content. I wished to slip away from the classes, but it would be very difficult to do that on my first day here.

And discussing that with Letina would be impossible in this situation.

“Hmm, what to do…”
“Look, Nicole is troubled. She’s been frail since the old days and often fainted whenever you let her out of your sight.”
“Oh, really?”
“She sounds like a closeted maiden. Much like her appearance suggests.”
“But I heard she seized the ruffian who tried to attack the Pope in Berith.”
“I want her to seize me too.”
“Someone please throw Sullivan out.”

Kids this age were too boisterous for Letina to stop them. They showed no signs of dispersing, but then came the sound of the bell for the first class.

“What are you people doing! It’s a sad state for senior students to be in.”

The classroom’s door was flung open and the teacher of the first class entered inside. It was a hysteric-looking woman in her forties, wearing long and narrow glasses.

Cortina also wore glasses sometimes, so it felt somehow nostalgic. She wasn’t as hysteric-looking though.

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“We had a new student joining us today, right? Have your textbooks arrived?”
“Err, not yet.”
“Is that so? Then have Miss Yowi share hers between you two.”

While I was answering the teacher’s questions, the other students sneakily returned to their seats. The teacher noticed that but there was no need to yell at them for that, so she overlooked it.

I pushed my seat closer to Letina’s and had her share her textbooks with me.

And like this, my transfer matter came to a close.


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