Chapter 36 – Sabotage Maneuvering

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library

For the time being I went back to where the carriage was parked, and sat thinking about what I should do, inform the guards, and have them get caught; Or should I inform Maxwell and Cortina directly, they will probably handle this with ease.

However, I won’t have enough time for that.
They were talking about leaving right before the closing of the gates, there’s only a small amount of time left before that happens.
Even if I sneakily try to rescue them, it’s impossible for me to open those 『Caskets』 with my meager amount of strength. It would be close to impossible for me to help them on my own.

Then, should I try defeating them?
That’s an option but it will be quite difficult. Not to mention that there’s three of them. If it’s one on one then I would have a higher chance of winning, even in my current state; however more than that would be quite difficult.

「Then I only have one choice left…」

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They were supposed to leave during the night, because at that time the gatekeepers would be more lax.
In other words, they won’t be able to do anything if the guards were stricter.
If they knew that the guards were more vigilant, they would also hesitate to leave.
 And if the gates were closed, they won’t be able to leave the city until morning, and then I would have enough time to report to Cortina about the situation.

「Then should I break the carriage? That would at least earn me some time」

They were carrying big trees―― even if the insides were hollowed―― it should still be quite heavy.
If the current carriage loaded with that breaks, then they would have no choice but to unload and transfer it to another carriage, and even if there were three people to do that, they won’t be fast enough and would barely be able to finish before the closing time.
The next morning, busy merchants would already be going back and forth doing their business so they will definitely have to avoid that.
As a result, it would lead to increasing their waiting time until the next evening.

Well, there’s also the choice of driving the carriage and leaving this place. If I was actually able to do that then it would have made things a bit easier, however I don’t have the skill to even drive one.
I could at least ride a horse, but driving a two horse carriage is out of the question. I don’t have any confidence that I would be able to pull it off.
 Not to mention that if I use that method, those people would definitely be able to escape.

 I look around the area, and there I found a tool that is probably used around here.
It was known as an Eel hatchet, a bladed tool where part of the tip is bent in an “L” shape.
Its probably a tool they use during their regular transactions. With that, I would definitely be able to cut off those ropes, and it’s probably used that way.

「Is it only this that I could use around here. If only I had brought my Katana at least――」

After all our original purpose was to visit Maxwell, that’s why we came unarmed.
But well, this should be good enough for the time being. First I cut off the ropes holding the『Caskets』, even that alone would take a bit of time to fix.

However, that alone won’t be enough. I need to do some damage that is more time consuming.
And so I decided to dive under the carriage and took off brackets that fixed the axle.
If the axle is loose, the carriage won’t be able to run for a long time, and they will definitely notice this malfunction.
I immediately started the procedures to hinder their work, which would also save a lot of time for me.

I position the hook tip on the metal fittings then rip it off. Even if I don’t have the strength, the L-shaped tip made it possible for me to use it like a level. It took me a bit of time to do so but I was able to properly remove things.
Even if only one of the axles is unhooked, it would hinder them a lot and should only allow them to run for several meters.

And then the moment I crawled out of the carriage―― I met one of the men who came out to check the station.
It seems like it took me more time to do it than what I have expected. Iya, it was really a mistake of mine not activating my special gift when I came out.
Probably because of the long time that I haven’t been in battle, it seems like I have been slacking more than usual.

「What, who’s this brat!」
「Ah, ummm, I’m… I mean――」

In the short time that I was trying to find a good excuse, it seems like another man decided to take a different approach.

「Wa, wait. I don’t know if she’s trying to do a prank, but in this situation, isn’t she also a lost one? 」
「Look carefully. Although she’s a little dirty, isn’t she a good merchandize」
「Haaah…? Hmmm, certainly, someone with different colored eyes would definitely be high priced」

I immediately tap off the dust on my short skirt, along with the ones caught up on my socks.
Right now even my blue heavy cotton shirts and my hair were soiled in dirt because of working under the carriage.
However, that didn’t bother them and they seem to have noticed my elegant appearance and my rare heterochromatic eyes.
Seeing that they could profit from me, the two people decided to abduct me instead.

「Now now, just quietly come over if you don’t want to be hurt――」
「Don’t decide things that early old man!」

Without listening to the man’s words, I immediately closed in to attack with the eel hatchet.
Even though it’s just a simple sword and may not do that much damage, but if I utilize the L-shaped tip properly, then I would definitely be able to injure them.


However rather than the man fall back to dodge, he took one step forward and tried to prevent the attack.
Because of moving forward to block, the man suffered from the strong impact.
The other man immediately pulled the sword on his waist, but he didn’t expect me to attack before he could do so.
Probably hearing the clash from the cabin, another man rushed into the station.

「This brat won’t quietly surrender!」
「She suddenly attacked me you know, what do you think I should do in return!?」
「You idiots, and to think you were both kidnappers!」

I do want to insert a tsukomi to these idiots who were like doing a skit, however I refrained。
Other than that, right now I’m in the worst possible situation.
Even if I managed to take down one person, I am still currently surrounded by two people.

It would have been a better idea if I would have managed to escape from these idiots before.
I would probably be able to run away if I only focused on that, and would be an easy feat―― but well, right now would probably be impossible.
I need to get away if possible somehow, I would probably have enough time to save those elves.

「Someboooooodddddyyyy! Please heeeeelp meeeeee!」

I tried calling out for help if possible to escape from these men. If only they would be scared and flee away on their own. If people from outside somehow managed to gather, the situation would have worsened for these people.
However, it seems like my options were for naught.

Even though I was screaming loudly, there were barely any reactions from outside.
The men who were observing the situation were grinning.
Then one of them started speaking to me.

「It’s a shame isn’t it. Did you think we were sloppily doing our jobs? There’s a soundproofing magic tool installed in this place. This is that kind of place after all so installing and deploying one is necessary」

With that explanation I finally realized what had happened. My voice just didn’t reach outside.

Now that I think about it, this place would definitely bother others with its placement but it was strange for such a place to be selected and it’s also close to the gates.
After all if wood processing is done within the city, the noise it would cause will definitely cause issues.
That’s why it is also natural for such magic items to be possessed especially those that automatically activates.
A silencing field magic tool might have been deemed to be used suspiciously if it was an average person that purchased it. However, that would not be the case if it was a blacksmith or a processing center that purchased it.

So in other words, I will have to expect not receiving any external help.


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