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Chapter 37 – Fierce Battle

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Author: Kaburagi Haruka Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library

There are only two other opportunities for help to arrive.
One is for Finia to send Michelle-chan home and to come looking for me, and the other would be Cortina detecting the abnormalities.
However, I can’t rely on those as expected. Although Finia would certainly look for me, her strength is only at the level of a regular person.
At worst, she could even get caught and be used as a hostage instead.

「Stop struggling already, brat!」
「I won’t let you!」

The man attacked, aiming for my limbs, but I parried the attack and countered.
As expected, I have no choice but to escape on my own. Fortunately enough, I am not restricted by anything, so there are many ways for me to retaliate.
I took out a ball of yarn from my pocket and dropped it on the ground.
To these men, the yarn wasn’t even a threat. Without understanding my actions, the men laughed at me without understanding why I did it.

What they didn’t know was that I have Thread Manipulation Gift and this gift has saved me from many predicaments I’d faced in my previous life. After putting out a good amount of thread, I returned the yarn ball in my pocket. The blade I am using now doesn’t have much of a reach, and that would be the case even if I used it with one hand.

The man attacked again, but it was easily parried. However, what I wield is not a simple sword but a blade with an L-shaped tip. Just by redirecting the attack and separating the blades I was able to break the man’s stance. Because of the sudden change in force applied, the man flinched and I was able to close in on him. I then swung the blade at the man’s leg.

The man unable to react in time, failed to follow my movements to dodge. Right then the tip of the blade pierced his thigh and was deeply wounded.


A deep cut was made, though it wouldn’t be as clean as how a sword would cut. The meat was churned out as if it were bitten by fangs, and blood splattered as I took out the blade.
I immediately took some distance so I won’t get hit by the blood. It was supposed to be an attack to buy me some time to escape, but another person prevented those actions.
As I was about to counterattack the man who approached me, my arm was caught and I was slammed on the floor. He then twisted my hand a bit and had me release my weapon.

「It hurts, let go!」

My arm was still twisted in a lock and is now unarmed. For a swordsman, your grip is also your lifeline. If you drop your weapon in the middle of a fight, your survival would drastically drop.

However, that would depend on the actual situation.
Seeing that I dropped my weapon, the man also sheathed his sword while taking out something on his pocket. I don’t know what he’s trying to take out, but it is a fact that his combat power has drastically dropped. What he didn’t realize is that I hadn’t lost my will to fight yet. It was a misjudgment of fatal proportions for my opponent.

Manipulating the thread on my side, I wrap it in a stone and swing it immediately. The strength the manipulated threads is about as strong as my physical body. Because what I used was just a small stone, it was not strong enough to neutralize the man. However, there are other targets here besides these men. Unfortunately, they were not humans.

It was the horse that was connected to the cart. The cart’s axle was already broken and disconnected, so the carriage itself won’t be able to move that far. But within those few meters, the man was there.

As soon as the stone hit it, the horse was startled and moved in surprise. It reacted more vigorously than expected.
As a result, the man immediately moved away to avoid being hit by the cart. It was also at that moment that my arm was released. Just before it passed by the man, the axles reached their limit, dislodging and creating strange noises, then the cart rolled over along with the horse in the direction the man tried to escape to.

「Uwah!? Ugyaaaaaah!」

Hollow may they be, it was loaded with large logs. And yes, he was not able to properly dodge the crash. After the crash, a pool of blood streamed under the collapsed cart and flowed towards me who barely escaped the crash. With this amount of bleeding, he would probably die in a short while.

「This, this brat…… I will definitely kill you……」

At that time, the man that I attacked first stood up. However, it was already game over for him. Watching the wound on his leg squirting out large amounts of blood, I realized that it seems like I have successfully hit a major blood vessel. If I leave him as-is, he would also probably die soon. However, I also couldn’t just leave him like that without finishing him off.

The man was standing unstably with just one undamaged leg. Using a bit of my tricks, I would be able to win this immediately. Without being noticed, I manipulated the thread and tied around the man’s leg.

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I then tied the other end on the struggling horse. As the horse continued to struggle, it also continued to tangle more thread. Eventually, the man’s leg was pulled and he was dragged away.


I took the weapon I used before and cut off the remaining thread connected to me.
Though it’s sharpness is not that great, it was good enough to cut off the thread. After all, if I didn’t cut that off immediately, I would have been dragged along. I then approached the struggling man and hit his head with the back of the weapon for him to lose consciousness.


That was the last of that man before losing consciousness. With this the immediate threat should have been neutralized. Now if only,

「Fuho…… what the heck happened here」

Yes, if the three of them fought against me, it would have been really dangerous. However, I was able to survive because the third person returned to the station when the battle started, leaving the two to handle me. Thanks to that I was able to dispose of the two with a bit of a struggle.
The two were probably quite confident and looked down on me. However, thanks to that I was able to neutralize both of them leaving the last one behind.

「Now then, shall I make an escape……」
「Ooops, you think I’ll let ya escape that easily?」

The moment I tried to escape, the third person came out of the station and blocked my way. The man was armored and equipped a large shield and sword. He was seemingly more prepared compared to the previous two.
However, even if he tried to block my way, there was quite the distance between us. It was a wide open space where I could easily escape even if blocked by one person. My escape couldn’t be prevented is what I thought.

「Of course I will be able to escape. With this distance, I would be able to move faster, idiot」
「Haaah……? You sure are a foul mouthed brat. Well, whatever. However, if you do that, I will burn down all of these 『Caskets』 along with everyone over here」

I could smell a strange chemical from the defeated men. It’s probably something they used to kidnap those elves and also have them stay unconscious while trapped in those logs. And if fire was set on that place,

「Are you trying to kill everyone!?」
「Of course. They have already seen my face so why not. There’s no reason for me to keep them alive. However if you stay behind then it would be a different story」
「So that means…… you want to fight me」
「It’s also fine to 『Surrender like an adult』 you know?」
「I definitely refuse to do so!」

It couldn’t be helped, I shouted and stepped forward to fight the man.


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