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Chapter 361 – 16 Year Old Inglis and The Meaning of Matchmaking (13)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2209 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 885 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

“They’ve vanished from my sight…!”
“Rest assured. Neither can I… I catch brief moments, but if you’re asking if I could guard against that… Regardless, if she can stand toe-to-toe with one of the Three Archdukes like this, then…”

Eris contemplated the possibility that Inglis could shift the world. Inglis had the potential to grow even stronger by equipping Hyrule Menaces like herself and Ripple. And that growth in power was far from trivial. She could become significantly more powerful than she currently was with their help.

Though it was likely Jeldegrīva, the Duke of War, was not demonstrating his full might, it seemed improbable that Inglis couldn’t win. If that was the case… If Inglis could overcome even the greatest Highlanders, then—

The world Eris envisioned could become a reality. The world where people and nations of the Midland had no choice but to endure the tyranny imposed by the Highland, existing only to serve, could genuinely change.

Inglis was not a Holy Knight. She could command the Hyrule Menaces without surrendering her life. It wasn’t beyond her to direct her power toward the heavens above.

“If she’s on par…does that mean something good will happen?”

Rafinha awaited the conclusion of Eris’ thought. Of course, Eris couldn’t reveal that they could commence a war against the Highland at this point.

“No, I was merely pondering the benefits of her having a worthy adversary.”

Eris considered being chosen to convey the message to Ymir as drawing the short straw. However, the opportunity to witness this unfolding combat may have been a silver lining. She now knew that, concerning the battle prowess of their strongest fighters, the Highland was not considerably superior to the Midland. In fact, it seemed the Midland could have the edge.

This revelation was significant. Eris wouldn’t instigate trouble, as the Three Archduke’s Party, including Special Envoy Theodore, appeared friendly to Charalia, but gaining this knowledge was valuable.

“This is terrible! Their fighting could bring down the entire castle!”
“Hahaha… Indeed, it might.”
“Ho ho ho. We’ll apologize if that does happen, so fear not. It’s been many years since I’ve seen the Duke of War so engaged in enjoyment. I hope he continues to revel in the battle.”

True to Caraldo’s words, Jeldegrīva was laughing heartily, releasing his punches like a hailstorm.

“HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You’re rather impressive, little girl! What was your name again?”
“I am Inglis Eux.”

Inglis responded while launching her flurry of punches.

“Ah, I see! I’m Jeldegrīva, a Highlander! They call me Archduke or Duke of War or whatever, but there’s no war in the Highlands, so managing the armed forces equates to twiddling thumbs! But that allows me to focus on my training, although I desire real combat every so often! I hate to intrude, but I need your company!”
“You’re not intruding at all! I’ve said it before, I’m thrilled to have you here!”

“HAAHAHA! I appreciate our mutual understanding, Inglis! You’re exactly what I expected from the lunatic who wielded Hyrule Menaces and vanquished a Prisma! You must be a few screws short! I mean, right…?! It’s abnormal enough that you wielded a Hyrule Menace and survived…! And you’re just a wee little girl, that’s bonkers!”
“I appear this way due to unrelated circumstances, but otherwise, that’s an accurate assessment!”
“If I defeat you, it’s like surpassing a Prisma! How convenient!”
“Why not confront a Prisma yourself?”

“Oh man, you don’t know how much I’ve longed to do that, but as a Highlander, I can’t approach those creatures. Turning into a Magic Stone Beast wouldn’t be ideal, would it?”
“Aah, I see your point…!”
“I can’t start fights with my fellow Highlanders either, so I’ve been yearning for someone like you! Thanks for existing!”
“The feeling is mutual!”

Their fists clashed again, creating the most massive shockwave yet, causing Rafinha to tumble once more. Unable to watch her struggle, Eris picked Rafinha up and decided to keep holding her.

“I’m at a loss! Despite your small frame, I can’t detect a hint of Mana or Gift in your attacks, that’s ludicrous! You’re radiating something, but I can’t discern what it is! And that’s what makes it thrilling! HAHAHAHAHA!!!”

Inglis’ usage of Ether Armor was the reason for Jeldegrīva’s confusion, as he couldn’t sense Ether.

However, Inglis had similar queries. There were no indications that the Duke of War was using any form of sorcery.

For instance, Abel the Archlord harnessed high-powered sorcery with the art of Refined Mana in battle. Other Highlanders also incorporated sorcery in their fights. Highlanders were supposedly a race that manipulated magical phenomena with mana far stronger than that of Midlanders, without requiring Artifacts.

However, that didn’t seem to apply to Jeldegrīva, the Duke of War. Even in her current state as a five or six-year-old, she still possessed the body of a half-god, half-human Divine Knight. Furthermore, Inglis activated her Ether Armor, which significantly enhanced her physical abilities. This only gave her a fighting chance against the Highlander before her. It felt as if he was fighting without any magical aid. In other words — it was all sheer physical strength.

That fact was, quite paradoxically, awe-inspiring. How could such a thing be possible? Even Vufailbane, the Dragon God, had to use his Dragon Roar to match Inglis in battle.


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