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Chapter 326 – 15 year old Inglis and the Prisma Battle (4)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3107 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1406 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

Now, they only had to fight their own respective enemies… As things were beginning to look that way, Silva voiced his opinion.

「Please wait! Lady Eris, Principal! If we could respond to Maurice’s transformation peacefully, then shouldn’t we respond the same to as many people as possible?! We can save a lot of lives… No, perhaps it’s not exactly saving them, nevertheless… shouldn’t we spread the instruction to imprison the turned Knights in a block of ice to the whole army?」
「Mister Silva!!」
「Four eyes… you say good things, sometimes.」
「You’re one word too many!!」

Upon hearing Silva’s suggestion, Black Mask pondered.

「Hmm… all those who turned, every single one of them is my dear comrade. If we can prolong their lives, we can still put our hope in the future… While it will limit our options, I deeply appreciate your consideration. However…」
「Is there a problem…?」
「Regrettably, my own power is not inexhaustible… If I transform so many people, I will not have enough power to aid in the fight against Prisma itself. Is that still acceptable?」

Eris was a bit at a loss to readily answer, but it wasn’t the case for Silva.

「It’s fine! If you don’t have enough power, then it is my role to make up for it! My Special Grade Rune is not a mere decoration!」
「I’ll do something, too… something.」
「Hm… how dependable. Our role is to be supporters behind the scene in the first place! This is all for the sake of this country and its people. Our enemies are those who prey on people on the surface; the Highlanders and the Highlanders alone! Very well then, we will do as you instruct, Princess of the Old Kingdom!」
「……?! You, how did you know!! Who are you?!」
「Eeh?! You were a princess, Miss Eris?!」
「It was long ago……! An era that has long ended! It has nothing to do with the situation at hand.」
「You’re right… Forgive me, that was not a necessity. For now, we must only focus our efforts on destroying the Prisma… will you give us some direction on your policy?」
「……we don’t need to destroy it. If we can drive it off into a place with nobody around, then it’s mission complete!」

But, either way, Eris wasn’t very sure she should follow Black Mask’s suggestion. Knowing that it was possible to keep the transformed human alive was good news, but… Black Mask claimed that should he devote his power for that purpose, it was possible that he wouldn’t have enough power to aid in the battle against Prisma.

The power that had just shrunk a transformed human… Eris had no idea what it was. She didn’t feel any flow of mana. But, even from the appearance of it, she was certain that some strong force was at work. A power that she, a Hyrule Menace, could not detect, and yet so transcendentally powerful! It could very well be the very same power that Inglis had.

If that was the case, then Eris judged that the power of this Black Mask character should only be used to fight the Prisma. That would most definitely reduce the burden Raphael would have to bear, and consequently increase his chances of surviving this battle. It doesn’t matter how many transformed people they could save, in the end, it would be meaningless if Prisma couldn’t be stopped.

Black Mask said that it would be better for this country and its people if the Ironblood Chain Brigade were to remain behind the stage. This was out of concern that, if the brigade took too active a role in this battle, they would gain too much popularity too fast, which would ultimately destabilize the political situation within the country.

This would mean that they had zero intention of tearing down or overthrowing the Charalia Kingdom… and, most importantly, national borders meant nothing in a fight against Prisma… as everything was at risk.

Given this, Eris couldn’t easily nod to Black Mask’s suggestion. At least, not in her jurisdiction…

As Eris pondered,

「I understand. Let’s tell the whole army: Freeze and stop the movements of any humanoid Magic Stone Beasts they encounter.」

The answer came not from Eris. It was coming from a person riding a descending Flygear. He had heard everything that was discussed, it seemed.

「Raphael…! It’s not that easy!」
「A-, are you sure?」

Following Eris, Ripple questioned Raphael’s decision.

「I am. I’m of the same opinion as Silva! I want us to save as many people as we can. We don’t have the power to change the size of the people who have turned that he does, so we should lend him our strength with what we can do.」

Raphael nodded, answering without a shred of hesitation.

「The ones who have turned are all comrades of our Ironblood Chain Brigade… we have no harmful intention to your country, but we certainly are traitors to it. Do you still want to save us nevertheless, Holy Knight?」
「Under the threat of the Magic Stone Beast, countries or ranks do not matter. I will give my everything to save as many people as I can! That is, I think, what a Holy Knight must do.」
「…My highest respect for you. Very well, I will leave the battle against Prisma to you, and I shall do what only I can do.」
「Yeah! Just leave it to me.」

Raphael and Black Mask nodded to each other.

「Lady Eris, Lady Ripple, forgive me…… I acted on my own!」
「You are the supreme commander, the decisions are yours to make… you made it, and we follow through.」
「Yup. I’m with Eris. If that’s what you decide, then so be it!」

However, they would not let Raphael step into the battle and lose his life to Prisma that easily. That was only for the last, last resort. Even if they can’t defeat Prisma, they could try to lead him to a really remote area using their conventional forces. With enough time, Inglis might be able to reach here for reinforcements. They would pull through, with their own powers, until then. They wouldn’t resort to less!

So thought Eris and Ripple both, nodding to each other.

「Then, let’s hurry and inform the whole army about the change in our operation!」
「Yup, on it!」

Raphael and the two Hyrule Menaces were ready to set out before Black Mask stopped them.

「Wait. If you want to convey a message, then simply touch my shoulder and speak. Your voice will be heard by the whole army.」
「Right, I heard it echoing through the whole city! How in the world did you do it…」
「What, it’s nothing much. Now, let’s make haste.」

Raphael stepped down from his Flygear and landed beside Black Mask, placing his hand on the latter’s shoulder.

「I am Raphael Wilford. Can you hear me?!」

Much like Black Mask’s voice earlier, his voice was heard throughout the entire army camp that had been set up in the city.

「If you encounter a human turned into a Magic Stone Beast, use the power of ice Artifacts to restrain them! Do not deal the killing blow! We have a different measure to neutralize them! Give priority to your ice Artifacts! In addition, prioritize protecting anyone who can handle ice related Artifacts!」

His call was answered by voices from all over the city.

「Sir Raphael…?! If that’s what the Holy Knight says, then so be it!」
「So we can still save them, huh! Okay, let’s do it!」
「Understood, Sir Raphael!」

The announcement made by Black Mask was met with utter silence, and yet…
Raphael’s was met with cheers and excited responses.

「Let’s get to it then, everyone! Follow after me!」

Raphael called out for one last time and drew the scarlet blade of his Dragon Fang.

Responding to Raphael’s spirit, the Artifact released a dragon’s roar. As it did, Raphael’s body was wrapped in crimson armor that matched the blade, and with its wings, he soared to the heavens.

The red glow that trailed behind him seemed to urge the Knights to follow his back, inspiring them to face the battlefield ahead.


War cries were raised from all over the battlefield.


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