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Chapter 307 – 15 year old Inglis, Squire and Knight Commander (17)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 1978 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 844 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

After about an hour—

Inglis and Rafinha were in a room in the royal castle. The continuous sound of rustling clothes had settled, and Inglis finally finished getting dressed. She also had her hair combed, after it was disheveled a bit from the battle she had not long ago…

「Yes, I like it! You really look great in everything, Glis~♪ Try spinning for me~♪ With a smile, please~?」
「Of course, I will.」

As per Rafinha’s instruction, Inglis spun around a couple of times, her gesture wide and exaggerated. The coat of arms, the symbol of Commander of Charalia Kingdom’s Imperial Guard Order, was embroidered largely on the softly floating mantle, obvious and easy to see for all.

「I love this outfit~! I’ve always thought it was kinda cute!」
「Yeah I do too.」

Inglis was of the same opinion, and she didn’t deny the fact that it piqued her interest too.

「And I think it’s appropriate for what we’re about to do! I know we shouldn’t focus on the superficial, but I do think that clothes make the person!」

Rafinha huffed from excitement.

「You’re right, I like how cute this is. Not to mention, I am matching with Miss Eris and Miss Ripple too!」

The costume prepared for the knight commander was based on the costume worn by Eris and Ripple, with the addition of a special coat of arms on the mantle. It befits the occasion well, in regard to the culture and traditions of Charalia.

Inglis was pretty pleased with it too since she had always thought the costumes worn by those two were indeed cute.

「Well, your costume also has the meaning that you should take a page of their book and stop doing stupid things, though?」
「I won’t, though? I have my own book to follow, my method is not theirs —I’m not going to sacrifice anyone, and I’m going to enjoy my fight— right?」
「……you are going to win, right? We’ll make it in time, right?」

Suddenly turning serious, Rafinha squeezed Inglis’ hand. The battle with Rochefort was only a prelude. It was great that Inglis was able to try out the dragonscale sword and a new battle technique using it, but… the real battle was yet to come.

The Prisma hadn’t appeared in the city of Arlman, the frontline base, just yet, but she still must finish the inauguration ceremony quickly and head there in a hurry. Thinking about the urgency must have made Rafinha a bit uneasy.

「Leave it to me. I am your Squire, Rani, so I won’t do anything that will upset you」
「Mhm. I believe you, okay—?」
「Yup. Just believe in me! Let’s go, then. We don’t want to make His Majesty and Mister Redas wait.」

Everyone was waiting for Inglis and Rafinha to change their costumes before the inauguration ceremony. Inglis pulled Rafinha’s hand, and the both of them headed for the exit of the preparation room.

—she could feel her chest tighten a bit.

「Phew……Is it a bit tight?」

Of course, it was due to the fact that the chest of her costume was a bit of a tight fit. The fabric was stretched taut.

「Maybe they measured Miss Eris’ or Miss Ripple’s too……it’s a bit awkward…」

Saying so, she fidgeted about with her chest to loosen it up. At least, it was getting a bit more at ease. But then, Inglis could feel the painfully sulky gaze of Rafinha.

「……Are you bragging or what? My chest is oh so roomy, thank you.」
「Eh……? Ahahaha, you look great too, Rani. No need to worry about that, okay? Yeah, you’re cute, really cute!」

Whenever Rafinha made that kind of eye contact on a topic like this, Inglis was usually doomed to have her breasts fondled by her before Rene then over-aggressively burrows herself in her cleavage, so she hurried to close the can of worms back.

Rafinha had also changed into an outfit that matched Inglis, a knight commander outfit. The bust of the costume, which was probably of the same dimensions as Eris’ or Ripple’s, was too tight for Inglis yet too loose for Rafinha.

Just as Inglis and Rafiha left the preparation room, Redas and the other Knights approached them.

「「Ooh……! How pretty!」」
「「You two look good in them…!」」

Hearing this, Inglis found a way to cheer Rafinha back up.

「S-, see? Everyone says you look good, I told you.」

Rafinha let out a heavy sigh. Her face changed from distrust to nervousness.

「I-, is it really okay? I mean, why am I dressed like this too……」

Inglis and Rafinha were dressed in the same costumes as Eris and Ripple. The two carried the emblem of a knight commander together.

Inglis would be the Honorary-c̲u̲m̲-Temporary-Emergency-Acting-Second-in-Command-Acting Commander of the Imperial Guard Order.
Rafinha would be the Honorary-c̲u̲m̲-Temporary-Emergency-Acting-First-in-Command-Acting Commander of the Imperial Guard Order.

That was how it happened. That was what Inglis asked in response to King Charleas’ question to Rafinha, whom Inglis silenced.


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