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Chapter 288 – 15 year old Inglis and the Eastern Front (19)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2644 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1103 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad


When Raphael came to, he saw a round window in his hazy vision. Beyond the window was the clear, unobstructed sky.

「Sky……? Am I on the ship?! R-, right, the Prisma?!」

This must be inside Special Envoy Theodore’s exclusive ship, which the Holy Knight Order had used to be their mobile fortress for the operation. Raphael remembered the countless light bullets the Prisma unleashed against Rochefort, one of which headed for him.

「Ah, Raphael! Thank goodness, you’re finally up!」
「Are you feeling well? Are you hurt anywhere??」

Eris and Ripple were in the room, seemingly watching over him.

「I am okay. All thanks to the two of you covering for me… my deepest apologies.」

If anyone, it was the two Hyrule Menaces who were in a worse state. Ripple was riddled with bandages on her neck and arms, while Eris had an eye patch over one eye.1 

At the time, both Eris and Ripple threw themselves over Raphael, protecting him from Prisma’s attack. Hence their injured state, in contrast to Raphael being safe and sound.

「It’s fine. Us Hyrule Menaces are sturdy, y’know? It’ll heal in no time at all!!」
「Indeed, there’s no need to beat yourself over it. While these look intimidating, we’re only covering up the wounds so that we don’t discourage others. They don’t interfere with our movements whatsoever.」
「……Thank you very much. If I may ask, how long have I been out?」
「I’d say, seven days?」
「I suppose.」
「Seven……?! A Prisma is on the move, and yet I have been neglecting my duty for that long! What’s the situation since then?!」
「The Prisma is heading toward the Royal Capital. It doesn’t seem to be moving quickly, so we’re keeping an eye on it from a fixed distance.」
「So far, the Prisma hasn’t run into any large towns, so there shouldn’t be that much damage…」
「I… see. However, you told me before that a Prisma is basically a Prism Flow given body, won’t the Prisma endlessly create Magic Stone Beasts that may overflow into the surrounding area, attacking villages and towns in hordes?」
「Yes, that is a real threat. That’s why the Holy Knight Order is breaking up into smaller platoons to take down the Magic Stone Beasts that are reaching settlements, under the direction of His Highness Wayne and Special Envoy Theodore.」
「I see……but, do we even have enough numbers?」
「That front’s good too. For now, that is… You can say that we have a reinforcement of sorts?」
「What reinforcement, Lady Ripple?」
「The Ironblood Chain Brigade. Apparently, they are helping us cull the Magic Stone Beasts Prisma produced.」
「The Brigade?! Is that….…okay?」
「Better use what we can, especially now! That’s what the Prince and the Special Envoy decided. I am feeling complicated, but I am of the same opinion. Our casualty wasn’t low with what the Venefiques did to us, and the Holy Knight Order is short on hands…」
「……I see. In that case, relying on them seems like a good idea… Glis and Rani told me that the Ironblood Chain Brigade also has a Hyrule Menace of their own. Also, Leon is with them too……」
「Yes, he is…」
「That’s why it’s fine. Our fight is only starting!」

Ripple, who was always cheerful and encouraging no matter the time, invited a smile from Raphael.

「Yes, Lady Ripple! Speaking of which, what happened to him……Rochefort?」
「Dunno! We were blown away by that attack and hadn’t seen them since. I don’t even know where the Venefian forces are!」
「With how careless he was using the weaponized form of their Hyrule Menace, that man’s fate is sealed! I think their forces returned to their home base after they lost their general.」
「I see… Just, why would he do something so suicidal……」
「I can’t understand it either. He didn’t even seem to be in the right frame of mind…」
「…The guy was something else. Who knows, maybe it was one of his blind rampages that provoked the Prisma!」
「…Why did the Hyrule Menace bless him with her power in the first place? Weaponization cannot take place unless it is done with a united heart…」
「Do you think the Hyrule Menace shared the same will as that man?」
「She didn’t seem the part, though?」
「She was already weaponized by the time I came to you, so I don’t know any better…」
「Same with me. How is she like, I wonder?」
「Her name is Lady Arles, and she’s a beastfolk like you, Lady Ripple… However, unlike you, she is somewhat somber and reserved……」
「Hang on, is that a jab on me? Are you saying I’m thoughtless and carefree?」
「N-, no! That’s not what I mean! I always thought that every beastfolk is bright and joyful like you, so……」
「Everyone’s different, you know? Ah, I see… so that’s why! It was telepathy!」
「……? What do you mean?」
「You know, when we went to check on the Prisma, didn’t I say there was a voice only I could hear? That was a telepathic message this Arles girl sent me. Since we’re both beastfolks, we could send messages to each other!」
「A special ability amongst the beastfolks?」

There was an incident where a trap was set upon Ripple’s special ability that made her endlessly summon beastfolk Magic Stone Beasts, but… Essentially, that ability was an ability to communicate between beastfolks.

「Yep! It didn’t cross my mind, since I thought I was the only beastfolk left. To think there’s another beastfolk Hyrule Menace!」
「So, you heard Lady Arles’ voice? What did she say?」
「She told us to run away… it sounded as if she was really concerned about us.」
「So, Lady Arles was against that guy’s— Rochefort’s actions?」
「Yeah, I think she was…」
「I can’t understand…」

Raphael hung his head, shaking it slightly.

「What’s wrong?」
「Then why!? Why was Rochefort able to weaponize Lady Arles? The strongest power should only take form when two hearts unite as one! I just can’t understand how someone who’s so concerned about Lady Ripple, can have the same will as Rochefort?」
「Two hearts united as one, that doesn’t apply only when they have the same will, you know…」
「Right… However, that is a much sadder thing, right? I’m sure this Arles girl is still young… And I mean not on the outside, but on the inside.」

Speaking so, Ripple patted her chest. She implied what lay deep inside there, the heart.



  1. Lio: I understand Ripple getting her neck and arms injured, but how did Eris only get a single eye damaged?
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