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Chapter 246 – 15-year-old Inglis, the Dragon God and the Elder King (19)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2235 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 962 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

『What arrogance! But, very well! I can sate my hunger and clear my humiliation at once, as I wished!』

Vufailbane roared in high spirit, raising his front leg to strike down Inglis. He was agile and sharp with his movements despite his huge size. In the blink of an eye, his vicious clawed foreleg was already right in front of her.

The shock shot through the ground, producing a sound not much different than an explosion. And yet, despite the enormous mass and energy, not a speck of dust, sand or soil was scattered out. This was because… Inglis stood firm, folded her arms, and took the blow from Vufailbane head-on. Thanks to her, the ground beneath her feet was spared from being blown away. Although, the mere pressure of it had cracked the ground and caved her feet in it.

『……What’s the matter? Have you grown slower now that you are younger? Don’t tell me you will make excuses of becoming a weak woman?』
「As if. I am not the same old king you once knew, I simply wanted to take the attack head on.」

For a king who bore the fate of his country and people, it was always right to fight his battles with as little damage as possible. Evading this greeting of an attack from Vufailbane would have been the obvious choice then. However, Inglis Eux fought her battles by meeting her opponent’s power head on and winning it. That is the most efficient path to strength, and that is also why she did what she did.

Even as they chatted, the foreleg of the Dragon God continued to apply an ungodly amount of pressure in an attempt to crush Inglis. This situation was just so pleasant that Inglis couldn’t wipe the smile on her face.

『Hmph. Why don’t we see if you aren’t simply enduring it with a smile!』
「By all means, do your worst!」
『I’ll make you regret it!』

Vufailbane let out a single roar, and countless Phantom Dragons were produced from his body. They all rushed towards Inglis at once.


The sharpness of their fangs wouldn’t spare anyone from harm were they to get bitten. For the Dragon God, however, this was nothing more than an underhanded trick. And Inglis wouldn’t let such a thing tear her costume apart. For the Dragon God, it might simply be a death garment, a token of sacrifice. Nevertheless, it was a treasured costume Rafinha made for her. Not to mention, it was cute, and she liked the way it looked.


Ether Armor!

The wave of Ether that enveloped Inglis’ body repelled the fangs of the Phantom Dragons, leaving her completely unharmed. The costume was also safe, of course.

『Nuuu……! Accursed power of the Gods!』
「That’s not all!」

Up until now, she had been taking on the strength of the Dragon God without activating Ether Armor. But, now that she has it active…


The contest of strength that was nearly equal quickly tilted to favor Inglis. She pushed head-on and forcefully repelled the foreleg.

When her front view that had been blocked by the giant hand opened up and the entire figure of the Dragon God came into view, it was already converging a cold, shimmering radiance around its mouth like a whirlpool.


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As expected, he won’t show any openings!

This was a Dragon Breath, condensed from the freezing power of the Dragon God Vufailbane. If exposed, a human’s body would be frozen instantly, so fast and so cold your body would shatter into pieces from any impact. Inglis had seen so many of his knights die precisely like so in the battle against the Dragon God in her previous life. It was probably one of the most powerful attacks of Vufailbane.

An extremely cold beam erupted with a furious roar.

「Head-on contest!」

Ether Strike!

Inglis responded by launching a bullet of Ether directly into the glowing breath.

The Dragon Breath and the Ether Strike collided head-on. The struggle between the two powers was even for a while, but then…the Ether Strike began to push in, gradually advancing towards the Dragon God.

「And there!」

The necessary, and momentary interval after launching Ether Strike had passed.

Pursuit it with Ether Armor, then connect it with Ether Breaker!

Inglis activated Ether Armor. She kicked the ground and was about to jump into the slowly advancing Ether Strike, and at that moment…


The Dragon God twisted itself with surprising agility and swung its long, thick tail around.

It hit the Ether Strike, bouncing it away, leaving Inglis unable to execute Ether Breaker as she had aimed.

「You’re good! But!」

Inglis immediately switched the angle of her rush, going around the Ether Strike.

「I’ve shot it for you, please at least take it!」

The kick that she swung out reflected the Ether Strike back to the Dragon God again.

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Vufailbane’s reaction and movements were not at all slowed down by his enormous body. He reacted swiftly to the Ether Strike that was delivered to him.

The tail swung again, bouncing the bullet of Ether off in a different direction.

「Not yet!」

With the Ether Strike shot up above Vufailbane’s head this time, Inglis hit it with her fist and knocked it down.

『You’re obstinate!』

The giant tail of the Dragon God was once again flexed flexibly like a whip and whizzed. This blow could repel even that light of the Gods, this time though, it missed its target, producing only a whistle of a strong gust.


This was because Ether Strike had changed trajectory midway, hence why the tail’s whip was off course.


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