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Chapter 245 – 15-year-old Inglis, the Dragon God and the Elder King (18)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2283 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1012 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad


Inglis jumped off Vufailbane’s back and landed in front of the dragon. She then gave it a graceful smile and bowed.

「Good day to you! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I am glad to see you haven’t changed.」

Seeing Inglis smiling like a dainty, pretty flower caused the Dragon God to become lost in confusion. There was no clear expression shown on the huge face of the dragon, but it tilted its head as though it was trying to examine her cautiously.

『What’s the meaning of this! The wavelength of this Ether should have belonged to that Old King?!』

The voice in her head also showed a hint of confusion.

「Indeed. I am who I am! Your senses haven’t failed you. There is no need to worry!」
『Then what is with that appearance? You even wear the costume of my sacrifice, have you taken the control of that girl’s body through sorcery or some kind of divine work?』
「I don’t do such a thing. After I had lived my natural lifespan, with the power of the Goddess, I was reborn. With the memory of my past and the power of the Divine Knight still in my body. The fight between you and I occured on such a distant past, I have no idea how long ago it was. Which means, the seal held itself pretty good. This is the first time you’ve opened your eyes ever since then, no?」
『Hmph! As if I could believe such a story……』
「As proof, there is no trace of the Clavoid volcano where I sealed you in, and this land has turned cold with the power that permeated from you. The world has changed so much, you know? Can’t you feel it? The world has lost the presence of the Gods!」
『…Indeed, the atmosphere around the world seems to have changed since then. Either those gods have forsaken this world, or they have fought against each other and brought their own ruins. In any case, this should mean that you humans have lost your guardians……』
「Perhaps, that is true.」

It was the truth that she could not feel any sign of the gods in this world today. Inglis had to nod in agreement with Vufailbane’s point.

『But, what of it?』
「By that, you mean?」
『A long time has passed, the order of the world has changed, thus, you ask me to let bygones be bygones? You’re telling me such in the garb of sacrifices of mine, as though saying you wish not to fight me!』
「Sacrifices, is it……I believe they called themselves the Shrine Maiden of the Dragon Gods.」
『That’s their own interpretation. They are but sacrifices to me! What you wear is a death garb, a sign that you are ready to sacrifice yourself. Some I did eat, some I didn’t, while some others were so obsessed with their lives they showed their ugliness before me! The look of fear and despair on their faces were the most delicious!』
「I see……So those you left uneaten for fun thought they were the chosen Shrine Maiden of the Dragon God…」
『They were not necessarily wrong, they were just comical.』
「I see…That’s not something we can tell to those girls.」

In a way, perhaps it was a good thing that the existence of the Shrine Maiden of the Dragon God disappeared into the obscurity of history before they realized it.

「Personally, I like this outfit in itself, since it is very adoring!」
『Ku ku! I agree with you on that……』
「Oya? Seems like we share the same taste?」
『And your girl body seems to be much fresher than your withered old man’s body, and it looks much softer and delicious』
「……Surely, I would taste better now than I did then. So, are you planning to eat me?」
『As I have said earlier, I will destroy you with my own hands and mend my shame in your blood. The sight of such a delicious looking fruit makes one’s appetite grow even more! I have just woken up and I am now hungry. You may wish to avoid a fight with me, but too bad for you! I shall not let you escape!』

Vufailbane roared loudly again. The vibrations of the air hit Inglis’ cheeks and shook her long silver hair. And the expression on her face was a happy, big smile.

「Fufufu…Thank you very much. A long, long time has passed, and yet you’ve remained the same……I must thank you for that.」
「As for me, I am no longer the same as then. I have been reborn and now I am in the middle of enjoying my second life! Avoiding a fight? Ridiculous. Whatever happens, I shall never escape! You want to eat me? Feel free. After all, it’s mutual.」

She had her fill of Vufailbane’s delicious meat. It would be strange to forbid the dragon to eat her, now that she had eaten so much of him.

In the end, Dragons and Humans cannot live together. Humans are delicious to dragons, and dragons are delicious to humans. And Inglis had experienced it, not just hearing stories of it. She could not turn back.

If they see each other as tasty, then perhaps preying on each other is their only way to interact. An enemy that is strong and delicious, what else can Inglis ask for? Magic Stone Beasts are tough opponents, but they are fundamentally inedible.

『Mutual? What do you mean?』
「Fufu. Nothing. I’m just talking to myself.」

The haughty Vufailbane would be furious if it knew how many times they had cut its tail off while it slept and enjoyed its meat. It would be better for Inglis to keep it to herself.

「That is beside the point. Are you not hungry? Go ahead and eat me. If you can eat me, that is.」

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Inglis put herself to stand ready and beckoned the Dragon God with a smile.


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