Chapter 240 – 15-year-old Inglis, the Dragon God and the Elder King (13)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2088 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 861 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

「Ah, come on, Rani! Snatching food is no fair!」
「So what! I couldn’t resist! And my slice is already perfectly cooked too! But really, it’s really, really good! You’re right, Glis! This is the first time I’ve eaten something like this!」
「Is it that good?」
「Well, that sounds intriguing…」
「I swear! It’s unbelievably good! It’s so soft even though it was only roasted, and it has a deep flavor even though it’s just sprinkled with salt! Come on, try it!」

Rafinha happily shared the dragon meat to Leone and Liselotte. They put it in their mouths, then their eyes opened wide as though their minds were just blown open.


「Y-, you’re right! I’ve never had anything this delicious!」
「It’s unlike any meat we usually eat !」
「Right? RIGHT?! I can eat meat as delicious as this endlessly! Okay, I’ll cut more and eat more!」

Rafinha went to reach the big slab of meat Inglis was roasting again, but…

「You can’t!」

Inglis moved her hand and the meat slab escaped Rafinha’s grasp.

「Ack……the meat ran away!」
「You’re no fair, Rani! I have my hands full, and yet you eat it first on your own! I want to eat it too, but I was holding myself back, you know!」

Unusually, Inglis became sulky at Rafinha, her lips pursed in complaint.

「Ahaha. Sorry, sorry. You don’t have to sulk so much about it. Though you’re kind of cute when you’re sulking, Glis~」
「I’m serious, for the love of god……Since you did it first, I won’t hold back too!」

Inglis moved her hand and bit straight into the huge chunk of meat.

「NNngghh?! Uwah, how is this so good?!」

The mouthful left a strong impression. And yet, it was so tender and full of flavor, with none of the chewy characteristic of meat. To be honest, it far exceeded what she had imagined from what she had heard.

It was wonderful. Truly supreme. The finest meat to end all meat. It was so delicious that just one bite of it made her cheeks so loosened up she couldn’t stop smiling.

「Fufufu. This is a whole new level! It’s so tasty it’s terrifying!」

Glomp! Glomp! Glomp glomp!

Huge pieces of meat were shaved away like a piece of wood eaten by termites.

Dragon meat is much, much tastier than I’d heard about! I can’t stop now, I can’t be stopped.

Inglis’ appetite had been completely ignited.

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「I want to eat more too! Leave some for me!」

Rafinha began to take the other side of the meat for herself. In no time at all, two worm-eaten faces spread out.

「A, Wany. Dhaun doch ze mhitt dahrecly wihh yoh hanh. Yoh wheew geh yohl hanh dahyi. (Ah, Rani. Don’t touch the meat directly with your hand. You will get your hands dirty.)」
「Yoh gahn whamm mih. Ahm on mah yast yeg dhoo! (You can’t blame me. I’m on my last leg too!)」

Seeing their conduct, a sigh escaped Leone’s lips.

「And there they go again…」
「I still don’t understand what they’re saying, but they’re still capable of communicating as ever.」

Liselotte also felt the same.

「Yoyhy hyapyess. Hoi, yoh cawn sdah fwoom hoi (You’re helpless. Here, you can start from here.)」
「Dhanks♪ Uu……?! (Thanks♪ Uu……?!)」
「Whads wwong? (What’s wrong?)」
「Unm…… Ay dhing dish pawd ih dhill waw (Un……I think this part is still raw).」
「Hwow ong! (Hold on!)」


Inglis conjured a sorcerous fire from her fingertips and concentrated on the part that Rafinha had been eating. It seemed like she hit a spot where there was a bit of raw meat, and that bothered her.

「Mn……is this good?」
「Thanks, Glis! All right, we’re going to eat a whole lot today! And tomorrow, we will cut a lot of meat again and deliver it to the towns that’s running out of food!」
「We will. We need to cut the dragon’s tail once it grows back, don’t we——idh wiww bui phushy, yoh naww (It will be busy, you know?)」
「Dhads hwad Ay hwanded! Rowrk a wod, idh a wodh mhoor! (That’s what I wanted! Work a lot, eat a lot more!」
「Yoh waight, Wany (You’re right, Rani.)」

Chomp chomp chomp chomp chomp!!

The huge meat was shaved away furiously again.

「It seems like… they will have all of it for themselves……that much amount.」
「W-, well, that poses no problem. It is just a small portion of what we have. Why don’t we carve out a few more pieces and grill it for ourselves? The others need to eat, too.」
「You’re right. Let’s do just that.」

Afterwards, Leone and Liselotte carved out more of the Dragon God meat and served it to everyone, and it was, obviously, wonderfully delicious and well accepted. A first-rate food fills not only the stomach, it brightens the mood of those who eat it and gives them energy to live for tomorrow.

The people who savored the meat of the Dragon God would be able to tackle their activities tomorrow with high morale.


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