Chapter 239 – 15-year-old Inglis, the Dragon God and the Elder King (12)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2249 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1017 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Liomad

Thwang! Thwaang! Thwaaaanngg!

A hard, metallic sound rang out in the encampment in the forest where they had docked their Flygear Carrier. The ones who made the noise were Leone and Liselotte. Leone stopped swinging her black greatsword Artifact in her hand and let out a deep sigh.

「……No can do. It doesn’t give in at all!」

She tried to dismantle the giant tail of the Dragon God that she had cut off into smaller pieces, but the overly tough dragon scales prevented her from ever cutting through it from the outside, her blade couldn’t penetrate it at all.

It possessed terrifying resiliency that far surpassed steel. She walked closer to look more closely at the place she swung her sword to, but not even a single scratch remained.

「With such a high endurance, this would be immensely useful if it could be processed into weapons or armor——though, conversely speaking, it’s too resilient to be processed at all……」

If they brought it back to the Knight Academy and had Principal Miliera or Special Envoy Theodore take a look at it, they might be able to put it to good use. But, what Leone was thinking about was how they could use it to help the survivors of Lekrea as well as the people in the surrounding areas who were experiencing famine.

「It seems like there is no other way to cut the meat than to carve it out from the open wound, after all!」

Liselotte also stopped her hand and walked a bit to stand in front of the open wound of the giant tail.

「You’re right…there is no other way.」

Leone lined up beside Liselotte. The open wound, which should have been cut perfectly clean, already had one large missing chunk.

Whose handiwork was that, they didn’t need to say it. The sizzling sound of meat cooking and the joyful chatter reached all the way to Leone’s ears.

「Uwaaaahhh!! Smells sooooo good! Look at all that meat juice! I don’t think I’ve seen one that leaks so much juice!」
「You’re right. Maybe it’s different because it’s dragon meat. I’ve already heard of its deliciousness, but I’ve never actually eaten it before!」

Inglis and Rafinha were in the middle of roasting a lump of meat that was taller than even an adult man. Inglis used a spear they had brought on the Flygear Carrier to prop the meat up on one hand while roasting it using a fire she produced on one the other hand.

This was part of training too… though to count as one, it felt a bit too underwhelming for Inglis, but it wasn’t bad. By doing it this way, she could also turn the meat front to back finely and let the fire pass through every corner of the meat.

A girl as mystifyingly beautiful as Inglis roasting a lump of meat larger than her height with one hand would be an odd sight to the unfamiliar eye. However, all the people here had just witnessed Inglis joyfully carrying back the entire massive tail of the Dragon God, so no one could question Inglis for her actions.

As the cousins gazed at the meat as it gradually cooked, their eyes shone with a dreamy, enraptured look of happiness.

「Aah, this is dreamy! Come to think of it, I decided I would eat my fill of local Alucardian delicacies, but I never got around to it, so this is a first! It’s not exactly an Alucard delicacies, but it’s even rarer than any delicacies!」
「Yes. Dragon meat is almost a legendary food ingredient, and it would make a great souvenir that we promised our Mothers. I’m sure they will be love it.」
「Oh. I like the sound of it! Ah, but won’t it spoil and become inedible on our way carrying it back to Ymir?」
「We can just cure it and prepare it for a long shelf life.」
「Ooh. That we can! Let’s make a lot of cured dragon meat later then!」
「Yeah. Let’s.」
「Before that though, we’re going to savor some freshly cooked dragon meat first! Fufufu……I feel bad for mother and aunt, but this is our privilege for being here! Hey, hey, don’t you think it’s ready?」
「I think we need to cook it a bit longer. It’s such a huge lump after all, the fire will take time to seep through…」
「Eeeeh?? Still not ready? It smells so good already, you know? Just who was it who said we should roast such a huge chunk of meat!」
「……It was you, Rani. You said the bigger the chunk the more impressive and the tastier it will be!」
「But we wouldn’t know until we tried! This is a girl’s dream and yearning, you know?」
「Well, I can’t deny that!」
「No, don’t lump all of us girls into your category……」
「Well, it does look impressive, indeed…」

Leone and Liselotte walked back and voiced their opinions, dumbfounded.

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「Leone, Liselotte, how did it go?」
「No good. The dragon scales are too tough, my blade can’t penetrate it!」
「I wish we could use it for something good here. The food that we will distribute to the people will have to be carved out from the cross section, however…」
「I guess I will have to try it later. There are some things I need to prepare beforehand, too.」
「Eh? Prepare for what?」
「Hm, well……for safety? No, to make the fight much more enjoyable and last much longer?」
「Which one!!」
「The difference between the two is a bit too big……」
「Well, don’t worry. I won’t do anything bad to it.」

While Inglis was conversing with Leone and Liselotte…

「KYAAaaaAAAaaahh! Whads dis sooooo tasdhyyyyyyyyyy?! Any other meat can’t compare to this!」

Rafinha yelped. Her mouth was chewing something, her face looked elated. She was holding a small knife in her hand with a piece of deliciously roasted dragon meat sticking onto it. She seemed to have taken the opportunity to cut out quite a big chunk.


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