Chapter 181 – 15-year-old Inglis and the Two Leading Actresses (34)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2449 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1119 words
Editor(s): Hydra

Oh no oh no oh no oh no……
This is bad, bad bad bad bad bad bad—— *
*I messed up, I messed up, I messed up, I messed up, I messed up——!

The stage’s backdrop was replaced, the snoring Yua was taken away, and the preparations for the kissing scene were steadily being made. Ian, who played Prince Malik, also climbed up from the backstage, looking nervous.

「Th-, this is the last scene, huh. Le-, let’s do our best……」
「Y-, yes……」

It would have been rude to ignore him and say nothing, so Inglis just gave an empty answer.
But then, she felt a chill running down her spine. She could feel cold sweat pouring out.

For anyone else, she might look like she was just gasping for air after the heated stand-off with Yua. Or perhaps, she might look like an innocent young maiden trying to calm her nerves and embarrassment for having her first kiss in front of an audience.

No, I can’t let this happen!

She was simply hating it. It was biologically impossible for Inglis to do it. Putting Rafinha aside, if her partner was either Leone, Liselotte, or perhaps Yua, she might or might not be able to do it, but——no matter how much of a pretty boy Ian was, it was impossible. Her body was shivering, it was physiologically rejecting the thought.

It was scary. And horribly terrifying——! It was much, much more terrifying than any powerful Magic Stone Beasts, the cruelties the Highlanders showcased, the wrath of her mother Selena, or even the ravenous days with hungry stomachs and nothing to eat……!

No no no no no no……!

Whilst Inglis was deep in anguish in her heart, the curtain opened. The audience was visible to her. Reflexively, she looked for Rafinha, seeking for any form of help. There she was, sitting side by side with Leone and Liselotte in the VIP seats prepared for the members of the Knight Academy. All three of them had their eyes glittering, full of expectation and excitement.

This was bad. The three were so exhilarated their breathing was rugged. They were already so worked up to see Inglis kissing. The three had their own unique characters, but they were still inexperienced young maidens in that front. Inglis understood why they were so interested, but now she couldn’t rely on them.

Their eyes were speaking to her.
Do it! Show us! Then tell us how it feels——!

「Aah, Mariabelle. So you have come to save me……!」

Ian’s clear, serene voice echoed throughout the theatre. The performance leading up to the kissing scene had finally begun.

Now that this had happened, Inglis could only put her hope on Ian. As long as Ian did what he should, then……!

「Yes, my Prince. For you, there is no feat I won’t do, there is no place I won’t go to.」

Inglis gazed at Ian’s eyes as she uttered her line. It was an act to express Mariabelle’s overflowing feelings towards her beloved——not.

Inglis was urging him. Hurry up. I’m begging you, please destroy this play already——so her eyes spoke. Ian should have the potential to do it……!

Inglis had thought that there was nothing to fear. She just didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to have a serious stand-off with Yua.

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However, now that the duel was over, she was thrown into this situation. She didn’t want this fear! Come on, quickly, make an uproar, an incident that will shatter this play away! She would more than welcome it if someone suddenly appeared with a blade pointed at her neck and yelled:「FUHAHAHAHA!! We have taken over this whole theatre!」

If not——Inglis would have to beat Ian into a pulp. But then, how would she wiggle her way out of trouble after that? If Ian turned out to be innocent of any crime, she would feel bad for Ian, obviously.

Whilst Inglis was faltering, Ian continued on with his line.

「Thank you. I want you to stay by my side from now and on.」

Ian’s hand touched Inglis’ hair and cheek. Reflexively, her body rejected him and jolted.

「Ah-, no——-B-, by all means……」

In heart, she was screaming. Instinctively, she was straining her strength and made a fist.

「Aah, Mariabelle……」

Ian’s face gradually came closer.

Don’t tell me, is the play going to continue until the end without anything happening……?!

That would’ve been the bigger disaster for me!

This is bad, bad bad bad bad——!

As the feeling of impending doom washed over her, she felt shivers run down her spine.

Nevertheless, Ian’s face was already so close, their lips were almost touching——

No! I can’t hold it anymore……!


Inglis somehow managed to restrain herself from punching him down by clenching her fist. However, she still avoided it by throwing her face away towards the audience. At the same time, Ian whispered something to her.

「I’m sorry. This is as far as the play goes.」

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Rafinha, Leone, and Liselotte who were staring at her with their eyes sparkling were nowhere to be seen. No, not only them, the rest of the audience too. In fact, the audience seats themselves were gone.

「Ooh……! This is——」

In an instant, the space around her had changed into an empty subspace. There were no walls nor edges. The only thing that were present here were the glittering yellow-green light particles that floated around. This was very similar to the subspace where the Highlander Faris had trapped Inglis and her friends before. As she recalled, these particles should have the effect of preventing the activation of Artifacts. The same was true for the mana under Inglis’ control.

「No matter how strong you and Miss Yua are, you won’t be able to manifest your power here——Please stay here and stay put for a while. You too, Lahti, Pullum……」

When Inglis turned around, there were Lahti and Pullum there. There was also Yua, snoring away nearby. It seemed that they were dragged into the subspace when Inglis and Yua were transferred.

「Ian……! I-, is this your doing——?!」
「Wh-, why would you do this, Ian……? This is just like a function of an Artifact——」
「Yes. Let us talk while we wait my friends to finish their mission——after that, why don’t we return to Alucard together? After all, we can no longer stay in this country……」
「Wh-, what do you mean——what are you trying to do……!」
「Tell us, Ian!」
「……We will enact our revenge and assassinate His Majesty King Charleas——So please, stay put.」
「Th-, that’s ridiculous——!」
「Haaaah~~ thank goodness……」

Lahti’s and Pullum’s exclaims synchronized perfectly.


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