Chapter 180 – 15-year-old Inglis and the Two Leading Actresses (33)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2438 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1117 words
Editor(s): Hydra

「I will never give up the kissing scene. Never!」

Yua held one hand up to catch Inglis’ follow-up kick. With her awkward posture, it wouldn’t be surprising if Inglis’ kick would make her whole body bounce away, but…


She withstood it without even a flinch.

「Kissing scene kissing scene kissing scene——」

She countered with her fist instead.

With a force that was clearly on a whole different level than before, Inglis’ defense was chipped away.

Unable to even break her fall, Inglis’ body crashed into the wall behind her.

「Kgghh?! Y-, you’re amazing, senior Yua!」

That strength could have even surpassed the Hyrule Menaces’. Wonderful! To think she still hid more strength in her!

「Big pow!」

This time, her ray of light left a rainbow-colored light trail.

「Ether Pierce!」

The light projectiles collided! Ether Pierce was overpowered and swallowed into the prismatic ray.


Inglis stepped aside to evade the incoming trajectory. The prismatic ray that Yua shot bore a huge hole in the wall.

Not my problem. I’ll let Count Weissmall deal with it.

By the time she looked back to Yua, she had already vanished. In this situation, Inglis shouldn’t be able to track Yua’s movements. She shouldn’t, but she did.

「……! I can tell!」

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Yua’s power had explosively increased since a while ago. And, just as much as it increased, it had become easier to detect such a huge amount of mana moving around. It was probably a power that Yua was unfamiliar with, thus she was unable to control it to the extent of hiding it into the flow of ambient mana. As of now, it was just her figure that disappeared. The flow of mana made her even more obvious than when she was visible.

「I see you!」

Inglis dove in and delivered a kick with all her might.

The kick was right on the mark, it arrived just as Yua came into view. However, again, Yua didn’t even twitch.

This clearly meant that Yua’s power had gone up a notch, reaching a whole different dimension. Which meant Inglis could enjoy a higher level of battle!


After activating the Ether Armor, Inglis’ body was enveloped in pale blue light.


The two fists collided heavily, sending a shockwave into the air, punching a hole into the ceilings.

Not my problem. I have no intention to stop this battle now! I am having my supreme bliss of a time with Yua in front of me!

Thinking so, Inglis took a look at Yua and noticed it.

「S-, senior, what is with those ears?!」
「Howeh? Ears?」
「Have you not realized? There are ears that are similar to Miss Ripple on your head!」

Before she knew it, those ears had already sprouted out of Yua’s head.

「Oh? You’re right, what are these?」
「And you have a tail too!」
「Ooh, fluffy. Sparkly.」

She had a set of ears and a tail much like a beastman, and those were glimmering in prismatic light. Beastman. Prismatic. Tremendous Strength.

That means, that means…… Right, the aura of Yua’s current strength, it’s similar to that one entity that appeared not so long ago. Ripple’s Father, the Prisma.

「D-, don’t tell me, is that the power of a Prisma?!」

Yua craned her neck, puzzled.

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「No, no……It’s the strongest Magic Stone Beast variety. Don’t you remember, you were swallowed by one back then!」

What did Yua think it was?

「Ooh. The sparkly monster.」
「Y-, yes, that one, and the same set of ears and a tail are now on you, senior……」

Just what does this mean? Wasn’t it Yua who was being absorbed into the body of the juvenile Prisma?

The only thing she could assume was that, at the time, everyone was worried that Yua might be absorbed and disappear, but perhaps the opposite was what happened. In short, Inglis guessed that Yua was the one who absorbed Prisma’s power instead during the incident.

Considering that Yua had the ability to assimilate her own mana into her surroundings to the extent of blending into the forces of nature, could she have been able to assimilate into Prisma, her environment at the time? And then, after having assimilated into it, she snatched away its power?

Perhaps that was the reason why Rene was oddly terrified of Yua? As Rene herself was a variation of Magic Stone Beast, she felt the power of Prisma, the strongest variety of Magic Stone Beast, within Yua, and was scared of it? If she deduced it that way, Rene’s reaction made sense.

Yua’s father, whom she horribly said she had forgotten his face, had taught her something so amazing when he told her to return to the world. He, along with Yua, were quite the mysterious characters. They piqued Inglis’ curiosity to no end.

Inglis might have deduced it wrong, but the fact was that Yua now possessed powers that seemed to belong to a Prisma. If it didn’t bring about weird problems to Yua’s body, then Inglis would appreciate having such a powerful senior.

「Whatever it is, it’s a wonderful power! Now, let us continue our duel!」

Not to mention, if during her last encounter with Prisma, the Prisma wasn’t at his full potential because he had been sucked dry by Yua, then fighting Yua now was a good thing. If the Prisma was supposed to be much, much stronger, then this fight should be much, much worthwhile.

This is getting interesting! I can have a fully serious fight with my all now!

「Sorry. Sleepy.」

Yua suddenly collapsed on the spot. She began to snore in her sleep. The ears and tail of Prisma also disappeared.

「Ah, hold on, Senior Yua, please, wake…」

Count Weissmall’s high-pitched voice echoed throughout the theatre.

「Thus, Mariabelle, after her victory over Euthyllis, went to chase after Prince Malik!」


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The audience cheered, applauds rose high.

The curtain came down, it was time to change the stage setting.

「Oh man, thank goodness it’s over before you two leveled the whole theater!」
「S-, still, I don’t think the building can hold for long.」

Then, swiftly, Lahti and Pullum appeared, carried up Yua, and took her offstage.

This meant Inglis had come out victorious!


I was so engrossed I missed the opportunity to hand the victory to Yua!

「Hush! Don’t shout, the audience can hear it!」
「Do your best with the kissing scene!」

Lahti and Pullum said to her.

This is bad, bad bad bad bad!
Those were the thoughts that plagued Inglis’ mind.


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