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Chapter 162 – 15-year-old Inglis and the Two Leading Actresses (15)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3387 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1559 words
Editor(s): Hydra

A few days later. At the Royal Grand Theatre…

The Knight Academy had decided to give full cooperation to the Weissmall Troupe, and the arrangements and delivery of Flygears and other equipment for the stage had begun. Every nook and cranny of the theatre was bustling, both men and things moving around in hurry.

Count Weissmall has finished revising the script to accommodate Inglis’ proposed changes of cast players, and he did it unbelievably fast. Today, the performers were going to do their costume coordination.

「OOOooohh! That’s Inglis for you! She really looks good in anything she wears~𝅘𝅥𝅮」

Rafinha’s eyes lit up when she saw Inglis in her stage costume. Inglis’ role this time was to play a popular dancer in town, Mariabelle. The name of the character was the same as when she was the main heroine of the play, but her social standing had changed from a noble lady to a dancer.

Using the occasion, Count Weissmall wanted to integrate a scene where Inglis danced in front of the audience. It was almost like a reenactment of the time two years ago when Weissmall Troupe came to Ymir, the hometown of Inglis and Rafinha, and apparently he wanted to see the dance once again.

「Thank you. It’s breezy on the stomach though……」

The dancer outfit that Inglis wore this time showed her navel a little. She was not used to this kind of outfit, so it was a bit uncomfortable and embarrassing to wear. The fluttering fabric and the shimmering decorations were cute and to her liking, though.

「It’s better that way. It’s not like it’ll kill you, and your navel is pretty too, you know? Here, look at the mirror…」
「Ooh……This is really nice, in its own way.」

She looked a bit more mature and glamorous than usual. Inglis was already an earth-shattering beauty to begin with, and when she was dressed in such an outfit, her charm was phenomenal, even if she said so herself. Inglis had looked at herself in the mirror after bath a few times before, but there was a certain allure that was accentuated because she was wearing this costume.

「Come on, spin around. Round and round~ Aand smile~!」
「Ufufuf 𝅘𝅥𝅮」


「Yup, yups. Glis really is the best dress-up doll since she looks good in everything~」
「A living one, okay?」
「Yeah, yeah. I’m going to punish you for being cocky and not denying anything else 𝅘𝅥𝅮」

Poke poke

Rafinha thrust her finger to Inglis’ exposed belly button.

「Hyau?! Geez, Rani……!」

I’ll poke you back, thought Inglis, but…

「Fufu. Get one back if you want. My dress doesn’t show my belly button, after all.」

Rafinha was also dressed in a dancer’s costume, not the academy’s uniform, but hers had less outstanding decor with a lot of fabrics.

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「Not fair!」
「So what? I’m completely just a complement to you this time, after all.」

The reason Rafinha was dressed in a dancer’s costume was because she would be following along Mariabelle when she danced. Count Weissmall explained that it would make the scene more gorgeous, and Mariabelle would be more pronounced.

「That’s not true. Rani is really cute too, you know? I’d rather sit in the audience seat and watch you.」

Her adorable granddaughter was dressed up and dancing on a stage. Normally, Inglis would have wanted to cheer on Rafinha and watch her performance, but she couldn’t since she had to be on the stage herself.

「What are you even saying, you’re the main actress, Glis. You’re going to dance in front of us.」
「Don’t go too far back. You can just dance next to me.」

That way, Inglis would be able to glance to the side to watch Rafinha dance.

「Sure, sure. Rather than that, we need to decide your hairstyle! Sit down, down I say.」
「Yeah. I’m in your care.」
「Hmm. There’s a lot of colors to choose from! I can’t decide which one to go.」

Rafinha’s eyes sparkled. Leave it to a genuine theatre troupe, they had plenty of ornaments in their arsenal to choose from. They also had given the permission to use whichever one the girls pleased. For Rafinha, whose hobby was to doll up Inglis, it was a literal treasure trove.

「What do we do? Do you want something like a huge ribbon so that the audience can see you better? Or how about something that’s tied to the side, so your movements will be highlighted?」
「I’ll leave it to you.」
「You got it 𝅘𝅥𝅮」

Thus, Rafinha began to diligently fiddle with Inglis’ hair. After a while…

「Okay, good, now it’s done~! Doesn’t it look good?」
「Yeah. It’s nice. How pretty.」
「Inglis, Rafinha, how’s your preparation?」
「It took a while, but we’re done with ours.」

Leone and Liselotte showed up. They were both dressed as dancers, playing the same role as Rafinha to dance behind Inglis.

「The two of you look good in your dress. You’re cute.」
「Thank you. Although, not as much as you, Inglis……right?」
「You really are picturesque, Miss Inglis. Even as a woman, I can’t help but adore you.」
「Fufu. Thank you.」
「Hey hey, you said it took a while, what happened?」
「It’s about Leone. These parts of her are a bit tight to fit…」

Spoke Liselotte, her finger hinted at her own chest. Leone’s breasts were even bigger than Inglis’, so things like this apparently happened quite often.

「……So, we had been fasting and loosening her dress, adjusting it to her.」

Even so, the fabric still looked tight and a bit cramped.

「Huu… It would have been easier if I could lose some.」
「……Ah, the woes of the havers.」

Rafinha stared at Leone’s chest with a grudge in her eyes.

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「Rene, I’m jealous, so you go and squirm on her!」

Spoke Rafinha, setting Rene who was chilling on her own head to have at Leone.

「……! H-, Hey, Rene!」

Leone braced herself. But, before Rene could get under Leone’s clothes, there was a hand that reached out quickly and seized the nimble Rene.

「I’ll do it in her stead. Hmm, big.」

Saying so, Yua in a Knight attire wearing a breastplate squeezed Leone’s breasts, she showed no expression whatsoever.

Before the script was changed, there were supposed to be two characters fighting over Mariabelle, who was played by Inglis. But, after the revision, Mariabelle and Euthyllis, a female Knight played by Yua, would be fighting over Malik, a Prince of a small kingdom.

Then, at the final version of the revision, the two leading actresses would perform a serious duel match on stage with the outcome undetermined, and the winner would deal with the kissing scene.

「Kyaah?! Senior Yua?!」

Leone was startled and jumped aside.

「You have some good goods there. Wish you could give me some…」
「H-, haah……」
「Right? I so understand you!」

Rafinha seemed to sympathize with Yua.

「We’re both of the have-nots, after all!」
「So it seems…」

The two with humble breasts shook each other’s hands tightly.

「I couldn’t help but feel inferior when I’m standing next to Booblis girl……」
「P-, please stop calling me that!」
「……Ingbie girl?」
「Not that either! Anyway, there’s nothing to feel inferior about.」
「That’s right, that’s right!! Glis, you and Leone don’t understand the feelings of the have-nots!」

Well, it was true that those parts of her had grown splendidly before she realized it, so she wouldn’t know the feelings of those whose parts didn’t grow. For that reason, both Inglis and Rafinha just stayed silent.

「Ah, senior. If so, why don’t you pad them up so you won’t feel being compared?」

Yua returned the question with a puzzled look. Seemed like she didn’t understand.

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「I mean, you stuff your chest to make them look bigger. That way, when we’re on stage, we’ll look about the same. Maybe.」

She looked like she was a bit interested in the idea.

「Will you try it?」
「Yeah. Like this?」

Saying that, Yua tried to put Rene, who was still trapped in her hand, into the chest compartment of her clothes, but then…

Pii—!! Pipii—!!

「Rene is……?!」

Perhaps this was the first time they ever heard Rene making a sound. It proved just how desperate she was flailing and fled from Yua’s hand.

「Mu. She got away.」

Yua didn’t seem to mind, but Rene was hugging Rafinha tight and was shaking uncontrollably. Was she that afraid of Yua? She was usually unfriendly with men and would approach girls by herself, so it was rare.

「What’s wrong, Rene? Glis, can you take a look at her?」
「Yeah, Rani. I will.」
「Now, senior Yua, please sit over there.」
「By the way, senior. Why did you come here?」

The costume fitting was to be done with Inglis and the other three, while Yua was to rehearse with Count Weissmall.

「Nn… Came for Booblis girl. We’re going to choose.」
「Choose what?」
「The handsome ‘Goods’」

Was that meant they were going to choose the cast of Prince Malik, whom Mariabelle and Euthyllis were going to fight over?


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