Chapter 163 – 15-year-old Inglis and the Two Leading Actresses (16)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2114 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 884 words
Editor(s): Hydra

The selection process for the role of Prince Malik, or ‘Goods’ in Yua’s words, had begun. Inglis, personally, didn’t really care who was being chosen. Yua could just pick the person she fancied, but Count Weissmall requested Inglis to participate in the process, and, above all, Rafinha, Leone, and Liselotte were curious to see the chosen cast, so Inglis decided to follow along without much fuss.

So far, about ten candidates were introduced, each of them has displayed their songs, dances, and special skills. They were mostly actors affiliated with the troupe.
There were also a few people that the Count personally scouted as he did Silva, but Inglis wasn’t sure who they were.

「……That one was the last person?」

Yua asked Count Weissmall as she scribbled down something on a piece of paper.

  • 10th person. X

Inglis peeked over, and it seemed that the person they saw last didn’t strike Yua’s interest. There were also a few that were tagged with a circle; 2nd, 6th, and 8th.

Inglis jogged her memory and thought about those people’s characteristics. Apparently, Yua preferred relatively tender and androgynous, or more fittingly, cute young boys. If that were the case, then indeed, Silva wouldn’t fit as a candidate. Silva indeed had a striking look, but his ambiance was sharp and was more mature than his own age.

「There is one more person. The last candidate, come forward!」

Called Count Weissmall.

「Good afternoon!! By all means, I would love to perform with both of you!!」

It was Redas. Just what was the Commander of the Imperial Guard Order doing?
Did he request Count Weissmall to get him to participate?

「My specialty is swordsmanship and battle command! I take pride in the military songs I sing at the top of my lungs! Please listen to it!」

Redas then took a deep breath and…

「No need. Failed.」
「……You’re right. I’m of the same opinion.」
「WHA……?! But why?!」
「You’re not cute.」
「So it seems.」

Thank goodness Yua dismissed him immediately. Redas was even farther from Yua’s strike zone than his own brother Silva. He was quite the big man with a brutish ambiance. Although, seeing his behavior in this place, Inglis could only see him as brutish.

「U-, uuggh! Can’t be helped, I shall give you my support from the shadows then!」

Dejected, Redas took his exit, his head hanging low.

「That’s the last of it. How about it, you two? Are there any actors you would like to play with?」
「Hmm. I’m a little torn… you?」
「I will leave it to you, senior Yua. Would number two, number six, and number eight be better?」
「But they just don’t give a click.」

Did that mean they lacked the decisive factor? Rafinha and the other two in the backseat also began to discuss with each other.

「Hey, hey. Leone, which would you choose?」
「Eh? M-, me? Let me see, maybe the first person, or maybe the fifth…」
「Aah~ I see, I see. So that’s your type, Leone~」

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Those who looked serious, calm, and stern. People like Silva or Prince Wayne… Or, perhaps saying it like this would fit better; The exact opposite of Leon. Perhaps it was inevitable for her to be so, given the circumstance Leone was trapped in.

「How about you, Rafinha?」
「I’d say I’ll go with number three, number seven, and number ten…」
「Aah, so easy to understand. Basically, people that resemble Sir Raphael, isn’t it?」
「Or mayhaps those who resemble Special Envoy Theodore… I suppose?」

What’s with that smile… I can’t let it slide!

「You can’t, Rani! You said it before. You’re going to marry big brother Rafa when you’re an adult, didn’t you say that? Just keep being like that」

Inglis preferred that childish Rafinha who still would say such innocent things. There shan’t be any pests to go near her. Love was still too early for Rafinha.

「No, of course I can’t, how long ago was that?! That’ll just make me a weird girl, geez!」
「Ahaha… By the way, which one you would choose, Liselotte?」
「For me, I would choose gentlemen number 4 or number 9…」

Everyone was surprised as Liselotte’s preferences were too far outside of their expectation.

「You like those huge, rugged people?」
「How to say it, don’t they look too passionate and stuffy?」
「They are. I like men’s big muscles, you see…」
「Then, don’t tell me, Mister Redas too?」
「He isn’t quite bad. Don’t you think he’s lovely?」

To each and their own.


Listening to it, Yua jotted something with her pen.

Thorny girl, got a bad taste.


What’s the point of writing that down?

「B-, by the way, senior. Have you decided which one?」
「Hmm. They all look the same…」
「If so, shall we have another audition tomorrow with those three?」
「…Yeah. Let’s.」

Yua nodded at Count Weissmall’s suggestion.

「Of course, of course. Now, let us continue today’s rehear…」

It was then…

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「Ooi. The Flygear you guys asked for is here! Where should I put it?!」

It was Lahti, Inglis’ classmate in the Squire division, who brought in the Flygear.


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