Chapter 148 – 15-year-old Inglis and the Two Leading Actresses (1)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2636 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1170 words
Editor(s): Hydra

The incident that happened to Ripple the Hyrule Menace was successfully resolved by Inglis and the others. Ripple thanked everyone profusely and returned to the frontline near the border to the neighboring country of Venefique.

However, the price was the collapse of the Knight Academy buildings. The cafeteria in the school building was caved in as well, creating a most critical issue for Inglis and Rafinha who were sealed off from their all-you-can-eat deal.

Putting up with the unbearable hunger they had, they helped with the civil engineering work every day to restore the school building, hoping that the cafeteria would open even a day faster. They wanted to move quickly to speed up the reconstruction progress, but the more they moved, the hungrier they got.


「Wah……!? Whose stomach rumbled like that? How very improper.」

Liselotte was astonished as she turned around, she was walking in front of their group with her tools.


Inglis pointed at Rafinha, while Rafinha pointed at Inglis.

「Lies! It was Glis!」
「No, it was Rani!」
「Don’t point fingers! I heard two rumbles, one from my left, one from my right, okay?」

Leone, who was walking right between the two, revealed the truth.

「……It seems that the two of you have gotten too hungry that you’ve become peevish.」

Leone smiled bitterly.

「How can you be so hungry? You are eating just as much as we are……」

As a matter of fact, those who helped with the reconstruction of the school building were provided with a lunch box.

「「Not enough at all!」」
「W-, well, why don’t we just think of it as a good way to cut your carb? See, if you lose a little weight over here, your shoulder might not be so stiff…」

Leone said as she pointed at her own chest, where Rene was relaxing right in the cleavage. It seemed that Leone’s was her favorite today.

「Hmm……Well, I can’t say I don’t agree…」

Inglis saw the point of what Leone said, but…

「Well, I don’t! Unlike you, I’ve got nothing to “lose”!」
「W-, well, Rafinha, you’re the slender type, so……you’re enviable, you know? In your own right.」
「Oh, let’s change places then. Bigger ones like Glis and Leone are definitely better! I’ve got nothing to “lose” at times like this! They’ll only dry up and die!」
「Ahaha……You never get fat no matter how much you eat after all, Rafinha.」
「……And so, since mine is closer to a life-and-death situation, I’ll have Glis share her lunch with me, okay!」
「Eeeh!? That’s one thing I can’t give, even if it’s you Rani!」
「Why not, you’ve got so much nutrition stored in here!」
「Hyau!? S-, stop it, Rani! I’m carrying a huge log with me!」
「Oh my? Seems like they’ve gotten a little bigger again. How can they grow even though you don’t eat much!? You damn, you, you!」
「Hya!! I-, I told you, stop! I get it, I get it, let’s get some fishes from Lake Vault again later, okay? I’ll give the bigger part to you, okay!」
「Eeh, but you got complaints from the local fishermen, didn’t you? They said the students are threatening their livelihood and all that.」(Lahti)
「They won’t know if we sneak there at night. Maybe……」
「I-, isn’t that literally poaching!!」
「Do you two really need to go that far to keep on living…」

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Both Leone and Liselotte smiled bitterly. It was then——

「Miss Inglis~! Miss Rafinha~!」

Principal Miliera came running in while calling out their names.

「What’s the matter?」
「A messenger came from the castle just a moment ago! He said that His Majesty the King had summoned both of you, Miss Inglis, Miss Rafinha!」
「Direct summon from His Majesty!?」
「To the castle!?」
「Yes. I’m sorry for this, but please immediately head to the Royal Castle.」
「Ooooh! We did it, Glis!」
「Yeah, Rani! A godsend!」

Both Inglis and Rafinha’s eyes sparkled when they heard the news from Principal Miliera. In short…

Castle → Summon → Gratitude for saving him back then → Feast!

Right, a feast! Both of them found hope in that possibility and jumped at it.

「Waah! I can’t wait~𝅘𝅥𝅮 The food at the castle was so delicious back then, right!」
「Yeah, they were! Let’s get going then.」
「I’ll call a carriage for you, then. In that time, the two of you please get ready.」
「Yes, Principal.」

Inglis nodded, but…

「No, that’ll be slow! Our delicious food will get cold by then! Hey, Glis, let’s go with that!」
「Yeah, that! If we go swoosh through the sky, we’ll be faster than a carriage!」
「Aah, that—— Hmm……are we allowed to……」
「We can right, Principal!? Going with our Star Princess!?」

That referred to Inglis and Rafinha’s personal Flygear. The other day, in the battle over the Royal Castle, Inglis and Rafinha managed to snatch a single Flygear unit from the Highlanders. They used it to rush over from the Royal Castle to the Knight Academy, but after the incident was over, the undamaged Flygear was allowed to remain in the personal possession of Inglis and Rafinha.

Flygears belonging to the Highland were of higher performance than what the Kingdom had, which was fine and all, but…

「Aah, you mean that. I don’t see why not? It’s so girly and cute.」
「Thank you so much! I’ll go fetch it then! Wait there, Glis!」
「Y-, yeah……」

Not long later… a Flygear steered by Rafinha showed itself above Inglis and the others. The whole thing was painted in overly bright pink. Then, as though it was made to be as conspicuous as possible, there was a pair of sparkling, starry, maiden-like eyes drawn on the front hull. While the rest of the body was painted with lots of sparkling decoration through and through.

It’s ours, so I’ll make it pretty! —explained Rafinha, so the whole unit was painted according to her preferences. Pullum, her classmate in the Knight division, also helped with the paint job.

「Come on, let’s go, Glis! Get on, get on!」
「Y-, yeah……」

The innards of this Flygear unit was of high performance, and Inglis herself had made some modifications to it, so it had been improved, but still… Inglis was a bit hesitant to ride it, with just how feminine its outward appearance was.

She was a man at heart, so she’d rather have something more low-key and cool for her ride. In fact, she’d even go with an all-black.

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But, if Rafinha insisted, Inglis couldn’t say no. Rafinha, who was like a granddaughter to her, had decided that the color of their toy should be pink. What grandfather could disobey that?

「Okaay, here we go! Food on sight, fly we go!」
「……Well then, we’re off.」

The Star Princess, piloted by Rafinha, took off into the crimson-tinted sky.


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