Chapter 147 – 15-year-old Inglis and Hyrule Menaces’ Escorting Directive (55)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2537 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1143 words
Editor(s): Hydra

A few days later, the Knight Academy was being restored in a big hurry, but in between their work, Inglis and the others went to the gate to see off some people.

It was Ripple and Special Envoy Theodore that they were seeing off. Those two were going back to the frontline, near the border to the country of Venefique.

Special Envoy Theodore had been informed of the situation by Lahti and Pullum, both of whom were sent by Principal Miliera, and therefore rushed back.

However, he didn’t arrive until late at night on the day the battle ended.

His arrival wasn’t a waste, however, as he had proclaimed above his position as a Special Envoy that the oddity should no longer happen to Ripple and she was fit for duty. He negotiated with the King of Charalia to allow Ripple to remain in this country as a Hyrule Menace.

It was assumed that King Charleas had no other option, however, since the Church’s Union didn’t accept the Kingdom’s offer and request to improve their relationship.

Thanks to Special Envoy Theodore’s authority, the Knight Academy’s actions were not persecuted, and the aftermath was handled very smoothly. Thanks to this, Inglis and the other students were able to concentrate on rebuilding the Academy while they trained.

The dormitory was safe from harm, so they had a place to sleep, but the cafeteria was destroyed, and that was a First Degree Emergency. If the cafeteria didn’t open soon, Inglis and Rafinha wouldn’t be able to eat to their fill. For that reason, both of them were really active in helping the reconstruction.

「Thank you, everyone. I’m really indebted to all of you. Thanks to you, I can go back to Holy Knight Order. Thank you so much.」

Ripple bowed deeply to the people who had come to see her off.

「However, isn’t it too soon for you to return to duty? You could have waited until your wounds have healed a bit more!」

Silva rebutted with mixed feelings showing on his face.

The body of Hyrule Menaces like Ripple was special, as even Rafinha’s healing Gift didn’t work on her. In other words, Ripple had to be left to recover naturally. Although, she was indeed extraordinarily resilient and had great recovery power.

「I’m fine, I’m fine! Just look!」

She spoke as she pounded on her chest, but…

「Uugh!? Ouchie-chie……Guess it still hurts, huh.」
「P-, please take it easy! You should stay here recuperate a little longer!」
「Nuh-uh. It’ll take a few days until we reach, so I’ll be fine by the time we get there. Besides, Lord Theodore will need an escort on his way back to the front, right?」
「……I am truly sorry that I could not help you in the end. I am very aware of my own inexperience.」

Rafinha offered some comforting words towards the downcasted Silva.

「No……That was because Glis took you out by surprise and forcefully took the spotlight for herself! I don’t think you’re at fault at all, senior Silva……」
「No no. Normally, a Holy Knight who wields a weaponized Hyrule Menace should be invincible and peerless under the Heaven……It was my own inexperience that allowed me to be taken out. Since it is impossible for Lady Ripple to make any mistake!」
「Nonono. Clearly, Glis is the one at fault for elbowing her own ally. I’m really sorry for it, let me apologize in her stead. She just can’t stop when she sees a strong enemy.」
「No no no no——」

Whilst she was watching over the somewhat unproductive conversation, Ripple tugged at Inglis’ sleeve.

「Inglis, Inglis——」
「Yes, what is it?」
「……Did you notice it? When I weaponized…」

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She whispered so silently that only Inglis could hear it.

「Yes……I can’t say that it’s the most peaceful method. But it makes sense if you question why the Highland would willingly send such immense power to the Midland at all!」
「……Yeah. Exactly that. So you noticed it and stopped him. Thank you.」
「No, what I did was basically killing two birds with one stone for me.」

It was also an undeniable truth that she wanted to take Prisma from Silva so she could fight it all by herself.

「Hahaha……That sounds just like you, girl.」
「But then, there is something I don’t understand. I have seen the Hyrule Menace affiliated with the Ironblood Chain Brigade——Cystia, weaponized beforehand, but, unlike when you did it, Miss Ripple, it was as if she produced no side effect whatsoever……」

It surprised Ripple so hard that she practically screamed at the top of her lung.

「What’s wrong, Glis?」
「What happened, Lady Ripple?」

Rafinha and Silva looked over.

「Ah, no, it’s nothing, nothing! Rather, Silva. How is your body?」
「Yes. There isn’t any major problem.」
「I see. That’s good, that’s good. Prioritize your health, okay? Only a healthy body can bring you to a greater stage of strength and become the you that you want to be.」
「Yes! I will train harder and I will definitely become an official Holy Knight!」
「Yeah. Don’t ever push yourself, okay?」

After she patted Silva’s shoulder with a plop, Ripple gave Inglis a whisper again.

「Back to what we spoke about before… don’t tell anyone about it, okay? When a Holy Knight officially becomes that, he will be informed about it beforehand, after all.」
「……Yes, understood.」

Then, as Special Envoy Theodore and Principal Miliera finished their discussion, Ripple was prompted to go.

「Then, let’s get going, Miss Ripple. I’m concerned with Wayne and everyone on the frontline.」
「Yees~! Laters, everyone! I’ll come back to see you again when we’re back to the capital!」

Both Ripple and the Special Envoy boarded the Envoy-exclusive Large Flygear.

「Everyone, thank you very much for all you have done this time around. With Knight candidates like you in our Academy, I am sure the future of this country will be bright.」

Theodore bowed deeply to the members of the Knight Academy.

「We will take care of the rest, so you may continue with your training. Let us fight together by the time you are bearing the future of this country on your shoulders……Well then!」

He showed a compassionate smile that seemed like it was addressed for Rafinha personally, so Inglis quickly stood in front of Rafinha, hiding it with her own body.

「Wait, Glis. I can’t see, you know?」
「It’s not something a child should see.」
「What are you even saying, you make it sound like it’s something indecent……」
「Can’t say it’s not!」

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Ripple laughed hilariously at Inglis and Rafinha’s little skirmish.

「Fufufu. Bye then, everyone! Laters~!」

Riding the Flygear further away into the sky, Ripple’s smile was bright and her hand waved cheerfully.


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