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Chapter 98 – 15-year-old Inglis and Hyrule Menaces’ Escorting Directive (6)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2,804 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1,242 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Lilith

「Ahahaha. She gave you that kind of nickname, Inglis?」

When she heard Inglis and the others talking, Ripple laughed amusingly. Today she seemed to be in good spirits. Inglis knew that Ripple was aching deep down, as she could see how her expression would become cloudy after she woke up from or recalled the phenomenon’s symptoms. However, she tried her best to appear cheerful so as not to make everyone around her become concerned.

As per Principal Miliera’s instruction, teams from each grade would take turns guarding Ripple for the day. Today was the first day for Inglis and the first years to take the duty. Ripple was free to go anywhere within the campus ground. While Inglis and the other students were advised to not miss their classes as much as possible. This meant that Ripple would inevitably come to visit the students taking their class.

From what Inglis heard, it seemed that the upperclassmen were also visited by Ripple. That would very well mean that the Kingdom’s Guardian Deity, a Hyrule Menace, came to observe the lessons, which resulted in the other students’ morale raising through the roof.

「Yes. Obviously, it is embarrassing for me……」

Even with her appearance, Inglis was still a Monarch of a Kingdom with the title Hero King in her soul. She had grown accustomed to her female body lately, and she also enjoyed being one. However, never in her wildest dream that the day she would be called Boobie girl would come… Fate was truly a most unexpected thing.

「Yua’s a bit of an odd girl. She can’t remember my name too.」

To think she doesn’t even remember the name of everyone’s beloved Hyrule Menace, glorious isn’t she?

「What does she call you, Miss Ripple?」
「Lady Beast-Ears」

It was true that Ripple had a set of animal ears, but still. At least she was aware that Ripple was a person in a high position.

「Well, I don’t mind either way. What about you, Rafinha? What does she name you?」
「Devil girl——」

Apparently, she was still scared of Rafinha a bit for being scolded.

「……You, Leone?」
「Miss Number Two——Perhaps, about these……」

Leone pointed to her breasts where Rene buried herself.

「Aah, I see what she meant…. Liselotte?」
「Sh-, Sharpie……she called me Sharpie.」

She had curly hair that ended in a pointy tip, perhaps that was where it came.

「Hahaha. Everyone’s got some absurd names.」
「——Well, Senior Yua is as much of a freak as Glis, but I’m sure she understands us. Maybe… The problem is Senior Silva. Miss Ripple, have you ever been treated or spoken rudely by Senior Silva before?」
「Nn? He’s alright, yanno? I do think he’s too straightlaced, though. Still, I think he and I will make a good combi.」

Whilst still listening to Ripple, Inglis moved a chess piece on the board in front of her. On the other end, Leone sat with a thorny face. Today, as part of the classroom lecture, they were made to play chess, but the five of them remained after class to continue the game.

「Uuu……M-, my defeat——」

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Leone’s shoulders slumped.

「No good, I can’t win no matter how much I try……! Damn you Inglis, even though all you do is plunging into enemies headfirst whenever we’re in a battle……!」
「You made me sound awful—— That is just what I usually do.」

A game of chess was different from reality. In reality, your pawn was capable of growth. It could grow stronger and even single-handedly crush the enemy’s pawns, every last of it. Inglis’ usual conduct was nothing but the product of her strategy to maximize that growth. In short, she was thoughtfully plunging into the enemies headfirst.

「Well, you see, Glis is also a strong chess player. She has always been.」
「She doesn’t give off that impression, with how she usually carries herself.」
「By the by, she defeated her own father the first time she played chess, and neither big bro Rafa nor my Father has ever beaten her even once.」

Rafinha and Liselotte who were playing on the board next to Inglis and Leone chimed in.

「What about you, Miss Rafinha?」
「Me? As if I can beat Inglis! ……Can’t you see?」

Said Rafinha with a bit of bitter expression. Liselotte’s overwhelming victory was present on the chessboard.

「I-, I guess so——You need to put more effort.」

Rafinha was not fit for a match that required underhanded tricks and bargaining pieces. Chess was a game that tested such qualities from a person. It was obvious that Rafinha was weak at it.

「Well, I don’t really need to be good at it. Whenever I’m in trouble, I’ll just leave it to Glis. Right?」
「No, no, to become a full-fledged, independent Knight, you mustn’t——」
「Yeah. Just leave everything to me.」
「So soft!? Miss Inglis, aren’t you pampering Miss Rafinha a bit too much?」
「Am I? But, that’s okay. I just need to be Rafinha’s Squire forever, right?」
「H-, haah——Are you fine with that? With your strength, I’m sure you can gain rank and honor through military service, you know?」
「Yeah. I’m not interested in those, after all.」

Rather, it would be troubling if she became successful in life in a way she didn’t want. She would be put on the front line. Even if there were offers for such positions in the future, she would use her disposition as a Runeless Squire to talk herself out of it.

「Hahaha……You sure are strange.」

Liselotte laughed dryly. She then moved a pawn then brought her game to a conclusion.

「Uuh~! I lost again……!」
「Would you play too, Lady Ripple? I’d like to observe your skill.」

Liselotte invited Ripple to join her.

「Nah, I’m good. I’m like Rafinha, I leave everything to Eris. I’m better at moving my body.」
「Then why don’t we have a contest of strength? Conveniently, it is good to untangle your body after sitting for a long period of time, a proper amount of workout is excellent for your health, and rampaging around is good for relieving stress too—」

Inglis quickly made her invitation. By all means, she would like to fight against Ripple at least once. She couldn’t possibly miss a chance to fight a Hyrule Menace.


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Rafinha glared dagger at her.

「Don’t do it now, Inglis. What would you do if something happened to Miss Ripple?」
「Indeed. Now is not the time for it.」

Both Leone and Liselotte were also marveled

「No, no, no. By no means at all this is only because I want to fight, you see? I’m also thinking that it would be good for Miss Ripple’s condition. Okay, Rani?」
「Nope. Don’t be selfish. Don’t you have your fill with the emerging Magic Stone Beasts?」

So spoke Rafinha, but——

「Nn~? I’m fine with that. Let’s do it, then?」

Ripple, surprisingly, nodded in consent.

「R-, really!? Thank you very much, Miss Ripple!」
「Miliera and Lord Theodore also said that they’re curious what would happen if I fought, too. And, personally, I want to taste Lil Inglis’ strength with my own body——wait, aren’t you being too happy? Hahaha……」
「Yes! I love you so very much, Miss Ripple!」

Inglis’ eyes sparkled like a diamond. She was so happy that she actually made Ripple cower a bit.


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