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Chapter 97 – 15-year-old Inglis and Hyrule Menaces’ Escorting Directive (5)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count:2143 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 993 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Lilith

The tide of battle didn’t change after that. Whenever a new Magic Stone Beast emerged, either Inglis or Yua would be the first to strike before the other students finished it off. Pure physical attacks were ineffective against Magic Stone Beast as their bodies would only twist before they healed up. However, as long as Inglis and Yua could create a small gap in their movements, it would give Rafinha and other Knight students enough time to deal the finishing blow.

There was a reason how Inglis could always launch a pre-emptive strike. It was because she could sense the flow of mana that served as an indication whenever the beast emerged. That was why she could make a move one-two steps ahead of everyone else.

And Yua, who could match with Inglis’ movement could also feel the same flow of mana. Just what was this girl? Her aura differed from that of a Hyrule Menace.

Was she a Highlander? But then, she didn’t have a Stigma. Was she perhaps a Divine Knight, much like the Black Mask from the Ironblood Chain Brigade? But Inglis couldn’t sense Ether from her. It could also be that she hid her Ether, however.

At this point in time, Inglis couldn’t say anything for sure. All she could say was that she didn’t know anything.

And that’s precisely why it’s intriguing. Coming here from the rural Ymir is a good decision, after all. The people I wish I can fight against are a dime a dozen.

「Everyone. I think it’s all right now. The phenomenon has stopped for the time being.」

Declared Theodore who was watching over Ripple’s condition. As he said, Ripple who was enveloped in the black hemisphere light had returned to her previous state.

「Miss Ripple!」

Rafina was the first to rush over.

「If it was like before, then she must be waking up soon, right——」

Leone also looked worried.

「I see. I understand what we have to do now. If that’s all, then I believe there won’t be any problem. Principal. At the very least, us third years will carry out the mission without a single casualty.」
「Yes. But, this is only a measure to prevent collateral damage, not the final solution. There is a possibility that something else may happen during the phenomenon, so please always exert caution.」
「Do we have that solution in sight?」
「I’m very sorry. I need more time before I can promise anything, but I will make one fast as possible. I know I am asking a lot from all of you, but please brace your hearts.」

The Special Envoy answered Silva’s question.

「It would be great if you do……」

Principal Miliera sighed deeply. Her eyes were overseeing the state of the ceilings and the walls. They were fiercely hammered by Magic Stone Beasts, leaving them riddled with cracks and holes.

「If we don’t have the solution soon, the whole campus will be nothing but pebbles——」

She said it, implying that the idea made her head hurt.

「——And that’s you two’s fault.」

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Said Silva, looking alternatively at Inglis and Yua.


The two of them twisted their neck in confusion.

「Don’t act stupid! This is all because you blow away those beasts with no regard!」
「But we are already holding back. Right? Umm……」
「It’s Inglis. Senior Yua.」
「Nn——In……gle……? In……lee?」
「It’s Inglis, Senior.」

She made a difficult face.

「Yua is bad at remembering other’s names, you see.」

One of the upperclassmen informed.

「That right, beansprout.」

While it was true that the senior had quite a lanky figure, he was, by his own right, a full-fledged High Grade Rune bearer.

「Hic hic…… See that? She still calls me that even after a year passed, you know? By the way, I’m Maurice. Nice to meet you.」
「It’s my pleasure, senior. Then, Senior Yua, please call me as you like.」
「Nn——Boobie girl. We held back, didn’t we?」
「EEeeehh!? No, that’s a little too……」

However, Yua didn’t seem to heed Inglis’ plea and turned her eyes towards Silva.

「In the first place. We didn’t need to run around that much if you hadn’t been lazing around, senior.」
「I was restraining myself because I didn’t want to burn the whole school to the ground with my Artifact! Use your heads when fighting!」
「It’s alright, it’s alright. Rather than worrying about the room, isn’t it great that none of you children are hurt——」
「Haha……Perhaps it would have been better if I prepared an Artifact that brings you to a subspace rather than one that envelops the surrounding with a barrier.」
「The kind that resembles Spatial Sorcery the Highlanders can use, is it.」

Inglis was reminded of the time she and her group were trapped in a subspace by a Highlander, Faris. Inglis didn’t know if every single Highlander had it, but some Highlander had that kind of ability. It spoke that those Highlanders were quite the skilled sorcerer.

「That’s about right.」
「The closest example is the ‘Maze of Trials’ Miss Inglis went into a few days ago. After all, that Artifact was imitating the Spatial Sorcery the Highlanders have.」

After Special Envoy Theodore, Principal Miliera also added in a few details.

「Aah, I see now……」
「That being said, warping into a subspace will make the students imperceptible from the outside. It will be hard to bring in reinforcements and make the mission more dangerous than the alternative. Moreover, users of such kind of Artifacts are fewer and limited compared to the barrier-type Artifacts, right?」
「Even so, it is also true that it’s better to have both types in hand. Let me prepare some of the subspace warping types too.」
「You’re right. We can use either depending on the situation, too. Then, please do, Sir Theodore.」
「I understand.」

And thus, the Hyrule Menace Escorting Mission had officially begun.


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