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Chapter 96 – 15-year-old Inglis and Hyrule Menaces’ Escorting Directive (4)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2,471 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1,078 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Lilith

「Ooohh!? Isn’t that girl tremendous for a Squire student…!?」
「That speaks why she’s summoned here!」
「Sh-, she’s just like Yua…! It feels like I’m seeing another Yua…!?」

All the upperclassmen raised their voices in astonishment.

「「「And she’s unbelievably cute…!!!」」」

While it was totally not important, they said it in perfect unison.

「It’s no time for something that stupid! All third-years, respond to attack immediately! It doesn’t matter how hard that Runeless kicked them, physical attacks won’t kill a Magic Stone Beast!」

Silva readied his Artifact whilst giving out orders. The Artifact he wielded was a peculiar weapon with a long barrel—a rifle. Apparently, it was originally developed as an anti-personnel armament on the Highland. While it was rare to see such an article down on the Midland, Inglis had seen one of such in her hometown Ymir. Marquis Wilford was in possession of one.

A rifle Artifact was rare as rifles were hardly used on Midland. Even if such Artifacts were bestowed, there was still the factor of unfamiliarity towards such a sophisticated weapon that would shun its user.

Silva with his rainbow-colored Rune should be able to wield any kind of Artifact he wanted. The reason he purposely used a rifle must be because it possessed some excellent Gift. The rifle’s barrels were riddled with some red patterns, indicating that it had a fire attribute.

For now, let’s see what he’s got. But, before that—


A pure white arrow of light flew past Silva’s face.
Rafinha fired her light bow Artifact.

It pierced through the Magic Stone Beast that Inglis had buried in the wall. And she shot not only once, but twice, thrice, then continued in rapid session. She thoroughly hushed the Magic Stone Beasts.

「Rani? Don’t come to me if you’re scolded, okay?」
「Eh? But I’m keeping my hands off them, I’m just shooting my bow, you know?」
「There won’t be any problem, then.」
「As if that logic works! I don’t care if you’re Sir Raphael the Holy Knight’s sister, acting on your own convenience is—!」
「Who’s the one acting by his own convenience here!」

Rafinha didn’t lose.

「If any one of us here gets hurt, Miss Ripple will suffer! That’s why we are doing our everything not to get injured! Your so-called honor isn’t important for that, we all need to collaborate! Senior Silva, you’re going to become a Holy Knight, aren’t you? Then you’re the one who should understand Miss Ripple’s feelings the most! You’re going to fight together with Hyrule Menaces like her, after all!」
「……!? What did you say……!? You dare to spew on when you don’t even have a Special Grade——!」
「Even without a Special Grade Rune, I’ve seen someone who has it up close and personal!」

Rafinha’s declaration slapped Silva hard. That someone was, of course, Raphael. When comparing Silva to Raphael, it couldn’t be helped that Silva would look immature. Not only was Raphael older, he already matured into a proper adult. It wasn’t that Silva’s future potential was being denied, however, as it only spoke of the current situation. His aptitude to wield a Special Grade Rune was authentic. He could still grow up and change however he wanted.

But, there was one thing Inglis had to say——She liked Rafinha when she stood up to her own conviction and justice. She was really cute and nice when she stiffened her face as hard as she could, even though she usually wouldn’t make such a face.

「Aah!? My spear also hits something when I swing it around!」
「My sword hit them too! I’m very sorry!」

Both Liselotte and Leone also began attacking the Magic Stone Beasts. It seemed like they were in to get scoldings together.

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「Senior Yua! You heard me, didn’t you!? Don’t laze around and help too! It’s all for Miss Ripple!」
「Y-, yes……! I’m sorry——!」

Being pressured by Rafinha’s appeal, Senior Yua was startled. While charging at a newly emerging Magic Stone Beast, Inglis looked at her with a sidelong glance. She looked like a small animal, didn’t look very strong at all, but——

After a single breath, Yua executed an action that made it seem as though she vanished and slipped into the space between Inglis and the Magic Stone Beast.

——She wedged herself in between me! I could see her motion, but what frightening speed.


With a hand strike as light as a soft plop, Yua struck the beast. But, with just that——


It raised such a disturbing sound as a huge indent was carved unto the beast’s body.

「Oooh……! Amazing——!」

That much power with such a light tap. Not to mention, her speed —when she approached the Magic Stone Beast— was quicker than Inglis while she was under the strain of the high gravity load.

Although, physical attacks were ineffective against Magic Stone Beasts, so her attack was meaningless. As meaningless as it was, it didn’t matter to Inglis since she would still like to fight with her.

She is a powerful person, and nobody can object to it. By all means, let’s ask for a bout of fight.


Yua kicked a Magic Stone Beast behind her with her hind heel.


With the momentum of a bullet, the beast came flying towards Inglis.

「Ah, sorry.」
「It’s okay! Haat!」


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She kicked it directly up. The beast gained even more momentum and pierced the ceilings headfirst.

「Oh. You’re good.」

Yua made a face like she was impressed, albeit slightly.

「Thank you very much. Then, by all means, please have a bout of fight with me!」
「That’s a no. Contest of strength or such isn’t my thing.」

While saying so, Yua continued punching away Magic Stone Beasts.

「Please don’t be like that and give me a chance!」

Inglis steadily kicked away the Magic Stone Beasts with the same momentum.


Whilst they continued negotiating, Inglis and Yua continued blowing away the beasts with tremendous force.

「「「Those two are terrific——! This’ll be a piece of cake! 」」」

The other students only needed to go around the room dealing the finishing blow.

「Kgh…… You deaf, disobedient lots……!」
「Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Mister Silva! Then, I’ll have everyone here participate under my authority! That’s why, nobody is at fault! Everyone, keep up the good work!」

Commanded Principal Miliera in a fluster.


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