Chapter 140 – 15-year-old Inglis and Hyrule Menaces’ Escorting Directive (48)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2064 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 893 words
Editor(s): Hydra


Just as the Prisma let out a thunderous bellow, the air shook violently, translating into a strong gust of wind that smashed everyone’s faces.

「Th-, that’s a living Prisma!?」

Such a tremendous impact of a presence. Leone herself had seen a Prisma encased in ice in the city of Arlman many a time before.

However, a living, moving specimen of it was something different altogether. It was in a different league. An instinctive sense of fear kicked in hard. Leone’s body shuddered without her control.

「The anomaly that happened to Ripple is a sanction placed onto this country by the Highland. If the real sanction is this Prisma here, then it makes sense!」

It was said that a Prisma could level a single country. Leon was correct, sending one over was the most appropriate sanction for a country.

「W-, we have to……we have to do something! B-but……」

Was it even possible to do something to that thing?

「Leone, seal off the space along with that guy once again!」
「Y-, yes, brother!」

With Leon’s instruction snapping her back to reality, Leone focused on her Gift. The Artifact reacted to her wish, and for a moment, the scenery around them began to change, but…


Its energy collapsed, and the scenery returned to normal.

「No good! The Prisma is too strong, I can’t seal it!」
「I see…we gotta deal with him here and now then!」

Nearly a dozen lightning beasts appeared and spread out around Leon.

「Leone, gather up the unconscious and evacuate them, or else they’ll get caught in the battle!」
「B-, but, I want to fight!」
「Leone! Are you all right!?」

Liselotte’s voice came from overhead. She was carrying three students that had lost consciousness.

「Liselotte! Yes, I’m fine!」
「Miss Leone, Miss Liselotte, you two evacuate the fainted students! We’ll hold off Prisma ourselves!」

Principal Miliera’s instruction came.

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「U-, understood!」
「Miss Yua! You and Mister Leon are to draw the attention of Prisma!」
「Eeh——? But, that burly thing is scary, you know……?」
「I am not arguing with you now! Do it!」
「Ugh……!? Y-, yes!!」

Yua winced at the principal’s threatening attitude and nodded in fright.

「C-, can’t be helped……it’s scary, but…」

Slowly, she approached the Prisma. Inch by inch, she circled around its rear…


Perhaps her action offended it, the Prisma turned to Yua and roared at her loudly.


Shrieked Yua, though her face was just as expressionless as usual.

「Oi oi, don’t get cold feet. Still though, nice decoy!」

Having received Leon’s will, the lightning beasts ran up Prisma’s huge body and exploded gaudily when they struck its face.


The explosion that came with a grand flash left some scratches on the not-yet perfect parts of the Prisma——the non-rainbow colored skin of it.

「Ooh……This guy’s reliable!」

Yua was impressed.

「Oh? You think? That cheers me up.」
「Yup. Nice work, old pops.」

She gave him her thumbs-up.

「No, I’m still in my twenties! But, well, I guess I’m old for a brat your age, huh. Hmm……Well, whatever! Let’s go for it!」

Lightning beasts continued to leap at the Prisma one after another.

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They tenaciously targeted its head, continuously exploding on it. However, the wounds they inflicted were regenerated just as fast. As a result, it suffered no serious damage. It had a truly terrifying life force.

Nevertheless, the flash of the explosion was enough to stop it in its tracks, blind.

「All right, keep it going! We need to evacuate while we still can!」

As she watched it, Principal Miliera waved her staff artifact. Then, a large hemisphere barrier encapsulating the Prisma and its surrounding appeared. Since isolating it in a subspace proved impossible, there was no other choice but to use a barrier to prevent further damage to the surroundings.

「We will find a way to break through its defense while prioritizing evacuation of the injured! Mister Silva, how is Miss Ripple doing!?」
「The light has subsided and she no longer sucks mana! That one is probably the last Beastman Magic Stone Beast!」
「I see… We need to brace ourselves, then!」
「Isn’t Lady Ripple going to awaken soon!? If we can manage to hold it off until then, we can borrow Lady Ripple’s strength to defeat it!」
「Nah, you shouldn’t count on her.」

Leon disapproved Silva’s words.

「He’s right, we can’t……!」
「B-, but why, Principal!? Exactly at a time like this, we need the power of a Hyrule Menace!」
「That Prisma, it most likely hasn’t reached its full form just yet. if so, we should look for another way to break through its defenses!」
「Yeah, Miliera’s right on that one. Besides, Ripple won’t be in her best shape right after all this. Don’t push her too hard.」

While Leon and the others were exchanging words, Yua was approaching the feet of the Prisma. She swung her arm in circles as though she was gathering strength.
Her fist was glowing faintly from within.

「The sooner the bad thing is over, the better!」


She jumped up, kicked up on the beast’s kneecap, and as she reached the height of its belly button…


With a loud, dull sound, Yua’s fist pierced the body of Prisma.


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