Chapter 141 – 15-year-old Inglis and Hyrule Menaces’ Escorting Directive (49)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2452 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1175 words
Editor(s): Hydra

With a tremendous roar, Yua’s fist strike seemed to have gotten through to Prisma. The beast was twitching and stopped moving.

Seeing that sight, Leon whistled.

「Nice punch! You got it through! You’re just like Inglis!」

A mysterious power that lets its user fight against Magic Stone Beast even without a Rune.

Although, their attitude while facing an opponent was very contrasting to each other, as Yua didn’t seem to be that belligerent at all in comparison. While the Inglis that Leon knew would have been the first to charge at Prisma before anyone even said anything.

Regardless, it was still the fact that both of them were highly reliable. Yua’s fist completely pierced Prisma’s outer layer and into its stomach.

「No, I think it doesn’t work!」

Yua, though, denied Leon’s estimation with a completely expressionless face.

「Hm!? What are you saying, you punched it straight to the gut.」
「Nope. Hand’s stuck. Look, I’m sinking…」

Just as she said, Yua’s arm and the rest of her body began to be pulled deeper into Prisma’s body.

「……! S̲h̲i̲t̲! It’s trying to absorb her to increase its strength!? Wait there, I’ll get you out right away!」
「Protective walls upon Miss Yua!」

Principal Miliera pointed the ring she wore at Yua. Yua’s dainty body was then enveloped in a thin film of green light.

「With this, she’ll be alright even with flashy attacks!」
「Okay, Yua, this gonna hurt a little, but bear with me!」

Leon rushed his lightning beasts into Prism’s abdomen all at once.

The explosion would tear the flesh and set Yua free!

Yua was enveloped in a protective barrier created by Miliera, so involving her in an explosion would be——Well, it might be not the safest, but right now, every second counted. He had to do it.

The lightning beasts closed in on Prisma’s feet, but…


Prisma twisted its body, swinging its long tail to mow down the incoming lightning beasts. Every last lightning beasts were offset by that strong tail whip, exploding and disappearing before they could reach the Magic Stone Beast’s abdomen.

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The tail itself was also somewhat scorched, but it immediately regenerated all its wounds. It seemed like it needed to be attacked with a stronger blow before they could make any differences.

「God damned f̲u̲c̲k̲! Even though it kept receiving attacks before, now it blocks any attacks since it got its prey already! So it acted dull at first to fool us!」

It was originally a Beastman, a creature with intelligence. It appeared to have lost all sense of reason now that it had become a giant Prisma, but apparently, it was all but an appearance. It was very tactical in its every movement.

「I shall help!」

Silva, who was by Ripple’s side, held up his red rifle Artifact.


Along with its roars, a series of fireballs were shot out of the rifle’s muzzle.

The fireballs changed form midair as they approached the Prisma. They turned into birds made of red flame that drew complicated trajectories in the air as they flew towards the monstrosity at high speed.

However, the Prisma accurately offset Silva’s flame birds by piercing them with its hands. They still couldn’t get near to the abdomen where Yua was being absorbed in.

「Kgh! So this is a Prisma!」
「Can you build up your shot!? If small ones can’t slip past, then we push through with force!」

Within Leon’s presence, a single lightning beast many times the size of the previous ones was coming into existence. Instead of dispersing his power to create many beasts at once, he concentrated it in one. A feat like this was possible if a user was proficient in the use of their Artifact.

「Obviously! I’ll do just that!」

A fireball several times bigger than the previous ones was also being born at the muzzle of Silva’s gun. Yua was alarmed as she watched the two of them.

「You’re going to kill me!」
「You will be fine! Perhaps! Just suck it up!」
「Sorry, but we got no other plans!」

The large lightning beast and flaming bird charged towards Prisma one after the other. There was no poor attempt at distracting the Beastman monster, it was a direct and frontal approach.

Seeing that, the Prisma opened its mouth wide in a snap. A thick, seven-colored beam of light gushed out from its mouth.

And the lightning beast and the flaming bird were snuffed out easily.


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While they offset some of the beam’s power, the rest of it still loomed over Leon.


He couldn’t evade. Behind him, Leone and other injured students were there.


Leon crossed his iron gauntlet Artifact and withstood the beam. The aftermath of its impact alone pushed him back quite far, but he somehow managed to endure it through.

However, its consequence was not small. The pair of iron gauntlet Artifact was severely damaged as they crumbled from his arms.

「You b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲, I’ve been using my beloved partner for years, and you!」
「Aaah!? MISS YUAA!?」
「W-, we’re too late……!?」

Exclaims were heard from Miliera and Silva. Yua’s figure had been completely absorbed into the Prisma.


The Prisma raised a roar. Perhaps it was happy that it finally took Yua in. The glow on its body brightened, and the area of its rainbow-colored skin seemed to have increased as well.

「Don’t give up, we’ll bring her out one way or the other!」

The light of the protective walls around Yua’s body, it hadn’t disappeared yet, still leaking out from inside Prisma’s body.

However, the Prisma was quicker to make the next move. Countless dots of light appeared from its body surface.

It was as though it was trying to unleash the beam it just shot with its mouth from all over its body. Every single one of them looked to possess as much power as the last.

Was his power increased after he absorbed Yua!?

「Oh no! It’s going to shoot down the entire place! Miss Leone, you bring the other students to your subspace! Mister Leon, Mister Silva, bring Miss RIpple with you and go with them!」
「Principal! But what about you!?」

Miliera replied to Leone’s question with a smile.

「I will take care of it myself, somehow! The barrier will disappear if I go to the subspace too, after all. Come on, hurry up! I’ll be fine!」

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It pained Leone a lot, but it was the truth that the majority of the students would be caught up in that beam of light and lost their lives to it if they stayed. She had no choice but to follow the principal’s instruction.

「Here we go!」

Leaving Principal Miliera behind, Leone isolated only those who had gathered near her to a subspace. The scenery around them changed completely, to that of a pitch-black, empty space.

And then…

「Uuunnhh…where am……」

Ripple, whom Silva still supported, woke up.


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