Chapter 134 – 15-year-old Inglis and Hyrule Menaces’ Escorting Directive (42)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2067 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1016 words
Editor(s): Hydra

「Something up my sleeve? What do you mean?」

The Black Mask feigned ignorance.

「 The attack that I unleashed towards your group’s ship, it should have been you who repelled it. I want you to show me how, is what I’m saying.」
「Phew. You’ve got good eyes…Still, it’s not something so interesting to see, you know?」
「I’ll be the one to judge after I see it.」
「How high-handed. But it can’t be helped. Well then, I shall show you.」

Immediately after Black Mask said that, the color of the Ether that covered his body changed. It shifted from the same pale, bluish-white color as Inglis, to a yellowish color.


Inglis knew that it was Ether. It certainly was Ether. That was how it felt. However, Inglis had never seen Ether in the color of yellow. Not even in her previous life.

The Goddess Alistair, who made Inglis a Demigod in the title of Divine Knight, also had the same color of Ether as Inglis.

Other Gods, sworn friends of Goddess Alistair, also shared the same color.

「That’s the spirit of Demon Gods……!?」

The enemy of Gods that had existed in her previous life. Inglis became a King after she defeated them and was recognized by the Gods and the people as a Hero. If she recalled it correctly, the Demon Gods’ spirit was colored yellow.

「No, but——」

The power that cladded Black Mask in front of me is certainly Ether in nature, and I don’t feel the Demon Gods’ distinctive ominous feeling either. While it is Ether, it gives the impression that its wavelength has deviated greatly. Black Mask appears to be capable of controlling the very nature of Ether itself. A very astonishing mastery of it. I never thought that something like this is possible.

But, is the color a mere coincidence? Actually, what are Demon Gods in the first place? I know it’s far too late to think about it, but that question now haunts my mind. But, even more than that… Interesting! An unknown power will without doubt bring about numerous unknown techniques!

「I knew you still have an ace up your sleeve! Fufufufu. It makes me happy to have you like this.」

Inglis awarded the Black Mask with her smile. Complemented with her outfit, she looked so sweet and innocent. Nevertheless…

「I wonder why. Even though such a lovely lady gave me such pretty words, I can’t bring myself feel elated.」
「I won’t mind if you do feel elated, you know?」
「I mustn’t. Unlike you, I am but an imprudent fellow infatuated with a great cause… I can’t stay here to fight forever. Now, come!」
「Well then!」

Inglis charged headlong at full speed, her fist in the ready. First, test the waters. She would go straight in and hit. It was an attack that had no trick whatsoever, but she didn’t hold back either. A fist strike with full force.

Her arm roared as it approached the black mask. However, once it drew near to the yellowish Ether that cladded him…


Along with a strange feel to the touch, her fist hit empty air, missing its mark.

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She delivered one, two more punches. But those were also deflected by the mysterious power that made the Black Mask untouchable.

「How about this!」

Upper kick!


I knew it, my kicking foot couldn’t touch him. It bounced off the surface as though it just slid off. I wonder why. The closer I get to him, the stronger the repulsion I get that makes me unable to touch him. It’s like two same magnetic poles being brought close together, and the repulsion pulls them apart.

「What is this!? Did you repel my Ether Strike with this too!?」
「Correct. I changed the nature of my Ether, and now both of our power are repelling each other. And now, we can no longer touch. Hence, none of us will be hurt. With this, it’s no longer about strong or weak, but the nature of our power.」
「In short, it’s the ultimate defense and the ultimate anti-offense at the same time……?」
「Indeed. There can be no more conflict between us. Isn’t that peaceful?」
「……It’s boring.」

We can’t fight now.

Inglis puckered her lips in frustration.

「Didn’t I tell you? It’s not something interesting.」
「……I guess there’s no other way.」

Phew, she heaved a sigh.

「I am glad that you understood.」
「Oh, I understand of course. The fact that this is the only way, that is!」


The pale brilliance of Ether Armor that covered Inglis disappeared, and an ice sword appeared in her hand in turn. She could not touch Black Mask with Ether battle techniques.

If so, then she’d only need to drop Ether into mana and fight with that. As long as she didn’t use Ether, her attacks shouldn’t be repelled by Black Mask’s Ether.

「……You’re still thinking to fight with something as measly as that? Don’t you know you will be at a tremendous disadvantage if you purposely lower your strength?」
「Even then, being inventive still counts as a proper battle.」
「I don’t understand you. What drives you so far like this?」
「Life is short, after all. We don’t have the time to waste even a moment of it.」
「Good gods……You’re hurrying with your life when you’re so young. I guess that means I have to continue accompanying you…」

The moment Black Mask ended his sentence with a sigh…

「Glis! Something is coming! Be careful!」

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Rafinha, who was flying nearby on her Flygear, shouted.

She was right, something wrapped in light was flying towards Inglis and black mask from afar.

*Kaboom! *

His landing erupted a loud noise, and he was…

「……! You are!!」
「HA HA HA HA!! What, do you think an Archlord such as I will die due to something as weak as that! Too bad!」

The envoy of the Highland that Inglis kicked off into the distance, Abel.


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