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Chapter 121 – 15-year-old Inglis and Hyrule Menaces’ Escorting Directive (29)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2026 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 908 words
Editor(s): Hydra

「Wah……What a cute kid. The colors of his eyes and hair are beautiful too.」
「You’re right.」

Responded Inglis with a nod. As Rafinha said, indeed, the boy was quite beautiful.

「Let me introduce him. His Lord Abel, Envoy of the Highland. Young he may be, he is a Major General of the Highland Army. This is the first time even for me to meet such a high-ranking Highlander.」

King Charleas introduced the Highlander boy.

「Ooh……So he’s such an esteemed personage.」
「Doesn’t that mean, compared to the Special Envoys who usually visit us in the Midland…」
「He’s a higher-ranked officer……」

Abel snorted at the fuss.

「Those Special Envoys sent to the Midland are nothing but mere servants used as diplomats. I’d have you not compare them to me, the Archlord who commands His Holiness The Founder Church’s Union entire army.」

Rafinha’s lips pouted.

「……I take it back. He’s not cute at all.」
「You’re right.」

Inglis nodded again.

「How magnificent!」
「It’s an honor to meet someone as revered as you!」
「This shall be my lifetime memory!」

However, the attendees seemed to welcome him greatly.

「……It feels a bit disgusting, doesn’t it? How are they fawning all over a kid who says things like that?」
「You’re right.」

Inglis nodded yet again.

「Listen to me seriously, Glis……!」
「Eeh……!? I’m listening, you know? Why are you so mad……?」
「You’re not listening, you’re just letting my words in one ear and out another, aren’t you!?」
「Even if you said it like that……」

Actually, is there another way to say it?

Inglis didn’t think he saw their banter, but Archlord Abel began to laugh.

「Kukukuku……Ahahahaha——!! This is laughable……! You are insufferable, all of you. You are not aware that, in exchange for a defective Hyrule Menace, two of your cities will be taken away from you, are you? You’re selling off your own people and land, don’t you know that? How can you smile so joyfully like that? How can you wag your tails and flatter up your plunderer, that is me? I find that mentality deeply interesting.」

With a delighted face from the bottom of his heart, he shrugged his shoulders exaggeratedly.

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「……It’s frustrating, but he’s correct.」
「You’re right.」

Rafinha wasn’t angry this time.

「Well, it saves your hides, so it doesn’t matter, right? Fufufu……You’re cruel with your own kind, even though you’re well aware that your turn will come someday! How foolish. Ignorant, that’s what you are.」

Naturally, the audience froze and not a soul made any sound. In the midst of it, Abel continued.

「But that’s all right. After all, the people on the Highland are nothing but fools either, you see? They don’t know, and they don’t want to know, that they have deprived people like you under their feet, they are fools who can’t even imagine the things that exist outside their comfort boxes, you see? You and them, you’re not so different. As for me, it’s easier to work with fools. As long as I can accomplish my mission for His Holiness the Founder, I am content. Thank you, oh you ignorant fools, for being such an insufferable moron.」

He then showed a bow so polite, and so sarcastically.

「HAHHAHAHAHA! No need to thank us, Lord Abel! It is the truth that we are fools……! I mean, look how foolish I, their King, am. Your continued guidance and encouragement would be very well appreciated.」

King Charleas smiled broadly and made a grand show of bowing to Abel. Then, with his eyes, he urged the others to do the same.

「「「V-very well appreciated……!」」」

Following the King, the others bowed deeply.

「……I don’t want to see this. This is shameful——」
「Is it? But it’s kind of interesting, you know?」

Rafinha is correct; it’s a shameful sight. However, any normal human would be burning with fiery rage by now. They would either be so angry they couldn’t speak, or they would raise their voice and refute everything that was just being said.

The reaction of King Charleas is anything but normal. Either he doesn’t have a human heart, or he holds an abnormal amount of conviction in his heart. Either way, this is quite an interesting show.

「Kukuku——Oh, King. You’re quite the amusing fool……」

The moment Abel lifted his lips and showed a smile.


The windows of the venue shattered rigorously and a huge silhouette flew into the room.

It was a giant winged lizard, with brightly colored ore-like gemstones decorating its body.

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While the venue was filled with shock, Magic Stone Beasts originated from black crows and winged insects also poured in. Dogs and rats Magic Stone Beasts also showed up from other entrances.

Screams and shouts were beginning to rise simultaneously from all directions, not only from the venue but also from other places far away.

「……They’re finally here! The Ironblood Chain Brigade! Let’s go, Glis——eh? Glis……??」

The sight of Inglis who was supposed to be right beside Rafinha had disappeared. At the same time, a grave yell was raised by the guarding Knights.

「O-, oi, it’s dangerous! What are you trying to do with your bare hands!?」
「What are you doing, come back here!!」
「Oh no! Stop her……!!」
「「「Hey, maid girl!!!」」」

Inglis was already rushing into the middle of the intruding Magic Stone Beasts.


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