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Chapter 118 – 15-year-old Inglis and Hyrule Menaces’ Escorting Directive (26)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2079 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 948 words
Editor(s): Hydra

「Arlman and Shealot……!?」
「W-, why——!? How did it come to that!?」

Black Mask calmly told the disturbed Leone and Liselotte.

「There is nothing surprising about it. The town of Arlman has been relieved of its purpose of guarding the frozen Prisma, while the lord of Shealot, Prime Minister Althea, has retired from his position and distanced himself from both the Royal faction and Prince faction. In short, he is of no use for either party. Giving away those two territories will have the least impact.」
「That’s not what it’s all about!」
「Why must it resort to that!? Where is the justice in doing that!?」

Black Mask brushed aside Leone and Liselotte’s threatening attitude.

「It’s no use asking me that. It’s precisely because we don’t approve of that, that we are standing in this position.」
「That’s right! Don’t get mistaken! If you want to lash out, lash it out to your own stupid king for selling out his own people just to butter up to the Highland!」

As Cystia’s critic was justified, neither Leone nor Liselotte could rebuke her.

「Hmph. Look how happy-go-lucky this kingdom is, making up useless turfs like the King faction or Prince faction or whatnot. So blind to what’s really important. See, how that ignorance kills your own people. Tell you what, I hate this b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲, but he’s got more brain matter than those fools you call royal family.」

Spoke Cystia with her eyes locked at Leon.

「……Stop it already. My own decision has made the town of Arlman, my own parents, even my little sister unhappy. I’m not a smart guy, not at all. Just an absolute moron who fails to live up to their expectation. In the end, I’m just looking out for myself.」
「Cystia. Despite his looks, Leon is a kind man. When his moral law and the happiness of the people he cherished contradicted, his heart aches for the one he didn’t pursue. That’s why, don’t touch that topic too much.」
「Understood, sir.」
「These girls are also seeds of the future Knights. There are things they cannot say or do. The internal problems of Midland Kingdoms are theirs to solve. It is none of our business.」
「Yessir. Understood.」

The arrogant, high-handed Cystia seemed to be absolutely obedient to Black Mask.

「I don’t understand……! Why did you tell us this!?」
「Yes. Leone is correct, what is your aim……!?」
「I bear no ill will. I am just providing information. In fact, you do need it, don’t you? The handover of the Hyrule Menace will take place in four days. It seems that it will take place the day after the ship from the Highland arrives, where they will receive hospitality and finalize the signing. Before that happens, we will attack the Highland’s ship and take out the signing envoy. Our only enemy is the Highlanders who are preying upon the Midland.」

That was the Ironblood Chain Brigade’s ambush scheme.

And they told us about it in advance——!

「You have your own agendas and plans, don’t you? If you are going to make any moves, you will need to make use of ours. Use us to your advantages.」
「Do you think we can trust you!? You’re an enemy!」
「What she says!」
「It is up to you to trust it or not. It is also your freedom whether you will tell the head of the Academy about this or not. Hopefully, you will pass this information and not interfere with our plan.」

Both Leone and Liselotte were at a loss for words.

「I’ve told you everything I need. I will take my leave.」

With that, Black Mask turned on his heel, Cystia quickly followed close behind.
Only Leon stayed behind a little longer to talk with Leone and Liselotte.

「I’m sure you already know, but…… Even if you stop us here and somehow won, that only meant there would be no one to stop the transfer of ownership of both Arlman and Shealot. That’s why……Let’s stop for now and meet again later.」
「…… Big brother! Even so, I——Whatever the reason, I……!」
「Yeah. Leone, you have your thoughts and things you need to do……Nothing to hesitate for, just do it. No one can stop you. The only thing I can say is that you’ve grown excellently, I know I did absolutely nothing to help you, but…… I’m glad you have grown. Keep doing your best.」

Leon showed only a glimpse of a smile, then followed after Black Mask.

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「Big brother——」

His affable smile was the same as the one he used to give to Leone when they were little. Seeing it made Leone feel nostalgic.

But that feeling was something she mustn’t let herself lose into. Otherwise, her resolve would get dulled when the time came.


She shook her head frantically, shaking off the sentimental side of her.

「What do we do, Leone? With this information…?」
「……I think it’s best to tell the Principal about it. Let’s get back and report to her.」
「Yes! We have to make sure Arlman and Shealot are safe……!」

Leone and Liselotte headed back to the Academy and reported to Principal Miliera about tonight’s incident.

They also met Inglis in the office, and when she heard about the brigade’s ambush scheme…

「Heeh……So, we just have to defeat all the Magic Stone Beasts while also capturing the Ironblood Chain Brigade, right? Fufufu…… I’m sure that would be more exciting than just taking on the Magic Stone Beasts.」

Inglis was so elated that her eyes were basically sparkling.


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