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Chapter 117 – 15-year-old Inglis and Hyrule Menaces’ Escorting Directive (25)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2144 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 901 words
Editor(s): Hydra

「Do you know them, Leone?」

Leone sharply warned Liselotte who was positioned behind her.

「Careful, Liselotte! They’re the leader of the Ironblood Chain Brigade and an enemy Hyrule Menace……!」

Aside from the former Holy Knight Leon, Liselotte had never seen these people. During the incident with Myynti’s assassination, too, she just happened to miss them out when she entered the scene.

「……! Dear me, the big villain himself makes his appearance, I see……!」

Black Mask reacted to Liselotte’s line.

「We haven’t the slightest intention to pose as villains. Justice and evil are subjective, they change from each person’s perspective.」
「For us who will become this country’s Knights, you are the very definition of a villain!」

Concluded Liselotte as she wielded her halberd Artifact.

「Fu. How truly laudable.」
「There is no need to listen. The ignorant fools have no idea what are they saying.」

Saying so, Cystia stepped forward and covered Black Mask behind her.

Seeing this happening, Liselotte thought to herself.

Just who was this Black Mask person? Leone had once said that Leon might be the leader of the Ironblood Chain Brigade, but it apparently wasn’t the case. It was obvious when you see they were in the same place at the same time.

If the leader was a Special Grade Rune bearer much like Leon, it was not questionable to have a Hyrule Menace within the ranks of his organization, but both a Holy Knight and a Hyrule Menace served him, who was this person……?

Why was he covering his face? If he wanted to gather supporters and guide people, it was better to be bold and brazen, showing off his face and announcing his name.

If so, was there a reason why he couldn’t show his face? In other words, this was his hidden face, and he had a different public face altogether, was that the case? But then, who was he in the public?

「Oi, Miss Cystia there. Don’t you go on the offense on your own, okay?」
「I know that!」
「Do you now. From all the Hyrule Menaces I know, you’re the most hot-blooded. We didn’t come here to fight tonight, you hear?」

Leone cut into their conversation with a flash of her sword.

「Your circumstances are not my concern!」

The black greatsword with its extended blade went towards Leon from overhead.

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Sparks scattered along with a high-pitch sound. Leon received Leone’s sword with his iron gauntlet Artifact.

「Leone……! Stop it, now’s not the time for something like this……!」

Even if Leon tried to stop her, Leone was unstoppable once she was agitated.

「Something like this!? For me……! For me, there is nothing more important than this!」

Leone pulled her sword back to its original length and then thrusted it while closing the distance between them. She thrusted the greatsword with all of her might while extending the Artifact. The combo increased the speed of her sword thrust beyond Leon’s expectation.

Leone’s full-strength thrust lightly grazed Leon in the shoulder as he tried to dodge it.

「……! I see you’ve grown……!」
「You won’t escape!」

Even the follow-up cleave was narrowly avoided by Leon as he jumped back. In addition, his lightning beast remained in place as though replacing Leon’s place. And after Leone’s sword hit it, it immediately exploded, making her sword flung wide by the impact.

「Leone! Please listen to……!」
「I have nothing to listen to! Not to someone who throws away his country, his hometown, even his own family……!!」

Leone fixed her stance and went to slash at Leon again.

「Hm. So there’s someone more hot-headed than I am.」
「There is no helping it. They are siblings, bound by blood. We have no right to intercept. Let us just watch over them.」

Cystia looked fed up while Black Mask simply watched from the side.

「You too, Althea’s young lady. I ask you not to lend your hands. If you go to aid your friend, then we are forced to move as well in order to protect comrade Leon.」
「……Of course.」

She answered curtly. Besides, it would be hard for Liselotte to meddle in the fight with how menacing Leone had been.

However, Black Mask appeared to be familiar with Liselotte. Indeed, Liselotte was the daughter of former Prime Minister Althea, but she was still just another Knight Academy student.

For them to possess such detailed information, Liselotte wondered just how many collaborators and insiders the Ironblood Chain Brigade had planted within the Althea household, or perhaps within the Knight Academy.


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Again, the metal rang and sparks scattered.

They were much closer this time, with Leon holding Leone’s sword in place with his iron gauntlet.

「Both Father and Mother have gone……! But, for the sake of the people of Arlman that you cast aside, I will never let you go!」
「We won’t have anything left if those people and our town are gone! That’s the situation right now……!!」

The moment strength left Leone’s shoulder, Black Mask opened his mouth.

「In order to improve their relationship with the Church Founder’s Union, the Royal Palace had decided to tribute the territories. Their aims are… Arlman and Shealot.」

Both Leone and Liselotte were struck by Black Mask’s words. Arlman was Leone’s hometown while Shealot was Liselotte’s.


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