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Chapter 103 – 15-year-old Inglis and Hyrule Menaces’ Escorting Directive (11)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2,300 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1,022 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Lilith

The Magic Stone Beast was annihilated with the bisection by Yua’s hand. While the person herself trotted away to the dormitory as if nothing happened then went straight to sleep.

After seeing the beast’s end, Special Envoy Theodore then remarked with a relieved sigh.

「……The black light has disappeared. I can no longer feel the mana rampage. Miss Ripple should be awake in a minute or two. Today, a lot of things became clear to me. The subspace isolating Artifact works as intended, and the phenomenon won’t happen for a while. Everyone, thank you for your cooperation.」
「Lord Theodore, how can you be so sure?」

Asked Leone.

「It is already clear that the phenomenon happens from either Miss Ripple’s own mana or the mana she sucked from a Special Grade Rune bearer.」
「And because her mana runs dry from today’s emergence, it will be a while before her mana reach the level where the phenomenon will happen again——is that how it is?」
「Yes. You are correct, Miss Inglis. You understood it well.」

The smile he gave to Inglis resembled Cyrene’s a lot. They were siblings alright.

「Lord Theodore, there is something I don’t understand as well——」
「Sure. What is it?」
「Why are the emerging Magic Stone Beasts always a former Beastman?」
「……This is just my guesswork, but I believe it is because Miss Ripple herself is a Beastman. Beastmen have an excellent sixth sense, they can understand each other through telepathic communication. I assume that they are taking advantage of that connection between Beastmen to summon the Magic Stone Beasts.」

Inglis also thought that theory was likely. In addition to Principal Miliera’s mana, the stronger than usual Magic Stone Beast was yet another Beastman. It was probably a summoning mechanism that was only limited to Beastmen-type Magic Stone Beasts.

「Which means, this trap only works with Miss Ripple, huh……」
「Yes, Miliera. Perhaps, it is even possible that they chose to turn a Beastman like her into Hyrule Menace precisely for setting this trap.」
「The nerve of them to take advantage of Beastmen who fell victim to Prism Flow!!!」

Even the Principal also had a grim, undainty expression on her face.

「Many Highlanders don’t see those who live on the Midland as an equal… They hold no qualm to do whatever they want and test whatever they wish——That is why such a notion formed in their mind. As a fellow Highlander, I’m ashamed of this fact……」
「Poor Miss Ripple……Her friends are being used like that——」
「For the Highland, we and everything we know are nothing but tools……」
「How atrocious! Lady Ripple has always been protecting our Kingdom, and yet!」
「Well, calm down, everyone. It’s just a matter of perspective.」

Ripple chimed in as she got back to her feet. Her consciousness returned, it seemed.

「Why don’t we think reversely? Isn’t this a good chance to finally bring rest to my friends who have become Magic Stone Beasts? I’m sure they’d hate to continue living as a monster too. As long as they’re not bringing harm, I’m sure they’ll happily accept the fate.」
「Miss Ripple… Yes, we will absolutely keep them from bringing harm!」
「Thanks. I can’t lend a hand coz I’ll be fainting, but don’t be reserved and do your best.」
「……If so, then I might have a suggestion in mind. May I?」

Inglis raised her hand to her shoulder.

「Sure, Miss Inglis. Let us hear it.」
「With the help of the Principal, Senior Silva, and big brother Rafa, let us have Miss Ripple absorb a huge amount of mana. In doing so, strong Magic Stone Beasts will emerge in big batches. If we keep defeating, and defeating, and defeating them——」

From what Inglis heard from Ripple and other sources, Beastmen had practically gone extinct, so it was virtually impossible new Beastman Magic Stone Beast to appear. If the phenomenon Ripple suffered was a summoning mechanism limited only to Beastman Magic Stone Beasts, that meant their number should have a limit.

「Eventually, there will be no more Magic Stone Beast to be summoned, and the summoning mechanism effectively lose its purpose.」
「T-, that sounds just like you, Glis…… ‘Let’s call them all and defeat all of them 𝅘𝅥𝅮’ is what you’re saying, right?」
「Yeah. Don’t you think it’s great?」

And Inglis, personally, would be able to fight as much as her heart content. She would be able to see Raphael and Principal Miliera using their full strength; Silva, Yua, and Eris too. It would be quite an impressive battlefield to behold. Just imagining it made her heart jump in place.

「I-, I don’t think it’s great or anything, but it also sounds like we can deal with it once and for all if it’s done handsomely…… That’s really sounds like Inglis alright……」
「Truly the culmination of a brute force approach. However, personally, I find it not too shabby either, surprisingly enough.」
「Hahaha…… If that goes well, then I’m in on that ride too.」
「No no no, that is basically an all-out war, isn’t it…… We need to be quite prepared for casualties too. Which means that it’s our last resort. Right, Sir Theodore?」
「Yes, I agree. We can still consider other alternatives too……」

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Theodore’s last words were drowned by hurried knocks on the door.

「Come in~ Is there an emergency?」

As the door opened, the figures behind it revealed… Raphael, with Eris walking in tow.

「Big brother Rafa!」

Rafinha and Ripple exclaimed.

「Hey, Rani, Glis. Sorry to interrupt, but we have an urgency.」
「Ripple——I was worried about you. Let’s talk later, since we’re in a hurry now.」
「What’s the matter, the two of you?」
「We are here to pick up Lord Theodore! His Highness Wayne summons you to the castle as soon as possible.」
「What happened?」
「Our neighboring Kingdom, Venefique, trespassed the national border and is on an invasion! We need you to consult with the countermeasure……!」
「……!? I’ll be on my way!」

With a stern look, Theodore nodded.


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