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Chapter 102 – 15-year-old Inglis and Hyrule Menaces’ Escorting Directive (10)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2,536 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1,141 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Lilith

With Principal Miliera shrieking in her ear, Inglis’ attention was stolen by the emerging Magic Stone Beast. There was only one that appeared this time. Same as before, it was a beastman Magic Stone Beast, complete with a set of ears and tail. However——

「H-, huge……! What the hell is that!?」

It was as Rafinha said, the thing was huge. At least twice as big as the previous instances. Rather than flesh, its body closer to a tough crystal that glittered with various colors. Its eyes were jet black like some kind of gemstone, and it wielded the power of darkness. In short, it was a stronger specimen than the previous ones. It was easy to infer that the more mana was sucked from Miliera, the stronger the Magic Stone Beast that would emerge.

「Be careful, Rani. I’m sure it’s even stronger than Mister Rahal and Lady Cyrene were.」

According to Special Envoy Theodore, the phenomenon that was happening to Ripple right now was most likely a trap prepared by the Highland to sanction the unsuitable authority on this Kingdom.

To be frank, Inglis felt that it was a bit too lackluster for something the Highland did. Admittedly, while it indeed occurred frequently, it wasn’t that different from the natural phenomenon of Prism Flow if all it did was summon Magic Stone Beasts at their usual strength.

However, as expected of the Highland. That wasn’t all that the trap amounted to. This was precisely why advising to bring Ripple to the Academy was worth it.

「Not like it matters, but your line and your face didn’t match, Glis!」
「Oops, I mustn’t——It’s a mission, so my expression must look serious, at least.」
「That’s good and all, but please defeat it as soon as possible!」

While saying so, the Principal waved around her barrier warding Artifact. Inglis could see the barrier flashing outside the window.

「I earnestly ask you to please stop saying stuff like I want to see its full strength and defeat it quick!」

Inglis had been had.

「……For long term benefit, wouldn’t it be better to test out what it’s capable of?」
「Please orientate yourself to minimize the damage to the surrounding! By no means at all I said that because my personal belongings are involved! I really don’t, okay!? I really, really don’t!」

It’s not like it’s my concern, but——

It was true that the barrier Artifact provided quite the wide room to fight, so it was all too possible for the building within the barrier to be turned into a battlefield.

「Leone. Can you bring us to that subspace again?」
「I can’t right now! Sorry about that——!」
「!! Everyone, be careful! It’s scheming something……!」


As the humanoid beast raised a loud roar, a few dots of black light started to converge around it. While their colors were different, Inglis could feel the same kind of mana flow from the heat ray Cyrene once used. Which meant——it was going to use that.

「It’s going to shoot rays, huh——!」

If it were to shoot those within the building, it would be a disaster.

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「Eeeh!? S-, stop it!」

Indeed, preventing it from happening was the better choice of action.

「Glis……! It’s no time to play around!」
「Yeah, Rani! I understand!」

Right below the Principal’s Office, there was the cafeteria. If those rays were shot from here, the cafeteria would inevitably suffer some damage. That mustn’t happen——at all cost! The ones to suffer the most if the cafeteria was damaged were the ones who used it the most, which meant Inglis and Rafinha.

「Principal! Please undo the barrier for a while! I can handle it if you do!」

Inglis asked of Principal Miliera.

「Y-, yes——! Then, please, Miss Inglis!」

The principal undid the barrier.


No self-applied weight! Without a moment’s delay, Inglis activated Ether Armor. Covered in the pale light of Ether, Inglis stepped forward as fast as lightning and entered the beast’s range with her waist twisted wide and her feet swung like a whip.

「So what if I can’t stop your attack——!」

I will blast you to a place where your rays won’t pose a threat!


With the kick Inglis unleashed, the huge body of the Magic Stone Beast flew with a tremendous force. It shot through the ceilings and the roof like they were paper then it turned into a speck of light in the sky in no time at all.
And there, its black rays scattered to its vicinity. As the beast was now high up in the sky, those rays brought no damage whatsoever.

——She managed to protect the cafeteria. That was good.

「Good going, Glis! You protected our cafeteria!」
「Inglis is, as always, Inglis, huh……!」
「……U-, Uwaaah! It’s flying with such a strong momentum!」
「W-, what a tremendous physical prowess……!」
「W-, what strength……J-, just what is——!?」
「Forgive me, Principal. I made a hole through the ceilings and the roof.」

Inglis bowed her head.

「I-, it’s alright. That much is still a minor damage, overall——」
「B-, but it is going to fall, is it not!? Also, physical attacks are ineffective against Magic Stone Beasts, so kicking it away won’t kill it!」
「Yeah. For the time being, I’ll make it not fall on the school buildings.」

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As it was kick delivered with Ether Armor, the Magic Stone Beast should have suffered some amount of damage. However, they still needed to confirm its death and made sure it didn’t fall on any infrastructure.


Inglis kicked the ground to climb higher and higher until she reached the roof through the hole she made. After her, Rafinha and the others also followed suit and they all watched where the Magic Stone Beast would fall.

「——It isn’t falling on the building, is it.」
「Yeah, it’s falling to the courtyard!」
「Let us give the killing blow as soon as it falls!」

It deviated a bit from its launching point and would fall onto the yard. However——

「Ah! There’s someone over there!?」
「Senior Yua!?」

By some luck, Yua just happened to pass the area.


Warned the principal with a shout. Yua looked up and just noticed the Magic Stone Beast falling to her. And then——


Nonchalantly, she flashed a hand chop.


She sliced off the Magic Stone Beast’s body cleanly in two!

「OOooh~~!! Senior Yua, amazing……!」

Even though it was already on the verge of death from Inglis’ Ether Armor-cladded kick, it was still fantastic to bisect a Magic Stone Beast with just a hand chop. Yua was an outstanding talent, after all. By all means, Inglis would like to fight her.


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