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Chapter 95 – 15-year-old Inglis and Hyrule Menaces’ Escorting Directive (3)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2,442 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1,211 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Lilith

「What is it? I’m sleepy, I want to sleep.」

Yua replied to Miliera without changing even a single strand of her face muscle. Despite being briefed on the emergency situation, her attitude implied that she didn’t take any interest in the mission at all. And that, in turn, actually made her feel like she was no ordinary person.

「No no no, you heard what I said, right? I need everyone’s help.」

She stuck her tongue out without changing her expression at all.

「No no no no no……」

Principal Miliera would also brush off any inconvenience with a teehee, but Senior Yua made even less sense that even the Principal was baffled.

「At any rate, it’s such a super emergency that needs everyone’s help to contain. You are the Ace of the second year. We can’t afford not having you.」
「But, that glasses there said I need to leave——Was that a dream?」
「It was, it really was. Just a dream, nothing more. He didn’t say anything like that, you know?」
「…Can’t be helped then.」

Yua said as she went back to her seat, but——

「No, I said it! Squire students are not up to this task. You stay out of this.」
「Understood. Thank you very much.」
「AAAaaaahhh waaitt!! Mister Silva, can you please not make everything back to square one!」

Seeing such a sight unveiling, Liselotte began to whisper.

「……Somehow, the Principal is weirdly inclined to easily accept oddballs like you. With our seniors being like that, I can only accept that for a fact.」
「Eh? Why do you speak like it’s none of your business? You’re part of this group of oddballs you know; We’re friends, after all.」

Replied Rafinha without a moment’s delay.

「I-, I’m not sure if I should be happy or sad.」
「Ahahaha. I, for one, am happy, since we’re all friends.」
「Well, if Leone is fine with it, then so am I……」
「And not only the Squire students, but the relative of that betrayer too! That woman is Leon the Betrayer’s little sister, isn’t she!? I can never trust my back to her!」
「Hold on! Mister Leon and Leone are two different people! Even if it’s you, senior, that phrasing is unforgivable」
「She is most correct! That train of thought shows nothing but imprudence! You’d understand if you knew her better!」

The situation had grown even muddier—— And so, Inglis attempted to push through a certain demand with an atmosphere that seemed like she was trying to mediate.

「Calm down, everyone, calm down. Senior Silva, if you think that we are not up for the mission, then why don’t you test us out with a match? I’m afraid there’s no other way to shake off your dissatisfaction with us——」

Yua quickly raised her hand.

「Ah, Senior Yua. What is it?」
「That sounds bothersome, so I dun wanna.」

What was this feeling, she was one-of-a-kind. Be it Rafinha, Leone, or Liselotte, while their personalities varied, they were all serious deep inside. While for Senior Yua, Inglis felt like there was something fundamentally different.

Naturally, she was different from Inglis as well, as Inglis just received a shock that her long-awaited chance to fight was shot down just because it was deemed to be a hassle.

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「But still, Yua. In practice, we’re not really sure if our strength is enough to carry out the mission without you. I mean, we’re divided by the years, right?」

Another sophomore year student commented to Yua. True enough, there were only three second-year students including Yua in the room, making them the least since even the freshmen year had four people.

「Got that. I’ll do it.」
「Well then, Senior Yua. Let us test our ability against Senior Silva.」
「That I don’t wanna」

She didn’t want to.

「It’s the Principal who gave out the order, so if he’s got a bone to pick, then say it to the Principal.」

And she suddenly said something sound.

「No, well, that might be true, but——Didn’t you try to leave because Senior Silva told you to……」
「Hmph——You’re just spineless because you’re afraid to fight me, aren’t you?」

Silva then threw his face to Yua.

「……It’s already clear who’s stronger, anyway. I don’t like bullying the weak.」
「What’d you say……!?」

Grasping from the conversation between them, Inglis wondered if Yua and Silva had once fought each other. And it was Yua who won? If so, then it would be most interesting. It was easy to imagine that Silva’s strength was at the level of a Holy Knight, with how he possessed a Special Grade Rune. If Yua was the stronger one, then Inglis could have a good expectation if she fought her.


And thus, she asked in secret.

「Yes…… It is as you thought, Miss Inglis. They fought in a mock battle, but only once. Ever since then, the two of them have always been at odds… It would be great if you could help me mend their relationship somehow, Miss Inglis. After all, you are the first year’s Ace.」
「……Rani is better suited in human relationships——As for me, I would be happy if you asked me to wipe the floor with their faces.」

In the first place, it seemed like it was just Silva who one-sidedly antagonized Yua.
Yua herself didn’t really heed him.

「Hmm……I wonder if only quirky people are bestowed with power.」

And, right when Principal Miliera uttered such words——


Came the sound of someone dropping onto the floor.

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「Miss Ripple! Get ahold of yourself……!」

Special Envoy Theodore was the first to respond, with Ripple seated right next to him. She already lost consciousness by then, while her body was enveloped in the same black sphere as before—— It was the same phenomenon as in the Royal Castle.

「Get away quick, Sir Theodore! It’s dangerous! I’ll set up the barrier, everyone prepares yourselves!」

Principal Miliera waved the staff Artifact she had. After which, an extensive barrier was deployed, engulfing the area. A semi-transparent wall of light was seen outside the window.

A frame of a second passed before the space near the ceilings distorted, from which Magic Stone Beasts started to pour in. They were the same as the ones that appeared in the castle; humanoid. Magic Stone Beasts of the same kind of Beastman as Ripple.

「Th-, they’re here——!」

Tension spread amongst the students in a beat. But, not a single one of them raised a panicked shout or tried to flee.

「Principal! Which grade is in charge today!?」

Asked Silva.

「Each grade makes teams and takes turns, right? You’re fine with us taking the first day?」
「I-, I’m fine with that, but……」
「Alright……! All of you better keep your hands——」


At that time, Inglis had already kicked three Magic Stone Beasts that appeared altogether. The impact caused the walls to cave in, making the entire room creak lightly.

「WH-……!? Y-, you! I told you to keep your hands off them!!」
「Yes. Isn’t that why I used my feet?」

Said Inglis with a smile that hung from ear to ear.


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