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Chapter 67 – 15 years old Inglis and Chiral’s Royal Knight Academy (17)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2,556 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1,067 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Lilith

It was finally the day to receive the highland supplies.
Today, the academy students were helping the shorthanded knights watch the perimeter.

However, Inglis and her group had gotten the special extracurricular study permit.
As per the request of Faris from the Lambert Firm, they would directly overwatch as the negotiation took place.
Inglis, along with Rafinha and Leone, went to visit Faris first thing in the morning.
Their meeting place was the harbor to Lake Vault.

There was a Flygear Carrier prepared there, and the supplies prepared by the firm were also being loaded in.
When the loading was finished, the Flygear Carrier took off into the sky.
Faris as the leader of the firm and its several executives, and their bodyguards, including Inglis’ group, were boarding that Carrier.

「We’ve risen so high~ It’s very high!」

Rafinha, looking down from the rim of the Carrier, was lively with her tone.
The clear blue surface of Lake Vault now looked like a puddle of water, and the adjoined capital now looked like a pea grain.

「Yeah. I almost can touch the cloud. Amazing——」

It was the first time Inglis flew so high, and this indescribable sensation was new to her.
She never experienced something like this, even in her previous life.

「It’s ‌scary though……」

Added Leone with her knees trembling.

「Then, it’s better to get used to it soon! Come on! Lean your body out and look down!」
「Kyaah!? Stop it, Rafinha! I’m scared!!!」
「Well, we do have to get used to the altitude. Who can say that we won’t fight Magic Stone Beasts in this height?」

Faris narrowed his eyes as he watched Inglis and them.

「Hahaha. It’s good that our standby time today is entertaining.」

Inglis then voiced a question.

「Mister Faris, why haven’t we moved at all for some time?」

There were other Flygear Carriers piled with supplies deployed around theirs as well, and none of them showed any movement, just suspending in the current altitude.
All the other Carriers seemed to be carrying the supplies prepared by the Kingdom.
Inglis had heard that the person in charge from the Kingdom’s side for this time’s negotiation was Liselotte’s father, Prime Minister Althea.
He must be staying in one of those Flygear Carriers somewhere.
Apparently, the Lambert Firm could partake in the exchange as a private company in the otherwise closed negotiation between the Highland and the Kingdom.

「Well, it’s just common for the higher-ups to make people below them wait. Just wait, Highland’s Flying Ships will come down.」

Said Faris as he scrubbed his bandana.
As it turned out——He was right. A huge flying ship emerged through the clouds.
It was a battleship with gun ports opened all around its hull and bow.


Inglis never saw a ship that enormous, even at sea.
Just how many Flygears and Carriers it could carry?

「Yeah, you’re right——I wonder how it looks like on the inside.」
「It’s a rare opportunity to watch and learn. Let’s peel our eyes wide.」

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Rafinha and Leone both braced themselves‌.

As the Highland’s flying ship approached, then came to a halt in midair, the Carriers that had been suspended went to dock there one after another, carrying supplies from the Midland.
Of course, the Carrier that Inglis and her associates were on wasn’t an exception.

「I’ll do a checkup on the cargo. You guys can wait inside.」

A man who looked like a Highlander official approached Inglis’ group and instructed them to do so.
On either side of the man were lifeless, full-body armored humanoid figures.
Could they be the escorts?
More Highlanders came out onto the deck, and they all had escorts with them‌.

「Now, go along.」

Faris tried to lead everyone down into the cabin.

「Mister Faris. Those armored soldiers, were they formerly——?」

As they descended the stairs, Inglis asked in a whisper.

「You got it right. They were former Midlanders. They were kidnapped, sold, and bought as slaves to be used as pawns. There aren’t many Highlanders who would ‌stand on the front lines, you know.」
「……So it’s the same kind as the one Mr. Rahal brought.」
「It’s a cruel story——the Highlanders will force Midlanders to do things they themselves don’t want to do.」

Rafinha and Leone knitted their brows.
Indeed, it wasn’t the most agreeable.

「The reason ‌Highlanders go out of their way to do business with merchants like us is so ‌they can procure goods that can’t be demanded to the King so willy-nilly. In other words, slaves and all that jazz. Our firm used to dwell in that kind of business too, during the previous president’s reign. That’s why the previous president and Mr. Rahal could become Highlanders through great achievements. We no longer do such a thing under my leadership, though.」

Faris spoke with a shrug and seemed to have gotten overexcited as he took a wrong turn.
The moment he turned around the corner, he hit something metallic.
It was a stocky, humanoid mass of black iron——a Golem made by the Highland.

「……! Uh-oh——!」

Perhaps it regarded Faris who hit it as an intruder; its large fist was swung at him.
The fist drew near the hollering Faris——but it suddenly halted in its track.
The fist was completely motionless in the face of Inglis’ pearly-white hand.

「Please step away, Mister Faris.」
「S-, sure……! Sorry for the trouble!」

Seeing how Faris had stepped away, Inglis also released the Black Iron Golem from her grasp——
But the golem continued to chase Faris and attacked.
So it wouldn’t stop once it started attacking?

「It could pose a problem if we destroy it without permission. Can you please get the permission?」
「Understood, give me a minute!」
「You okay, Glis!?」
「Yeah. It’s quite a good distraction, you know? It’s good to move your body around when you’re feeling shaggy.」

Replied Inglis as she parried the golem’s attacks.
Once Faris received permission from a Highlander, he called——

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「Well then——!」


Inglis’ fist roared as it met the golem.
The black iron cracked and eventually crumbled into scraps.

「Incredible……! What strength——」
「I-, if she isn’t facing a Magic Stone Beast——」
「This is what happens, eh……」
「Yup, I’m refreshed. Well, shall we go then?」

Inglis showed her widest smile.


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