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Chapter 63 – 15 years old Inglis and Chiral’s Royal Knight Academy (13)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 3,208 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1,386 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Lilith

「The test itself is simple. The three of you will enter a certain place and come back here within the time limit. You pass once you’re out.」
「A certain place?」
「A subspace created by an Artifact.」
「So there are Artifacts like that.」
「Yes, it’s very valuable. I call the subspace the 『Maze of Trials』 where your strength and willpower will be tested. Depending on the situation, you may even face traumatic experiences. Will you still take it?」

Principal Miliera strained her usually gentle expression.
However, the three didn’t waver. They all answered with a solid yes.

「Very well. Then——」
「Hold on a minute!」

A voice raised from another direction.
When they looked over, it was the daughter of Prime Minister Althea, Liselotte from the Knight division.
Besides her were her envoy, the twin with red and blue hair from the Squire division.
The red-haired one was Van, the blue-haired one was Ray.

「What’s the matter, Miss Liselotte?」
「The special extracurricular study’s permit was proof of the student’s excellence. Procuring that permit in the first year is proof of honor! It’s unfair that you only give that chance to those three! I wish to take the test as well!」

There was a point to what she said.
The chance must be given equally.
As the Principal also thought the same, she nodded at Liselotte’s claim.

「You are right, Miss Liselotte. Then I permit your participation. If there is anyone who wishes to take part‌, you may come forward. However, not everyone can take it, danger to a certain degree is to be taken into account.」

After being called by the Principal, several students applied to take the test‌.
Amongst them was Pullum——

「Stop it, Pullum……! You’re a klutz, you’ll get injured if you participate by yourself!」
「No, I’m taking it……!」
「Principal, stop her!」
「In terms of criteria, I must permit Miss Pullum’s participation.」
「EEeeh……! Then, me too……! What about me——!?」
「Hmm…… Forgive me.」
「Guess as much… Haah……」
「Are you okay?」

Out of worry, Inglis reached out to Pullum.

「I’m fine. I won’t lose to you, after all——」

She’s giving me a burning sense of rivalry‌——?
Lahti must’ve said something weird to her back then.
If only he had said his feelings properly, Pullum wouldn’t have considered pushing herself like this.

Although, Inglis had no right to stop her, and she didn’t really mind it either.

「Well then, the test will start. Everyone, please gather around.」

As the Principal knocked her staff Artifact right in front of everyone, countless doors appeared before them.
That sight invited exclamation from the students.


The movement of mana was too complex, it was a territory of expertise completely outside of Inglis’ comprehension.
She felt that the staff Artifact held too much variable power in its arsenal, but——was it actually a different item than the last, only looked similar?
At any rate, Inglis would try if she could get to the bottom of it.

「Now, everyone, please enter any door you want. Beyond that door is a trial fitting for each of you.」

Inglis stood at the nearest door to her.

「Rani, Leone, be careful.」
「Yup. Let’s do our best!」
「Surely. I’ll absolutely overcome it」

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The three went inside their respective doors.
Once Inglis stepped in, the door behind her closed and vanished into blackness——
And then, within the pitch-black space, Inglis was left all alone.

「Is this…..?」

So this is the 『Maze of Trials』 subspace——What kind of opponent will I face?
With her heart thumping from anticipation, Inglis strode forward.
While it was a space she couldn’t understand, she could see a speck of white light in the distance.
Should I just walk over there?

As Inglis walked, there was suddenly a silhouette of a man appearing in front of her.
It was the mysterious man she fought the other day; the slasher known as Rune Eater.

「Ooh. This one looks promising.」

I wonder if this space reads its target’s mind and resurfaces an opponent based on memory?
Being able to fight tough opponents, again and again, is surely an amazing thing, is it not?

However, as Inglis put on a fighting stance, the man’s figure distorted and vanished away.


With no other option, Inglis continued her gait.
This time, the black-masked man, the leader of the Ironblood Chain Brigade, showed himself.
Inglis once again assumed a fighting stance, but——he soon vanished‌.


After that, various individuals showed themselves before Inglis.
The Hyrule Menace affiliated with the Ironblood Chain Brigade, Cystia.
Cylene who had transformed into a Magic Stone Beast.
Rahal transformed into a Magic Stone Beast as well.
Former Holy Knight Leon.
The Hyrule Menace affiliated with this Kingdom, Eris.

However, ‌every one of them vanished before the fight even began——

「Ah, Rani.」

There was also Rafinha in her childhood.
She was cute now‌, but children’s adorableness was something exceptional.
Inglis squinted her eyes at that sight.

There was also Raphael, a child much like his sister.
Her father Ryuk and her mother Selena.
Being shown the sight of her parents, Inglis couldn’t help but feel nostalgic.
She was happy that she could see them after a while.

However, so far Inglis had only been shown her memory, with no opponent showing up,
Even her memory during her infanthood surfaced.
However, the subspace hadn’t reached its end yet.

As Inglis kept walking deeper——
She saw the sight of adults with anxiety painted on their faces as though they were children losing their father.

「This is……!」

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The memory of her past life, the memory of King Inglis.
The people assembling there were his retainers, watching over the death of their king.

「The memory of my previous life……」

Their faces were nostalgic, but there was a question that Inglis had to ask them.

「You people——What happened to Sylvair Kingdom after I was gone? I told none of you to make a world where people look down on other people from above the sky. 」

This dangerous world is convenient for me to pursue martial arts, however——
That doesn’t mean I’ve ever ordered them to make it so.
It’s hard to say that this world has taken a step forward. Just why has this happened?

However, this subspace only produced illusion.
Those people wouldn’t have the answer to Inglis’ question.

「Kukuku…… Your era has changed.」
「Indeed. There is no need for a King who is left by the current age.」
「We shall make you sleep once again——」

Dozens of them suddenly encircled Inglis, weapons held by their arms.
As Inglis readied a stance, a smile found its way to allure them.

「Interesting——You lot must have had your bodies dulled for indulging yourselves in paperwork. Let me be the one to drill practice in you. Come at me.」

As Inglis beckoned, all the retainers charged in from every direction.


Inglis leaped high backward.
As Inglis somersaulted in a beautiful gesture, she drove a kick towards the retainer that came from behind.


The opponent that was blown by the kick collided with another of his peers to his left——and, at the moment of collision, Inglis had already moved at high speed and slipped in front of them.

「One more!」

There, Inglis followed up with a middle roundhouse kick.
The kicked two hit yet another two of their group on their trajectory, making all four spin in the air and collapsed right after.


Inglis’ figure appeared in front of another retainer.

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「It’s no time——!」

A palm strike driven into his gut.

「S-, so fast——!」

Inglis moved to yet another man.

「to spew on——!」

Elbow strike!

「C-, can’t see…..!」
「such nonsense——!」

Inglis struck the last one from behind, sending him flying.
He crashed into the wall of the subspace, distorted, and vanished in a poof.

「Good gracious, you lot surely have dulled.」

In less than a minute, Inglis had eradicated the shadows of the retainers of her previous life.
That was good and all, but——

「…… This isn’t good. My speech tone reverted to the one from back then.」

While reflecting so in her heart, Inglis continued her gait.


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