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Chapter 62 – 15 year old Inglis and Chiral’s Royal Knight Academy (12)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2,997 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1,332 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Lilith

「Eeeeh!? Inglis, you saw my brother!?」

Back in the girls’ dormitory, Inglis told Leone how she encountered Leon.
It was something she had discussed with Rafinha‌, and they concluded that it would be better to tell her about it than otherwise hide it.
At least, it would motivate Leone who was depressed.
Whether it would motivate her to do a good thing or a bad thing was all left to them, the people close to her.

「W-, where….!? Tell me! We have to look for him ASAP!」
「Wait, Leone. I’ll tell you the place, but Mr. Leon has already left.」
「But if we search for him, we can still find him! We can’t stay still like this!」
「Just calm down, Leone! There are more things that need to be said. Rene, please, make Leone behave.」

Said Rafinha as she unleashed Rene, who was perching on her shoulder.
When Rene was with Rafinha, she was more often placing herself on Rafinha’s head or shoulder, perhaps because of the lack of substance in her breast area.

「Kyah!? Aah…! Hieek!? N-, no, you can’t go there…! Hey, Rene——!」

Rene who slipped into Leone’s cleavage had succeeded in making Leone behave in her own way.
Inglis couldn’t say that she was happy with this method, as she had fallen victim to it as well, but it helped things now.

「It’s fine if you stay like that, just listen, okay?」
「No, it’s not fine! Make Rene stop first……!」

They then explained the chronology to Leone, who had been ready to listen.
How Inglis encountered not only Leon but also the slasher and defeated the latter.
And about the request from Faris of the Lambert firm.

It was regarding the next donation of supplies from the Highland that was ‌likely to be targeted by the Ironblood Chain Brigade.
As long as Leon, who was affiliated with the brigade, was in the capital, then that suspicion held more ground to the truth.
Inglis believed that he was still in the capital to prepare for sabotage.
If that was the case, then ‌Leon would show up in the scene during the negotiation with the Highland.

「So, if we accept the request from the Lambert firm——」
「That’s right, Leone. I already told them we’re going to be a three-people team. We just need to capture Mr. Leon when he makes an appearance.」
「…… It sounds plausible, from what you just told me.」
「And so, we’re going to ask the principal for permission. Wanna come with us, Leone?」
「Okay. Thanks, you two. Now I feel like I’m getting closer to my brother!」

The three of them immediately visited Principal Miliera and explained the whole situation.

「——I see. I understand now. Besides, it’s amazing that you took down such a heinous criminal! It’s fantastic! That being said, I need to reflect on myself, since I gave you two the permit to go outside despite the apparent threat…. I’m sorry, both of you.」

Principal Miliera bowed her head.

「No, I had fun fighting him. Rather than contempt, I want to say my thanks to you.」
「Hahaha… Glis is Glis, as always——Principal, we’d eventually become Knights and have to capture the slasher after graduation, anyway. It’s just a matter of time. Don’t mind it.」
「I’m happy that you say so, but….」
「Well then, Principal. May we accept the request from the Lambert firm?」
「We can, right? Principal!」
「Please, let me capture my big brother…!」
「P-, please wait a minute——! This and that are two separate matters…… Your engagement with the slasher was a force of fate, so it couldn’t be helped.」
「Eeh!? So we can’t?」
「That can’t be! There’s a chance that the Ironblood Chain Brigade will show up!」

Rafinha raised her voice while Leone was practically snarled.

「W-, well, hold on to that thought. The Academy also has received a cooperation request from the Chivalric Order regarding the on-site guard for the donation. The formal Flygear units are mostly out on a mission to transport Prisma from Arlman, and the senior students are helping in that mission. For that reason, I’ll be asking you, students of the Academy, to help secure the outskirts. Is that not good enough?」
「Does that mean we’re going to observe from afar?」
「Well, that’d be so if nothing happens……」
「But that means we can’t take action in the heat of the moment! We need to be in the center of things!」
「We’ll get to fight a stronger opponent that way, too.」
「Hmm——I could send students if it’s under special extracurricular study permit, but…… since obviously there’s risk involved, I have to first test the students before I can give out the permit.」
「Does that include fighting?」
「It does.」
「Thank you very much, I’m glad it does.」
「Ahahaha——Miss Inglis, despite your looks and attitude suggesting grace, you sure are a fighter……」
「Yes, I enjoy fighting. It makes my blood boil.」

In any event, the three of them were going to take the test to receive permission for special extracurricular studies.

——Two days later, after school.
Inglis and the other two were waiting for Principal Miliera at the stone ring in the schoolyard after their divided classes.
Other students who had heard the words also gathered around the ring to watch.
Amongst them was a student of the Squire division, Lahti.

「Ah, Lahti.」
「Y-…… Yo, Inglis. How is it going? I heard you’re going to take a test for a special extracurricular permit?」
「Yeah. Are you done practicing suspending Flygear in the air?」
「Yup. I came here coz I thought I’d get to watch something fun.」
「We still don’t know what the test is going to be, so I’m not sure if it’ll be fun.」
「Naw, actually…… it’s plenty fun, yanno?」
「Is that so?」

From right above Inglis’ head, a rain of light released by Rafinha’s Artifact was pouring down with great intensity.
Inglis, while avoiding that, was holding a conversation with Lahti.
It was a warm-up exercise before the test.

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「Hahaha…… so when people move so crazily fast, they’ll look like they make clones.」
「Is that how it looks like?」
「Sure is. There’s about five to six of you. Well, it’s a blessing for this world if a beauty like you increases——Yikes, whoa!? What’s your problem, Pullum!?」

Before they knew it, a girl named Pullum from the Knight division was standing right behind Lahti.
——With a very pouty look on her face.

「…… Even though you already have me, what are you saying? Lahti? You’ve never even said that I’m a beauty for once, isn’t that weird?」
「S-, shut up, it’s not that important…….!」
「It’s all right. During classes when the Knight division and the Squad division are separated, Lahti keeps saying that he’s worried about you, Pullum.」
「D-, damn it, Inglis! Don’t say anything unnecessary……!」
「Wah! Is that so, Lahti! Hey, hey, is that the truth……!?」

Quite the smile-inviting scene.
Let’s let them have their moment.

「Rani, release more arrows.」
「Mkay. There, and there, and there! I’ll keep shooting, Glis!」

The rain of light was pouring down even harder.
The other students who watched that cheered‌.

「Oooh! Amazing……!」
「That still won’t hit her, huh——!」
「Her feet mostly don’t even touch the ground, so how……!?」

During that time, Principal Miliera showed herself.

「I’m sorry for the wait—— wait, wait!? What are you doing……!? You’ll tire yourself for the test if you run around with all of your strength like that, you know!?」
「It’s all right. It’s just a warm-up exercise.」
「Is-, is that so……? Then, first‌, let’s begin the test. Miss Inglis, Miss Rafinha, Miss Leone. Are you ready?」

Inglis and the other two lined up in front of the principal and replied so.


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