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Chapter 59 – 15 year old Inglis and Chiral’s Royal Knight Academy (9)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2,856 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1,245 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Lilith

「If possible——」

Inglis smiled at the man who bowed his head in front of her.

「It would be more fun if you join us and come at me, would it not?」

Despite her dainty and flattering grin, Inglis provoked the man to fight her.
The young man looked flustered and shook his head.

「N-, no, I must pass, really! I’m no better than the guy you blew away over there. I can’t hold a handle to you.」
「Again with your modesty.」
「I-, I’m not being modest! Sorry for disappointing you!」
「Is that so? What a shame.」
「W-, what a tremendous fighter for a marvelous beauty… A-, at any rate, ‌forgive me for thinking little of you. I am Faris Fuargo. Currently being handed the representative position of the Lambert Firm.」
「So it’s you? My name is Inglis Eux. Pleased to meet you.」
「Actually, this isn’t our first time meeting. Both for you and the young lady Rafinha Wilford over there.」
「You know us?」
「Sure do. About ten years ago, was it? Do you recall how our armed peddler firm had a joint training session with the Knights of Ymir? I was there back then, y’see. You two were little, but now you’ve grown so beautifully. Ten years sure fly by.」
「So that’s how it is, you were there back then——」
「At any rate, let’s head inside. Although it’s not so luxurious, I’ve prepared some food for you. After all, I invited you two to say our gratitude.」
「Yay 𝅘𝅥𝅮 A feast! Let’s eat like crazy!」
「Rani, it’s improper to be so merry.」
「Hahaha. It’s all right, eat your fill.」

Faris gave them a wide smile now, but a few moments later——

「No, you two really ‌eat like crazy!」

Faris shrieked at the sight of empty plates that mercilessly piled up on the table.

「Nn~ 𝅘𝅥𝅮 The foods in the cafeteria are good too, but these are so high-class~. Yum~𝅘𝅥𝅮」
「It’s not something we can afford with our allowance, so let’s eat while we can and save some budget.」
「Yup. Also, should we get some of it wrapped for Leone?」
「Good idea.」
「Excuse me~. Can we take this home?」
「S-, sure. Oi, somebody wrap these up.」
「「Thank you very much!」」

Inglis and Rafinha thanks Faris with an endearing smile, then ‌reach for more food——

「No, you’re still eating!? At any rate——Well, whatever. You may continue eating, just listen to me.」
「Whah ish idh?」 1 

With their mouth full with steaks, they replied.

「The current state of our firm is as I have explained to you. Mr. Lambert, the preceding director, and Mr. Rahal, his son, have both gained citizenship in the Highland and dumped the firm behind them, but we who remained somehow kept the business afloat. I heard the news how Mr. Rahal was killed in Ymir, but we don’t hold any grudge for that. I mean, we’re just dogs they threw away. They have grown so impudent, largely because they have become Highlanders, that all they do just keeps incurring our irk, way past the limit. Well, their characters aren’t the most noble even before that, you see. Especially Mr. Rahal. That you girls saved our ship was purely coincidental. And so, towards the individuals who had saved us, there is something I wish to ask.」
「「Yehh. Ihh dhad sho?」」2 

The two were busy gobbling deep fried chicken meat that stuffed their mouth.
They looked like two small animals carrying nuts in their cheek.

「…… You really kept eating. Even though I’m being serious here. No, I don’t mind.」

Faris cleared his throat, then continued.

「Truth to be told, there will be a huge transaction between the Highland and the Kingdom, and our firm will take a part in it. But, you know how dangerous things are recently, right? There’s rumor how the Ironblood Chain Brigade scheming something to sabotage the transaction. Obviously, the Kingdom has some kind of security measures, but those are for protecting the Kingdom’s and the Highland’s top brass. So, if something happened, we’ll be the lizard’s tail. That’s why we want to hire our own skilled guards. It’s shameful for an armed peddler firm to hire bodyguards, but we’re grasping straws right now. How is it, would you guard us throughout the transaction? We’ll pay you handsomely.」

Inglis and Rafinha looked at each other, moving their mouths.

「……Ihn anyoher whods, iph dhings gho weww, I koudh fite wihh Iyhonbhud Hain Buighad? 3 」
「A—ah. Ghih’ sikness ih adh idh ahain…」 4 
「Idh dangeyus foh yuu, Yanhi. Shold whe staph?」 5 
「Idh fayn. I whan syom phokedh mhaneh dhoo, anh id kuud dishtrak Yheone ash weww, wight?」 6 
「Nnh yuu hab a phoin. Eesher wey, wai dyon we assh dhe pyinshipaw fishd?」 7 

A single sigh escaped Faris.

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「Uh, yeah, if you guys can converse with that, then don’t mind me……」

With the conversation between them settled, Inglis gulped whatever she had in her mouth and worked out a reply.

「We will discuss it with the principal once we return. If she gives us permission, we’ll take the deal.」
「Ooh, ‘s that so——Thank you! You saved my hide here!」
「That goes for both of us.」

Answered Inglis with a smile.
If something happened, then the odds to fight a powerful enemy in the forefront of a battlefield was high.
It was a hard-to-earn opportunity to train herself. There was no better training aside from real battle.
They would be rewarded for being provided with such an opportunity, so what else should Inglis say except her thanks?

After they concluded their talk, Inglis and Rafinha were given a ride home with a carriage.

「They said there’s a slasher around here. I wonder if they’re going to show up?」
「Don’t get excited for it! Geez…..! I’m not saying anything, okay!? You know what they say about jinxes——!」


Screams roused through the darkness of the night.

「Oh? Sounds like a good after-dinner workout.」

With a moment’s notice, Inglis leapt outside the carriage.

「Aaah, geez….!」


Rafinha also stepped outside——the moment she did, the Clock Tower that was above the carriage burst open and broke down!

「Watch out! Rani!」

Inglis jumped up. She sent some huge falling debris and wreckages away, and stopped the rest with her body.
By the time she landed, she was carrying the tip of the Clock Tower, which was larger than her.

「Are you okay?」
「Yeah. Thanks, Glis.」

Rafinha was used to Inglis’ conduct, but the same couldn’t be said for the dazed coachman.

「W-, what an amazing young miss——You don’t even possess Rune…..!」
「Please wait here. I’ll check the perimeter.」

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Inglis ran towards the direction of the voices.
It was the same direction of the projectile that broke the Clock Tower into two.

And over there was——a figure of lightning beasts that looked like a lump of condensed lightning?
If it was, then Inglis would recognize it.

Inglis ran into the alleyway, turned the corners for two to three times——
Then she saw them.
A man donning a bluish-purple spiked iron gauntlet——
And facing him was a silhouette of a human with bizarre aura, as though the brilliance of a Rune was glowing from all over their body.


With little thought, Inglis called the name.


  1. Silva: Translation: What is it?
  2. Silva: Translation: Yea, Is that so?
  3. Silva: Translation: In other words, if things go well, I would fite with Ironblood Chain Brigade?
  4. Silva: Translation: Ahh, Glis’ sickness is at it again…
  5. Silva: Translation: It’s dangerous for you, Rani, Should we stop?
  6. Silva: Translation: It’s fine. I want some pocket money too, and it could distract Leone as well, right?
  7. Silva: Translation: Mhm, you have a point. Either way, why don’t we ask the principal first?
  8. Silva: Annnnnnd, the flag is risen.

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