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Chapter 58 – 15 year old Inglis and Chiral’s Royal Knight Academy (8)

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Author: Hayaken Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2,772 characters
Translator: Mab English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1,241 words
Editor(s): Hydra, Lilith

Rattle rattle rattle——

The dry sound of carriage wheels came to their ears from outside.
Rafinha, sitting face-to-face with Inglis, was watching the dusk painting the sky outside the window when she opened her mouth.

「Leone should’ve come with us.」

Leone answered the invitation they received by saying, “You two can go, I’m fine.”
And so today, after the classes were over, Inglis and Rafinha went to attend the invitation just by themselves.

「It can’t be helped. We already concluded that the Lambert Firm has every reason to hold a grudge on her.」

Rahal’s father ran the Lambert Firm.
Inglis did not understand its internal affairs, but——it was Leone’s big brother, Leon, who heaped Prism Powder on Rahal, the son of the firm’s head, and turned him into a Magic Stone Beast.
If they knew this fact, then ‌there was a possibility that their resentment translated to Leone as well.

「But if you say it like that, then we’re ‌the same——But Leone is ‌conscious about it, isn’t she? She’s pretty depressed when we left.」
「Yeah. We don’t want to hurt her more than she already is.」
「But, if we leave things just like this, then she’ll always be like that, you know? If only there’s a good trigger….」
「That’s true. And I believe Leone knows that‌. But, for now, she seems a bit tired. Let’s wait until she’s cheered up.」
「…. You’re right. Forcing someone is not good. Then, for the time being, let’s bring her something delicious!」
「That’s for the best. Let’s.」
「Hmm——Hey, Glis? I’ve been thinking, everyone fawns over me because I’m big brother Rafa’s little sister, right? But Leone is the opposite. Just because she’s Mister Leon’s little sister, everyone looks at her badly… That’s why I think we have to be the ones who support her. Leone is a good girl. You’ll help, right? Glis?」
「Of course I will. You’re remarkable, Rani.」

Inglis patted Rafinha’s black hair gently.
It was remarkable for Rafinha to be aware of it as Inglis had always been bad at reading the mood.

「Fufu. If Glis will help, then everything will be fine.」
「Is that so?」
「Yeah. I’m speaking from experience, you see?」

While they were chatting, ‌the carriage halted in its track.

「Are we there yet?」
「But it’s in the middle of the road?」

Even though the coachman said the pick-up carriage will bring them from the Academy to the Firm’s mansion——?

「Excuse me, I’ll have you allow me to check!」

With that, a Knight in armor bearing the kingdom’s coat of arms opened the carriage’s door.

「Mu——you girls are candidates from the Knight Academy?」
「Yes, we are.」
「Is there something wrong, sir?」
「In the last few days, there has been a lot of murder case where people are killed in the streets at night. That’s why we’re keeping the entire city locked down at night.」
「Such an incident…?」

Inglis and Rafinha had just only arrived in the Royal Capital and the Academy was a boarding school, so they didn’t know much about the matters in the city.

「Their targets are all Knights with a Rune. Rune Eater, that’s what they are.」
「Do you have any idea who the suspects may be?」

Being asked by Inglis, the Knight shook his head.

「No, not even a lick. Though, I’ve been told that it’s the work of those Ironblood Chain Brigade lots——You see, there will be another goods shipping from the Highland soon, right? It’s suspected that they’re aiming for that. Anyway, you girls best be careful.」
「Understood. Thank you very much.」
「We will. Thank you for the warning.」

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After the two gave their salute, the Knight closed the door and left.
The carriage once again moved, with Inglis smiling from the information.

「Rune Eater, huh? Sounds interesting. I wonder if they’re strong.」
「…. A~ah, I can smell trouble.」
「Is that so?」
「Yeah. Whenever you smirk like that, Glis, nothing good happens. I’m speaking from experience, you see?」
「That being said, I’m sure big brother Rafa could take care of it fast if he was in the capital.」
「He’s still on that Prisma transportation operation, right?」
「Yeah. He’ll inform me once he’s back. Besides, I also heard that His Highness Wayne is heading over there too. And Miss Eris went along to protect her.」
「We’re ‌short on hands, aren’t we? But, I’m surprised you know that.」
「Yeah. I mean, look, there are many people coming to talk to me, right? Some of them are children from the capital’s Knight families. They’re the ones who told me about it.」
「I see.」

The carriage stopped again, and this time, the coachman told them ‌they had arrived.
What revealed in front of them was a mansion in which its enormous garden made it stand out even amongst the other mansions in the residency.

「Please continue inside.」
「I understand.」
「Thank you very much.」

Inglis and Rafinha made their way through the garden that more resembled a public park rather than a front yard.
Dusk had gone by and night had completely seeped in.

「Rani. Stop a bit here.」
「? What is it?」
「Stay there, okay?」

As Inglis said so, she walked forward all by herself.
And then——

Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Along with the sound of air splitting, several arrows flew towards Inglis.

「Hm. It’s alright.」

Inglis reacted as if it was nothing.
With a speed that couldn’t be caught with the eye, Inglis caught every single arrow with her fingers.

「Y-, you caught all that!?」
「Yeah. I sensed their presence‌. So they ‌have a grudge against us after all?」

That being said, I feel like they purposely missed their aim, and the arrowhead is shaved blunt‌.
Though, I don’t know why they would do that.

「So they set us up…!?」
「Perhaps? But——」


With a single movement, Inglis threw the arrows between her fingers back to their owner.

「W-, what happen…!?」
「It’s thrown back to us!?」

Screams of men raising from behind the trees and bushes around them.

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「You see, I like this kind of welcoming greet.」

Smiled Inglis, full of affection.

「…. A~ah, that’s a face for something up to no good.」

Rafinha let out a sigh.

「Oi, don’t panic, b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲s̲! What she did is nothing extraordinary, she just reads our presence is all. Oi, young miss. Come, I’ll be your opponent.」

A sturdy man with a scar on his cheek stepped forward and stood in Inglis’ way.
There was a Middle-Grade Rune shining on his hand.

「I’ll be your guest, then.」
「Sure do. Come at me with your aaaAAAAAAALLLL!?!?」

The elbow strike Inglis lightly gave him sent him flying straight into the air, slamming him into the mansion’s wall.
The man seemed to have lost consciousness, as he didn’t get back up.

「Now, who is next?」

Asked Inglis with her wide smile directed to the other men.


The remaining men shrieked as their spine had frozen over.

「Wait! Stop! I know well that you’re strong now! Forgive us! Please, mercy!」

Then, a young man came out of the mansion and bowed his head towards Inglis.


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